Time of My Life (TV series)

Time of My Life
Genre Drama, Danserye
Created by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Developed by Senedy Que
Directed by Mark A. Reyes V
Andoy Ranay
Starring Mark Herras
Kris Bernal
Rocco Nacino
LJ Reyes
Opening theme "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" by Kris Lawrence and Kyla
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 80
Executive producer(s) Juel Balbon
Running time 30–45 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format NTSC 480i SDTV
Original release August 1 (2011-08-01) – November 18, 2011 (2011-11-18)

Time of My Life is a 2011 Philippine drama billed as a "danserye" (dance TV series), created and developed by GMA Network, starring Mark Herras and Kris Bernal.[1] It premiered on August 1, 2011 and ends on November 18, 2011 on GMA Network in the Philippines and on August 3, 2011 on GMA Pinoy TV.[2][3]


The very first danserye is based on original concept created for GMA Television by Senedy Que with head writer Des Garbes Severino, choreographers Miggy Tanchanco (modern) and Donald Balbuena (ballroom), and directors Mark Reyes (musicals) and Andoy Ranay (drama). In 2010 it was planned for a working title Jump. It is supposed to be replacing Tween Hearts but the GMA Network decided to put it on the Primetime block. The show is slated for 2011 despite 2010. Several auditions across the Philippines were held. And the auditionees were seen in Party Pilipinas (until it was premiered on August 2011), with a working title Time of My Life.[4]


It tells Shane's quest to fulfill her dream of becoming a real dancer. In the process, she uncovers things of the past as she explores the field of dancing. Helping Shane achieve her dreams are two knights in shining armor: Jason, her childhood friend; and Patrick, Jason's friend and founder of the Motion Masters dance group. With other friends, they compete against The Elite Crew led by Zaira who is the protégé and stepdaughter of famous dancing queen, Lisa. Because of the competition between Shane and Zaira, a former rivalry resurfaces between Lisa and Martha, Shane's mother. Martha has long been angry and bitter because her dance partner and boyfriend, Fred, broke up with her to be with Lisa. Soon, the couple had a daughter named Lisette. Unable to accept defeat, Martha schemed to dance with Fred again and set fire to the house where Lisa and Lisette were. However, Lisa followed Fred and, thus, only the child was believed to have perished in the fire. This incident caused Fred and Lisa to part ways; Fred worked abroad while Lisa went back to her family and married Gregory, the father of Zaira. On the other hand, Martha paid for her crime but kept with her in jail a secret about Fred and Lisa's child. Lisette did not really die in the fire but was saved by Martha's friend, Carlotta. She was raised as Shane and grew up with a natural talent and interest in dancing. After many years, Lisa, Fred and Martha cross paths again. To avenge herself, Martha discreetly manipulates the two to fight each other using their own daughter, Shane.[5]

Before she enters the dance show that Lisa is performing, Shane is revealed to be abused by her foster father, Douglas and his older daughter, Pia while she was younger and in her late teens. Going so far as he let her dance in a strip club before being caught in the police until Douglas gains a stroke as he apologizes for his actions while Pia briefly joins in Shane's dance group before sets off to be a famous fashion model.

As the series' progresses, Shane and Zaira's rivalry is mostly pronounced as Zaira wanted to ruin Shane's dancing career as seen when she makes a fire on stage during their dance performance and frames Shane for the incident as she was the one who did it on purpose. Lisa decides to file an annulment to Gregory due to Zaira's psychological behavior and reunites with Fred to search for their missing daughter, Lizette which is actually Shane.

When both realizes that Lizette and Shane is the same person, they finally reunite with their long lost daughter after Carlota tells them the truth and Martha wants to kill them which resulted to kill her own best friend Carlota for her trecheary. During the one on one dance performance, Martha manages to blow off the stage with the use of the detonating device in explosion as both Shane and Zaira collapse and ends up in a rubble as Zaira lost both of her legs as a result while Shane got minor bruises. Martha does not stop as she teams up with Zaira to stop Shane despite she loses both of her legs. However, her plans are soon thwarted and she was later arrested for her crimes. Zaira is later taken care by her father Gregory and decides to find someone to take care of his daughter. In the end, Fred and Lisa are married and Shane was happy to see her parents to get married as they danced happily ever after.


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