Ikaw Na Sana

Ikaw na Sana
Genre Drama, Romance
Created by Viva Television and GMA Network
Developed by R.J. Nuevas
Directed by Mac Alejandre
Starring Angelu de Leon
Bobby Andrews
Gladys Reyes
Opening theme "Ikaw Na Sana"
sung by Butch Montejo and Kristine Mercaida
Composer(s) Vehnee Saturno
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 272
Executive producer(s) Veronique del Rosario-Corpus
Location(s) Philippines
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original release March 17, 1997 (1997-03-17) – April 3, 1998 (1998-04-03)

Ikaw na Sana (lit. I Hope It's You) is a Philippine drama series produced by Viva Television and broadcast by GMA Network. This love story was later turned into a movie of the same title. It aired from March 17, 1997 to April 3, 1998.

The show was aired every Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm right after Saksi and also became the competitor of ABS-CBN's primetime drama series Mula Sa Puso in a same timeslot.


The story starts out 19 years ago when Barbara Rosales (Carmi Martin) arrived at their enormous villa to find her stepsister Corazon Rosales (Cherry Pie Picache) with her ex-boyfriend Edgardo Perez (Julio Diaz) talking to Corazon's father and Barbara's stepfather as he gave them his blessings regarding their relationship. Barbara was furious after Gardo chose her stepsister over her and begged him to rekindle their romance in exchanged of her, changing her old ways for him. But Gardo refused, and expressed he loved Corazon because she knew how to love unlike Barbara who only loved herself.

Bound to get her revenge, Barbara resorted in a series of schemes against her stepsister Corazon. But the secret won't be kept for long when her stepfather learned what she was doing to his only daughter that's why he threw her out from the house.

Barbara met Julio Juico, her landlord. Widow, with a young son Rafael Juico (Bobby Andrews) his adopted child, a son of his late friend, he easily succumbed to Barbara's charms and gave in. Now rich because of her new husband's money, she came across Impong Isidra, an old woman who was desperate of help because Julio will soon reclaim his land where her house was. Barbara used her charm to persuade Julio to let Isidra's debts go. Unknown to her, Isidra was a witch and well-trained with black magic. After learning this fact, she immediately befriended the old hag and became close friends with her. Barbara made it look like she has already made peace with her stepsister and to her family but in reality, she never got over Edgardo and she just wants to make the couple suffer, and to do that she will use their child. Her first victim was her own husband, so she could get all of his wealth. Rafael was devastated and left their home and lived with his kind uncle.

Upon knowing that Corazon was about to give birth already, Impong Isidra planted a tree, serving as Corazon's daughter's twin. What they will do to the tree, the baby will experience as well, such as when the baby who was named Blanca (Angelu de Leon) was a few months old, they watered the tree with a boiling water, the baby suffered a high fever which was eventually gone after quite sometime, when she was about 10 years old, they cut the tree in one part of it then Blanca suddenly was cut by a knife, and just a few months before her 18th birthday, they stabbed the tree, resulting a nosebleed to Blanca.

Even though Blanca is secretly cursed, she still grew up filled with love and wealth from her parents (they got the fortune, after her grandfather died from a spell before she was born). Blessed with beauty, brains, wealth and good heart she was the envy of anyone but especially loved secretly by her childhood best friend Emil (Jake Roxas). But Blanca's world will change once she meets Rafael. He met him at a motocross event since Rafael is a motocross rider himself. It was love at first sight and their love quickly blossomed. But it seems fate is playing with them because history is repeating itself with Blanca and Rafael. Angela (Gladys Reyes), Blanca's cousin and Rafael's half-sister is secretly in love with Rafael. Angela knows Rafael and her are not blood related so she knows ending up together with him is actually possible. She did everything to gain his love but Rafael still chose Blanca. So with her mother and Impong Isidra, they created a plan to eliminate Blanca once and for all.

At Blanca's 18th birthday celebration, they will burn the tree causing Blanca to spontaneously burn. But unknown to them, a friend of Corazon was into the occult and sensed that the child was cursed. she gave Blanca a charm to protect her so when Barbara and the witch set the tree on fire Blanca did not die. The charm although it was weak protected her and only half of Blanca's face got burned. After the tree was burned, a seed remained. Like the tree, whatever happens to the seed, Blanca will feel it. From then on, Barbara kept the seed and will use it to torment Blanca at her will.

It was a mystery why even after an operation, the burns will not still heal. Barbara furious because Blanca survived, turned Corazon into a dove through a spell right in front of Edgardo's eyes. Edgardo tried to seek help but he was taken into a mental institution by Barbara since no one will believe him that Barbara has access to magic. Meanwhile, Rafael got into an accident and became blind, it was a blessing in disguise because he cannot see what happened to Blanca nor does he know what is truly going on at the house. Angela tried to get Rafael's heart by being nice to him but still Rafael chose Blanca. She even tried to use a love spell but it wouldn't work because Rafael is truly in love with Blanca.

Barbara made Blanca's life a living hell. She turned Blanca into a servant but Blanca is used Rafael into her hope. While her fellow help, Emil continuously was at her side. Emil finally said his feelings for her but Blanca sees him as a friend. Emil understood but vowed that he will become her closest ally. When Rafael's sight was restored through an operation, he saw how hideous Blanca's face is. He did not mean to hurt her feelings but Blanca was publicly humiliated and decided to leave for good. All her hope was crushed and does not know where to go. He tried to search for Blanca but she is now gone.

She was taken under the wing of a business man named Benjamin Saavedra. Blanca tried to move on with Benjamin and forget about her past. Years pass, she had a chance encounter with Emil. Emil learned of the curse and explained it to Blanca. He stole the remaining seed and planted it and along with a white witch, blessed the plant finally freeing Blanca from the curse. Through Benjamin's money, Blanca's face was restored through an operation. Blanca took a new identity as Susan Margarita Saavedra. She now an advertising executive. As if by fate, their newest business partner is Rafael and he is now engaged to Angela. Blanca denies to Rafael that she is indeed Blanca and tries to avoid him at all costs. But still Rafael firmly believes that she is Blanca.

The two cannot stop their feelings and decided to let go of their inhibitions and continue their love. Angela and Barbara was surprised to see that Blanca is well. They tried to find the seed but it was now gone. They have no control over Blanca anymore. Blanca bought all their properties and they lost their fortune. Edgardo was also released from the mental institution and along with Emil, freed Corazon from the dove curse. Blanca was re-united with her family.

Blanca explained to Benjamin her true feelings hoping he will understand because he is a good person but he now shows his true colors. He is controlling and abusive and he was just hiding it from Blanca from the very beginning. Benjamin cannot simply let go of Blanca, he is now obsessed over her. He locked Blanca up and even tried to beat the life out of Rafael. Blanca escaped with Rafael and got a restraining order.

Blanca and Rafael are finally getting married but Angela still won't give up. Through the help of the witch, they switched faces and locked Blanca up in a warehouse. Rafael and the fake Blanca are now getting married but suddenly Benjamin comes in the church with a gun. He wouldn't let Blanca be with anyone else and shot the fake Blanca in the altar. The spell was lifted and they saw the face of Angela. The real Blanca managed to get help from Emil and was free. Benjamin was arrested by the police. Meanwhile, Corazon finally confronted the witch and burned the old hag's hut along with the witch inside. Barbara seeing Angela's death had a breakdown and was taken to a mental institution. Blanca is finally with her family and now has a happy ending with Rafael.

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Main cast

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Movie version

Ikaw Na Sana The Movie
Directed by Mac Alejandre
Produced by Executive Producer:
Vic del Rosario
Starring Bobby Andrews
Angelu de Leon
Gladys Reyes
Carmi Martin
Cherry Pie Picache
Jake Roxas
Lee Robin Salazar
Distributed by Neo Films
GMA Network
Release dates
January 28, 1998
Country Philippines
Language Filipino

In 1998, a movie was produced after the success of the television series. Changes were made due to a limited hour for a movie.

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