Created by Denoy Navarro Punio
Developed by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Directed by Don Michael Perez
Starring Jillian Ward
Ogie Alcasid
Manilyn Reynes
Rufa Mae Quinto
Opening theme "Daldalita"
by Ogie Alcasid and Jillian Ward
Ending theme "Someone's Waiting For You"
by Ogie Alcasid
Composer(s) Ogie Alcasid
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 80 episodes
Executive producer(s) Leilani Feliciano Sandoval
Producer(s) GMA Entertainment TV Group
Location(s) Philippines
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i NTSC
Original release October 17, 2011 – February 3, 2012

Daldalita is a Philippine drama-fantasy-musical TV series produced by GMA Network. It stars child actress Jillian Ward in the title role, together with Ogie Alcasid, Rufa Mae Quinto, Elmo Magalona, Julie Anne San Jose and Manilyn Reynes. With the special participation of 1990s hit singer/actress Donna Cruz. It is directed by Don Michael Perez and it premiered October 17, 2011.[1]

The series concluded on February 3, 2012, it ran for 16 weeks with 80 episodes in all. It was replaced by Alice Bungisngis and her Wonder Walis.


Mateo and Carmela live a simple and happy life in the province. But their happy marriage ends when Carmela dies after giving birth to their child Lolita. Adding to Mateo's misfortune is the unusual condition of Lolita whom he thinks is mute. But despite that, Mateo devotes his unconditional love and attention to his child. Katrina, Carmela's older sister, helps his brother-in-law fulfill his parental duties. Even though, most of the time, they clash, in the end they realize that they have an unlikely affection for each other.

One day, Katrina brings Lolita in a "miracle" doctor hoping that it would help cure her unusual condition. This angers Mateo and makes him say hurtful words to Katrina. Devastated, Katrina packs her bags and leaves him.

Having no one to turn to, Mateo seeks the help of his neighbor Tisay to help him take care of Lolita. Unknown to Mateo, Tisay brings the baby along to beg on the streets. But one day, police officers arrest all the street beggars and Tisay, afraid of being caught, flees and leaves Lolita in a basket inside a delivery truck. Lolita ends up in a duck farm owned by the kindhearted Lupe. She raises her as her own. But Lupe's daughter Susan despises and often mistreated Lolita. The animals in the farm empathize with Lolita, who is still unable to speak a singe word. To cheer her up, they would talk and play with her. Lolita listens to the animals and Daisy, the mother duck, treats Lolita as her adopted duckling. One day Susan attempts to kill Daisy. Lolita stops her and says, "quack! quack! quack!" Lupe, after hearing the little girl can speak, teaches her how to talk like a human and gives her new name: Daldalita.

As days pass, Lupe become sickly and bedridden. Susan sees this as an opportunity to get rid of Daldalita and takes her to Manila. Daldalita, with her pets Daisy (duck) and Bobby (piglet), ventures around the city and start their new adventure in a different environment.

Who are the friends and foes Daldalita will meet in her new adventure? Will Mateo cross paths with his long-lost daughter?


Main cast
Extended cast
Featuring the voices of
Guest stars


According to Nielsen TV audience measurement, the show garnered 36.5% share (based on household data recorded in Urban Luzon for October 1721) compare to its rival show Maria la del Barrio (ABS-CBN) 26% and Aksyon (TV5) 22%. For the same period in Mega Manila, it posted a household audience share of 36.8% higher than 23.5% and 24.2% of the rival shows.[5][6][7]

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