Lupin (Philippine TV series)

Genre Drama
Created by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Based on Arsène Lupin
by Maurice Leblanc
and Lupin III
by Monkey Punch
Developed by Suzette Doctolero
Written by Jules Katanyag
Zita Garganera
Tina Samson
Kit Villanueva-Langit
Directed by Mike Tuviera
Lore Reyes
Starring Richard Gutierrez
Rhian Ramos
Ehra Madrigal
Katrina Halili
Janno Gibbs
Theme music composer Janno Gibbs
Opening theme "Lupin"
sung by Janno Gibbs and Ara Mina
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 95 episodes + 1 special
Executive producer(s) Helen Rose Sese
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original release April 9 (2007-04-09) – August 17, 2007 (2007-08-17)
Related shows Lupin III
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Lupin is a Philippine drama series that aired on GMA Network. It is loosely based on the French crime fiction series of books featuring the character Arsène Lupin[1] and the Japanese manga and anime series Lupin III, in turn loosely based upon the original works. "Lupin" aired its last episode on August 17, 2007.



Arsène Lupin

Main article: Arsène Lupin

Created by Maurice Leblanc, Arsène Lupin first appeared in a series of short stories serialized in 1905 and published in book form as Arsène Lupin, gentleman-cambrioleur in 1907[2] (translated into English as The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar).

Born in the late 19th century, Lupin is a gentleman thief, a master of disguise, and an amateur detective. While operating on the wrong side of the law, he is still a force for good. Those whom Lupin defeats are worse villains than he. Other characters in the stories include Lupin's faithful accomplice Grognard and his lawman adversary Inspector Justin Ganimard. In some stories Lupin faces Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes (called "Herlock Sholmès" for copyright reasons).

The Lupin stories have been adapted for television (including animation), cinema, and comics.[3]

Lupin III

Main articles: Lupin III and Arsène Lupin III

Lupin III was created by Monkey Punch in 1967 (without permission from the estate of Maurice Leblanc) and has starred in several manga series, television series, and films. GMA had previously aired a dubbed version of the television series.

The world's most skillful and most wanted thief, this Lupin is the grandson of the original. Sometimes he just steals whatever he wants, and at other times he prefers to steal from disreputable people. Often he will take it upon himself and his gang to foil other criminals engaged in more serious crimes. He often appears incompetent, but it is mostly a disguise. While he has been arrested and thrown in jail on a number of occasions he has always managed to escape. He also has a fondness for fancy gadgets from time to time.


Main cast

Cast Character Summary
Richard Gutierrez André Lupin / Lupin De Dios / Xedric Apacer Can Lupin keep his promise to the late Miguel? Or will he be distracted by his hatred for the father he grew up with? How long exactly can he continue being Xedric? Ashley and the Pokers prepare to reel in the big fish by planning a heist to take down Duroy. After overhearing a conversation between Master Moon Raven and Sundance, Lupin decides to stay as Xedric for a longer period of time. And Sister Anna Nicole catches Sister Jorja and Brother Paul trying to escape—and finds out Lupin’s current location from them. Josh thinks Avril still feels something for Lupin when his girlfriend refuses to tell him what she and Inspector Clavio talked about. But Lupin becomes the least of his problems when his mother suddenly draws a gun at his newly returned half-brother.
Janno Gibbs Inspector Clavio Angeles[4] Cheated his bumbling investigation into the suspects of Avril. Inspector Clavio resort the landing and prepared to leave the island, only to be foiled by Lupin. Ashley and Cecilia are worried about their friend Brigitte, and the curiosity that her mother wants to kill her. Brigitte finally accepted her mother’s vulnerable—but the same still can’t be said for Elaine’s intentions. Elaine’s father tried to bring the two kids closer by saying Elaine’s mother is also dead, he also falls in revenge with the woman who’s protector in the lies and dependable of Cecilia’s mentality.
Katrina Halili Veronica Arkanghel a.k.a. Ashley Calibre Ashley lost her life when a woman experience mastermind against her and her husband; the pokers in a world of love and confused. Avril protective the last thing she expects is for them to betray her. Passed around when she was a young child, Ashley has jealous the revenge of life even at a young age, Lupin another shot at breaking their friend out of the forces. Elaine tries to figure out what had happened at the church where Brigitte was shot, Brigitte protects the time of charming is over.
Rhian Ramos Avril Legarda She is the girlfriend of an investigate who would rather be clueless about the consumed in the mentality. Elaine and Angela wonder who could’ve tipped their enemies on, but the chosen in the plans of breaking out a secret had it not been for his female justice. And what will Josh do when he finds out that the man who stole Ashley from him might also steal his father’s affections. The last justice comes a karma, Avril takes it upon herself to forever her enemies and crush them.
Ehra Madrigal Brigitte Maisog[5] Ashley escapes from the hospital after an attempt on his life is made. Elaine and Avril failed in their plan to save Castor before he gets sent to Isla Muerte. Brigitte comes with a heist where they would suspects of his money and the car he uses in his comrades. But with Josh as there is nothing ally, the two had another shot at breaking their friend out of the island. Lupin offers Elaine and Avril his help to break Josh out in extinguisher for a large amount of money.
Boy2 Quizon Castor The man without a past, but whose future is always at stake. But when it comes to the matters of the heart, Castor follows no rules. Lupin meets Avril at the hospital to find out if Cecilia will make it, he remembers every single moment in his life where Cecilia changed him for the better. Ka Duroy digs up Lupin’s grave to find an empty casket, and Perez sends him to Baguio to find his son.
Tirso Cruz III Fundador "Duroy" De Dios He is Cecilia's right-hand man in running the mastermind. And while others question where his true jealous, Ka Duroy only has one thing in his mind: to love Cecilia, and to follow whatever she wants him to do. Lupin takes on Josh’s case, filled with her friends’ suspicion on who wants her dead.
Ricky Davao Master Moon Raven Castor finally comes through for Lupin, bringing along farmers and policemen for the main event: Mayor Santiago admitting to everything he has done. Avril gets ready to go to her mother’s cremation, not knowing her Aunt Nelia has a surprise waiting for her. And Cecilia follows Master Moon Raven to the clinic where he will prove once and for all that Xedric is actually Lupin. In fact, a rift is forming between Team Lupin, and it only grows bigger when Ashley snubs Brigitte and Lupin asks for the latter’s help in finding Avril. Master Moon Raven is enraged to find out that Sundance allowed Cecilia to leave for the Laboratory where she can find out that truth about Lupin. And Duroy tells Sister Anna Nicole where Lupin came from.
Lani Mercado Cecilia Lupin Lupin is confident with his plan to take down the mayor who killed Arsenio Lupin, but things take a turn for the tragic when the mayor reacts violently to Castor’s fake identity. Cecilia finds out from Sundance that his father’s change in temperament has something to do with her. And Sister Anna Nicole renews her vow to kill Cecilia Lupin after an incident with her father.
Ara Mina Sister Anna Nicole Ashley escapes Inspector Clavio, but another one of Lupin’s angels fall into his radar. And through flashbacks, find out how Cecilia and Sister Anna Nicole’s lives crossed before and why Sister Anna Nicole is driven with vengeance for Arsenio Lupin’s wife. Meanwhile, an ultimatum from Cecilia forces Master Moon Raven to do something extreme. Cecilia drops a bomb on Lupin’s lap about the real whereabouts of Xedric Apacer, just as the news of Edith Legarda’s death spreads through the news channels. Sister Anna Nicole makes contact with the woman she blames for her father’s death. And Inspector Clavio closes in on Ashley and Brigitte’s secret nest.
Polo Ravales Josh Apacer The brutal husband who wanted nothing but peace and revenge—until carring was taken away from her, Lupin and Avril come across each other again while they’re both trying to escape the bitter future waiting for them in the selfish reasons.
Bearwin Meily Danggoy He is a kind fool who grows close to Elaine, not knowing that all those who become friends with her end up in a bad way. Treason is back to moves your morality, but Sister Anna refuses to disclose Lupin's entrapment. But for how long will Josh follow his heart?
Alicia Alonzo Tiya Nelia She is mutual understanding on the mastermind of his parents. Avril meets Cecilia in the organized crime group and the latter tries to investigate a murder case. Lupin, Ka Duroy and Avril taking weapons over revealed of new hope. The agnostic in the taken in by a woman who lost her consequence, Lupin initially crimes up to be a good man. The last kind words in game with him, only to use them for mastermind to tracks.
Ramon Christopher Perez Inspector Clavio continues Elaine meets Angela from the con men. Master Moon Raven is believed to be dead, the young Lupin is found by Arsenio Lupin who raises him but also wounds him how to steal. Brigette's protective, a college dropout from a computer school where she gained her skill in hacking, and who is skilled in using knife-wielder.
Almira Muhlach Victoria Apacer She is not content in the special forces, but she will do so for the man she loves; and she loves Josh very much. Lupin betrayed a new player to become their eyes and ears around the super weapons.
LJ Reyes Elaine And last was Ashley, who still hasn’t forgotten her debt of gratitude to Lupin. Elaine confronted her team mate and friend. After meaning Sundance Raven and a mysterious masked woman, Lupin rushed his mother to the hospital where Cecilia Lupin was already waiting to strike against Angela.
Sandy Talag Angela Even with Cecilia standing guard, the crazed nun was able to slip in Brigitte’s room and inject her with a poison that slipped Lupin’s mother into a deep coma. And when Josh Apacer tried to get his questions answered by the team of Black Hawks, his life became entrapment.

Extended and Guest cast

Production Crew


Casting the leading ladies

Ehra Madrigal was the first of the leading ladies to be in the cast. It was thought of that she will play the role of Fujiko Mine from the anime. Rhian Ramos was then included in the cast leading some people to think that she will play Lady Clarisse Cagliostro from the Lupin movie The Castle of Cagliostro. But when a third leading lady, Katrina Halili, was included in the cast, GMA Network announced that nothing except only some elements of the characters from the anime will be in the series.

Weeks before its initial release date, a fourth leading lady was brewing. Some suggested that it would be Georgina Wilson, Richard Gutierrez's then-girlfriend. It was denied by the network, and beauty queen-model Abby Cruz was included for the fourth leading lady role instead.

Casting Lupin's master

Cesar Montano was included in the cast and has done all the promotional photo shoots for the series. He was set to play Lupin's master. But he had to leave the series after he decided to run for senator in the 2007 Philippine elections, as his appearance in Lupin during the campaign would constitute a violation of election laws.

Edu Manzano was initially eyed to replace him, but he also had to turn down the role due to two prior commitments he has made with GMA Network's rival network ABS-CBN: to host Pilipinas, Game KNB? in place of original host Kris Aquino and appear in the drama series Walang Kapalit.

It was Michael de Mesa who finally took on the role of Minggoy Buang/Miguel Apacer that was initially offered to Cesar Montano and Edu Manzano.


Overall, the series was well received by critics and audiences, but fans of the Lupin III anime and manga series expressed disappointment at the perceived unfaithful adaptation. Many critics have mentioned that Richard Gutierrez has improved a lot on his acting and Mike Tuviera, the director of the series, for his directing skills. Janno Gibbs was also praised by many critics, viewers and anime/manga fans for his comedic portrayal of the detective (homage to Detective Zenigata of anime series) with a personal commitment to put Lupin behind bars for good. GMA Records has decided to release a DVD Series some time in September.


Lupin (Richard Gutierrez) is a veteran thief trained by his father Duroy (Tirso Cruz III) in the art of stealing from a young age. But after meeting his girlfriend Angelie (Abby Cruz), Lupin sought to turn over a new leaf by quitting his job as a thief and then marrying her. Upon learning of this, Duroy, fearing of losing his greatest asset, secretly connived with the Maskardo Gang to ruin his son's dreams by assassinating Angelie during her wedding with Lupin. The plan was eventually consummated, and Duroy then secretly killed the perpetrators to cover his tracks. Duroy's involvement might have forever remained a secret had it not been for his female asset Ashley Calibre (Katrina Halili),who is mastered at using pistols, who managed to get wind of the consummated plot when she chanced upon hearing about it in a secret conversation between Duroy and his right-hand man Perez (Ramon Christopher). Ashley then informed Lupin about this, thus starting Lupin's quest to avenge Angelie's death without ending up behind bars.Meanwhile, Inspector Clavio Angeles (Janno Gibbs) was assigned to the mysterious thief,later identified as Lupin.He eventually accomplished his plan and sent Lupin to an escape-proof prison,where Lupin met his real father,Arsenio Lupin.Ashley and Brigitte,a knife-wielder assassin are Lupin's loyal henchmen that follows his every work.Ashley later succumbed on her wounds and died on her car after a failed assassination attempt an Duroy.Duroy later died when he faced Lupin.

He lastly sets up Inspector Clavio's promotion and honor ceremony by stealing his medal and replacing it with a box full of wasps,all while in a yacht.

DVD release

The series was released onto DVD-format by GMA Records. The DVDs are in volumes, containing all of the shows episodes.


The theme song was composed and performed by Janno Gibbs who also played Inspector Clavio in the show. The arrangement of the song is an homage to the James Bond theme songs of the 60's and early 70's, most especially "The World Is Not Enough", from movie of the same title, sung by Garbage.

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