Kaya Kong Abutin Ang Langit

Kaya Kong Abutin Ang Langit
Also known as Selfish Desires
Directed by Topel Lee
Starring Iza Calzado
Wendell Ramos
and Angelika dela Cruz
Opening theme "Kaya Kong Abutin Ang Langit"
by Dulce
Composer(s) Tata Betita
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 95 episodes
Executive producer(s) Wilma Galvante
Location(s) Philippines
Camera setup Multiple-camera
Running time 3045 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i NTSC
Original release September 28, 2009 (2009-09-28) – February 5, 2010 (2010-02-05)

Kaya Kong Abutin Ang Langit or Selfish Desires (international title) is a Sine Novela offering produced by GMA Network starring Iza Calzado, Wendell Ramos and Angelika dela Cruz. It is a remake of the 1980s hit drama flick, which starred Maricel Soriano, Gina Alajar and William Martinez. It is the 17th installment of Sine Novela. It was aired worldwide on GMA Pinoy TV, which started on October 12, 2009 and ended on February 19, 2010. The series is quite different from other Sine Novelas since the protagonist is an anti-hero. From May 13, 2013 until September 11, 2013 GMA Life TV airs its English-dubbed version worldwide.


Clarissa Rosales is a woman who was born in destitution. Ever since she was a little girl, she wanted to find a way to leave poverty behind and she wants to do it fast. While she was growing up, she became more and more attached to her rich godparents, Monina and Ralph Gardamonte. The rich couple were the former employers of Clarissa's parents. Clarissa's father was killed when he saved Monina from thieves. Because of this, Monina is eternally grateful to the family and became the godparents of newly born Clarissa. Because of this relationship, Clarissa gets a taste of life in pure luxury, unlike the life she has at her home in the slums. This closeness also made Monina's only daughter, Therese, jealous of all the attention Clarissa is getting. Monina's brother Nick, also sees Clarissa as an opportunist. Clarissa does not realize that she is beginning to alienate her mother, Naty, and her elder sister, Nancy. Clarissa also used her childhood friend, James. She knows he likes her very much so she led him on by making him believe she loves him, but in reality she just uses him because he is studying business and she sees him as her way of leaving the slums, but when he stops his education because of financial problems, she dumps him just like that.

Clarissa starts to notice Therese's boyfriend, Daryll. She likes him because he has many connections at high society and views him as her passport to meeting influential people. Monina disapproves the relationship of Daryll and Therese because Daryll has a negative reputation. Clarissa told Monina that the two are still seeing each other so Monina broke the two up. Therese is furious with Clarissa. One night, they had a private encounter: a heated argument which triggered Therese's heart disease. Instead of helping, Clarissa just walked away and let her drown in the pool.

While Monina and Ralph are still mourning, Clarissa sucked up even more to them until they wanted her to become their own daughter. They insisted that Naty let them legally adopt Clarissa. Naty thought that this would be for the better so, with a heavy heart, she agreed. Clarissa is now Clarisse Gardamonte, heiress to the Gardamonte fortune.

She seduced Nick to get all his stocks then exposed all his embezzling in the company to throw him in jail so there would be no more hindrance to her plans. She also used Daryll to meet powerful people. Meanwhile, her mother got sick because of working in the Gardamonte factory. But instead of helping her mother with the lawsuit, she sided with the Gardamontes. This made Nancy despise her own sister. Naty died still longing for Clarissa.

Nancy always had a crush on James but he never noticed her and this frustrated her but because Clarissa was gone, they found solace in each other and they ended up together. Clarissa hired men to scare Nancy so she would stop the lawsuit but a freak accident happened turning James blind. Clarissa starts to fall in love with Daryll but they only meet in secret. When Monina discovered about their relationship, she dumped Daryll so she could remain an heiress. He told him he would kill himself if she leaves him but instead of stopping him, she dares him to do it. he did, fortunately he survived in the hospital. When he woke up, he realized what he really is to Clarissa. Monina and Ralph, through a private investigator saw the video of how Therese died. She was immediately disowned and kicked out of the mansion. She went to Daryll but he cast her out. Same thing also happened to her sister Nancy.

She now has nothing but still she won't change. Since she knew that she is still the heiress in the last will of the couple, she staged an accident by taking off their car's brakes during a vacation. She became the legal owner of the whole Gardamonte fortune. Along with her gay "friends", Oz and Maurice, she is now on top of the world but it was cut short. Because of her relentless spending, she incurred debts. Also, her oppressive attitude made her workers leave the factory. Her business is now starting to dwindle. She used her knowledge of high society to meet rich guys. She met Jerome Recto, heir to a banking empire. She flirted with him until they got engaged. But Clarissa discovered that she is pregnant with Daryll's baby. She planned to abort the baby but she decided to keep her daughter. Jerome's ex-girlfriend, Victoria and Jerome's mother, Dona Lucia, sees Clarissa's true colors. They plan to expose her but Clarissa got Victoria fired and made Jerome have a feud with his mother so he would side with her. Unknown to Clarissa, Nick cleared his name and is now out of prison. He helped Dona Lucia and Victoria to expose Clarissa to Jerome and get back all the money Clarissa stole from him. On the day of their wedding, Jerome did not come. He also manipulated all of Clarissa'a stocks and got all of Clarissa's remaining employees to side with him so he would get the company back legally under his name.

Clarissa is now worse than ever. The baby was taken by social services forcibly because she is unfit to become a mother because she has no proper finances. Nancy found out that she cannot bear a child so she and James adopted a child and named her Natalie. Turns out Natalie is Nancy's niece. Clarissa was supposed to use the baby to get back at Daryll because he now has money because of modeling but since she lost the baby she has no cards to play anymore. She discovered that Nancy has her baby. A legal battle ensued; Nancy won the case and became Natalie's legal guardian with consent of Daryll. Nancy and James' business became thriving. With money at hand, James' sight was restored through a successful operation. Nancy and James decided to leave the city to find a better place to live.

Clarissa lost her last chance to see her daughter. High society shunned her, the people who loved her, whom she hurt, pushed her away and the people she thought were her friends, treated her like they never knew her. Everything Clarissa had dreamed of was taken from her. She wanted everything and ended up with nothing. She was too ashamed to admit defeat, still too proud even though she now has nothing. With no more hope for tomorrow, she decided to jump of a bridge into the river below.

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