Asian Treasures

Asian Treasures
Genre Action, Adventure, Mystery, Thriller, Telenovela
Created by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Developed by Don Michael Perez
Written by Des Garbes-Severino
Anna Aleta-Nadela
Directed by Eric Quizon
Starring Robin Padilla
Angel Locsin
Marvin Agustin
Diana Zubiri
Eddie Garcia
Theme music composer Tata Betita
Opening theme "Walang Yaman (Mas Hihigit Sa 'Yo)"
sung by Cueshé
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English, Spanish, Latin, Chinese, Thai
No. of episodes 118
Executive producer(s) Angie Castrence
Edlyn Tallada-Abuel
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original release January 15 (2007-01-15) – June 29, 2007 (2007-06-29)
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Asian Treasures is an action-adventure Philippine drama aired and produced by GMA Network starred by Angel Locsin and Robin Padilla, and was directed by Eric Quizon. It aired from January 15, 2007 to June 29, 2007.

This show is all about Asian History.

It was the first Philippine drama shot in multiple countries such as Mongolia, Thailand and China. Its pilot episode, which garnered a 41.8% rating (Mega Manila), aired on January 15, 2007.[1] It is one of the most expensive TV series ever produced in the Philippine television costing more than 140 million pesos.[2]



There were plenty of speculations on which show Robin Padilla will have a come back on. He specifically wanted an action-pack series to be able to use his fighting techniques. It was later revealed that his come will be one of GMA Network's biggest project to date.

The management chose Philippine icon Angel Locsin as Padilla's leading lady, and Eric Quizon as the director. The filming production began on October 2006 for an early 2007 release because the series was filmed in different countries, thus filming many scenes abroad as possible.

Alfred Vargas was initially given the role of Hector. Due to Muli, which was shot in Malaysia for a month, he couldn't join the cast. Mark Herras and Dennis Trillo were also considered for the role of Hector. The role eventually went to Marvin Agustin.

Joey de Leon was also offered a significant role in the series. However he had to beg off due to health reasons. It was reported in tabloids that the role offered to Joey was that of Professor Wakan. Veteran actor Eddie Garcia eventually bagged the role.

Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz made cameo appearances in the series' pilot episode.


The series gained much popularity even before the pilot episode was telecast. This was because of the popularity of its two leads, Robin Padilla and Angel Locsin. It garnered a high 41.8% rating on its pilot episode.[1]

Originally scheduled for a 100 episode series to be inevitably replaced by Impostora, an additional 20 episodes were made because of its high ratings. As a result, Impostora replaced Super Twins instead. And with its rising popularity, GMA Network has decided to release a DVD series for the series in volumes, through GMA Records.[3]


Philippine pop band Cueshé recorded the theme song for the series. Composed by GMA Network's very own music scorer Tata Betita, the song is entitled "Walang Yamang Mas Hihigit Sa 'Yo" and is included in two (2) albums: the repackaged version of their album Back to Me and Mga Awit Kapuso (GMA TV Themes Volume 3).



The story is about the hunt for the ten anting-anting (or powerful amulets) that serve as keys to the Asian Treasure. The Asian Treasure referred to is the treasure collected from all over Asia left by the ten Bornean Datus in the island of Panay. The treasures were locked in a cave and can only be opened through the ten anting-anting. The powers of the anting-anting made divisions among the datus; Datu Puti founded the KKK (Kapatirang Kumakalinga sa Kayamanan), while Sultan Makatunaw founded the SUDAMA (Sugo ni Datu Makatunaw). The two groups battled for the possession of all ten anting-anting and ownership the treasure. But as time passed, the amulets were lost and the SUDAMA won the struggle.

It is up for KKK members Gabriela Agoncillo (Angel Locsin) and Elias Pinaglabanan (Robin Padilla) to find the amulets and reclaim them for the KKK. But, challenges met them like Gabriellas discovery that Hector, her ex-boyfriend turned enemy, was her childhood friend Diego. Gabriella also discovered that Ingrid was her childhood arch rival. Prof. Wakan (Eddie Garcia) allowed Hector and Ingrid, who were also KKK members, to join Gabriella and Elias in their adventures.

Their quest took them to Thailand and China. They battled the SUDAMA and their leader, Victor (Paolo Contis) for the amulets to be used for their groups aims.

The legend of SUDAMA

SUDAMA (SUgo ni DAtu MAkatunaw) is the rival group of KKK (Kapatirang Kumakalinga sa Kayamanan) in the quest for the anting-anting and the Asian Treasures.

In an episode of Asian Treasures, Lola Miranda (Caridad Sanchez) told something about the origin of the SUDAMA. It was said that Datu Makatunaw had a child named Kiyahata, who later died in a battle; Kiyahatas soul never rested upon its death. Until his last breath, Makatunaw promised that he will take revenge on the death of his child. Like Kiyahata, Makatunaws soul never rested he still holds his promise of revenge for Kiyahata. He believed that by taking the possession of the amulets, his promise would come true.

The ten amulets

The ten anting-anting wield powers and were once possessed by one of the ten Bornean Datus. An epic called, Maragtas became the base of the legend without medallions. The amulets are as follows:

The anting-antings locations

The team of the "Kapatiran" (KKK) used Don Julian Agoncillos (Sulaiman)grandfather of Gabriela and a KKK memberdiary to locate the ten amulets. It consists of codes and/or drawings that needs to be deciphered in order to pinpoint its location. Gabriela believed that by finding all the amulets, she would see her grandfather again.

The real Susi

The Susi (The Key) is a KKK member who comes from the bloodline of Datu Puti that can use the power of anting-anting to unlock the Asian Treasures. The SUDAMA believed that the Susi was a girl/lady (Gabriela). Later, it was revealed the true identity of the Susi (Elias).

Elias father came from the bloodline of Datu Puti. But he left to find the Asian Treasures to make sure it is still safe. When Elias's father left, his wife Amalia was pregnant. She managed to escape from the SUDAMA attacks and sought help from the KKK. She gave birth to a baby girl. The SUDAMA came and heard of the babythat the Susi was a girl. The KKK took the baby away from danger. While the other members of KKK were fighting the SUDAMA, Julian and Ulysses came to help Amalia and were surprised to see that she borne another baby, a baby boy. The KKK managed to save the twin Susi but the baby girl died due to a weak heart while the baby boy stayed alive. Since the SUDAMA didn't know of the other Susi (the baby boy), Julian and Ulysses made the SUDAMA believe that the Susi was really a girl to protect the true identity of the Susi. When Elvira gave birth to a baby girl, that baby was brought to Julian and Ulysses to act as a fake Susi.

The time came to train the both child in the school of Gomburza and after the training, they erased their memories. The boy (the real Susi) was placed under the care of Miranda and they named him Elias. Julian and Ulysses took care of girl and she became the fake Susi, Gabriela.


Elias and Gabriela finally find the Asian treasures in Luneta Park. Pogi finds a coin-like item while he is in Luneta with Elias and Gabriela. Pogi gave this coin thing to Elias. Elias found out that it was again a treasure map.


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