Logo used since March 16, 2015
Genre Newscast
Live action
Citizen Journalism
Created by GMA Network
Developed by GMA News and Public Affairs
Directed by Joel San Luis
Presented by Arnold Clavio
Pia Arcangel
Narrated by Arnold Clavio (2004-present)
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino
No. of episodes N/A (airs weeknights)
Executive producer(s) Marissa Flores (Executive-In-Charge of Production)
Jessica Soho
Location(s) Studio 5, GMA Network Center, Quezon City
Camera setup multicamera setup
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i SDTV
Audio format Stereo
Original release October 2, 1995 (1995-10-02) – present
Preceded by GMA Balita (as early evening newscast, May 19, 1986-September 30, 1995)
Frontpage: Ulat ni Mel Tiangco (as late night newscast, August 2, 1999-July 12, 2002)
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Saksi (lit. Eyewitness) is the late-night newscast of GMA Network in the Philippines. The newscast first aired as the early evening (primetime) and flagship newscast of the network from October 2, 1995 to July 12, 2002. The newscast is anchored by Arnold Clavio and Pia Arcangel. It airs Mondays to Thursdays, from 11:05 PM to 11:35 PM (PST). and Fridays, from 11:15 PM to 12:00 AM (PST). It is also aired internationally through GMA Pinoy TV and is heard on a slightly delayed basis through Super Radyo DZBB 594 AM from 12:30 to 1:00 AM (PST).


Enriquez-Davila era and Enriquez-Davila-Tiangco era as Saksi: GMA Headline Balita

On October 2, 1995, GMA Network launched the newscast, originally entitled Saksi: GMA Headline Balita, as a 15-minutes early evening weekday newscast. It was then anchored by Mike Enriquez (then known as "Mr. Saksi") and Karen Davila. Saksi became popular in such a short time, that people were using the word as a catchphrase, complete with the pointed forefinger like the program’s news anchors. In the early years of the newscast, the anchors, especially Enriquez, popularized the word "pasok" (come in) in introducing reporters (who included Jessica Soho, Arnold Clavio, Mao dela Cruz and Susan Enriquez, among others). The format is patterned after AM radio newscasts wherein its fast paced and compressed to a short program. This style of introducing reporters was also previously used in GMA's other regional news programs patterned after "Saksi" like Balitang Bisdak (GMA Cebu), Testigo (GMA Davao) and Ratsada (GMA Iloilo).

On July 1, 1996, Mel Tiangco joined Enriquez and Davila, after the former's transfer from ABS-CBN when she was suspended from doing a TV commercial. Economist Solita "Winnie" Monsod also joined the newscast with her own opinion segment, "Mareng Winnie" (which became a moniker by which she has been since known for). Other special segments, such as Huling Hirit (light human-interest stories to cap the newscast, reported by Kara David), S na S (Showbiz sa Saksi) (a showbiz segment with Lyn Ching then she anchored with Enriquez, Davila and Tiangco) and Jessica Soho Reports were also added to the news program, as its set was reformatted and running time was expanded to 30 minutes.

Sonza-Tiangco era

In 1998, the show was relaunched when Partners Mel and Jay and Tapatan host Jay Sonza joined Mel Tiangco, and was replaced Enriquez while he appointed as an anchor of GMA Network News with Vicky Morales who and the news team switched the newscast to Taglish then Filipino. Sonza, who was also transferred from ABS-CBN as news anchors with Mel Tiangco, continued to use Mike Enriquez's catchphrase "pasok" when he anchored the newscast. Davila, on the other hand became a co-host of Extra-Extra, a magazine program featuring different human-interest and entertainment stories (which also served as pre-programming to Saksi). New segments such as, "Pulso ng Mamamayan" where the program asks to citizens to speak up and tell them what they think of what's happening in the country today. Thus, Saksi and Partners Mel and Jay are the news programs exclusive to them and expanded the newscast to 1 hour.

Enriquez-Morales era

Second Saksi logo during the Enriquez-Morales era, which pioneered the infamous "Eye" insignia of the newscast

On August 23, 1999, Tiangco was appointed as anchor of Frontpage: Ulat ni Mel Tiangco, which replaced GMA Network News on the late-night weeknight slot. She and Sonza were replaced by Enriquez and Morales, thus continuing their partnership on Network News. The original subtitle, GMA Headline Balita, was also dropped since then. Enriquez returned to Saksi after a 1-year absence. The studio set also used chroma-key technology, and later on they transferred to the newly built GMA Network Center in 2000. This was also the beginning of simulcasting the newscast on the network's radio station, Super Radyo DZBB 594 kHz.

On July 15, 2002, Saksi exchanged timeslots with Frontpage in order for the latter show to compete with ABS-CBN's TV Patrol (which was, incidentally, the newscast that Tiangco came from before transferring to GMA). The shift to late-night also prompted the start of "Side Trip", a human-interest segment hosted by Howie Severino.

In the same year, Saksi won the Gold Medal for Best Newscast in the New York Festival, becoming one of the few news programs outside the United States to receive the said honor. The award (With the Peabody Award that the network won in 1998) was later recognized by the Philippine Congress by issuing the network a commendation for its work in News and Public Affairs.

On June 30, 2003, along with Unang Hirit, Frontpage, and GMA Flash Report, it relaunched and introduced its new studio set, new theme music, and graphic package.

On March 12, 2004, Enriquez left the show after he was appointed to rejoin Frontpage anchor Mel Tiangco, and chosen to anchor their new early evening newscast, 24 Oras.

Clavio-Morales era as Saksi: Liga ng Katotohanan

When Enriquez was slated to host the new early evening newscast of the network, 24 Oras and he rejoined with Tiangco since they first joined Saksi in 1996, the show appointed Unang Hirit host Arnold Clavio, as anchor of the show joining Morales. It relaunched as Saksi: Liga ng Katotohanan (League of Truth) on March 15, 2004.

In June 2004, along with 24 Oras, its graphics package and studio set were reformatted.

A notable coverage of the program was the 2005 Papal conclave which was covered by Morales at St. Peter's Square in Vatican City.

The newscast changed its graphics and studio with its title card thrice during this period; first on April 17, 2006 (which was the time where 24 Oras shared the studio set til present), second on August 11, 2008, and third on November 8, 2010 (graphics only).

2011 reformat

Logo used since February 21, 2011 until November 7, 2014

On February 21, 2011, together with Unang Hirit and 24 Oras, the program adapted a new set, new graphics, new theme, and new OBB. The "Liga ng Katotohanan" tagline was also dropped in the newscast's titlecard and launched a new slogan "Ikaw at ang Balita" (You and the News). With the help of social media, Saksi launched a segment called "Saksi Ako" where viewers can make their own report there by using cellphone and camera recordings via GMA's Youscoop. The new theme is incorporated with the elements of the 2008–2011 theme music & 2004–2008 theme music and its 2004-2008 bed music. Months after the reformat, Saksi re-designed its graphic packages, and in July 2013, it launched its segment "Midnight Snack", a food-trip segment hosted by Mikael Daez every Mondays to Thursdays, After a one-week hiatus, On November 5, 2013, it returned under the new title "Midnight Express".

Clavio-Arcangel era

In 2014, as part of GMA News' shakeup, Vicky Morales bid farewell to the show after 15 years and was added as the third anchor of 24 Oras, Pia Arcangel replaced Morales during that time.[1] The new Saksi launched in November 10, 2014 with new upbeat soundtracks, its newly flat graphic package, and its new title card starts to continue using the camera lens background.

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