The Good Daughter

The Good Daughter
Created by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Developed by Aloy Adlawan
Written by Anna Nadela
Glaiza Ramirez
Gilbeys Sardea
Directed by Michael Tuviera
Creative director(s) Jun Lana
Starring Kylie Padilla
Rocco Nacino
Theme music composer Sherwin Castillo
Opening theme "Ba't 'Di Ko Ba Nasabi?"
sung by Krizza Neri
Composer(s) Mike Tan
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 78 episodes
Executive producer(s) Carol B. Galve
Producer(s) Wilma Galvante
Location(s) Manila, Philippines
Batangas, Philippines
Cinematography Nonong Legaspi
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i NTSC
Original release February 13 (2012-02-13) – June 1, 2012 (2012-06-01)
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The Good Daughter is a Filipino drama series created by Des Garbes - Severino, written by Aloy Adlawan, under the direction of Michael Tuviera and produced by GMA Network. It premiered on February 13, 2012 replacing Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin on GMA Afternoon Prime and February 17, 2012 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. The series features Kylie Padilla[1] in the title role, and Rocco Nacino[2] as her leading man, with Raymond Bagatsing, Alicia Mayer, LJ Reyes and Max Collins.[3][4]

The series follows the life and love story of Bea Guevarra, played by Kylie Padilla, a teenager who lived a princess-kind of life. But her perfect world shattered when her evil stepmother enters the pictures and usurp everything in her.

The series concluded on June 1, 2012 and replaced by Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka?. It ran for 16 weeks with 78 episodes all in all.


Tina (Glydel Mercado) is a poor provincial lass who works as a therapist in a resort where Rico Guevarra (Raymond Bagatsing) the carefree and charming heir of a coffee business, checks in. Heartbroken after his girlfriend Sharon (Alicia Mayer) left him for another man, Rico seduces Tina and impregnates her, leading to an unwanted marriage. However, Tina proves her worth as Rico's wife through their daughter Bea, and soon Rico finds himself falling in love with her, for real. At the same time, Sharon returns from the U.S. as a bankrupted widow with two children, her eldest Frances, and her only son, Darwin. The two ex-lovers meet again and Rico proposes to be their benefactor- which leads to a forbidden affair. Through this, Sharon and Rico's daughter, Julia, was born.

Bea (Kylie Padilla) grows up as a very beautiful charming girl who seemingly lives a perfect life- although unintentionally always putting her mother down, due to the fact that Tina lacks classy taste and is despised by the rich society. Rico also constantly spoils his daughter. He had difficulties, however, hiding the fact that he has another family whom he raises in secret: his mistress Sharon (Alicia Mayer), and her three children.

On the night of Bea's 18th birthday ball, Sharon arrives to reveal herself, wanting him to acknowledge the presence of his second family. Tina overhears this and storms out of the party. The wife and mistress had a fight in the parking lot, and Sharon's anger was fueled when Tina repeatedly calls her a "home- wrecker". At the party, however, Bea tries to make up with her mother, thanking her for everything and declaring her as the best "mom" in the world in front of her rich guests. At the same time, an explosion occurred at the building where her party is held.

Tina is critically injured and agonizes in pain at the parking lot. Sharon sees this as an opportunity to finally be Rico's legal wife, leading her to pull a huge block of concrete into the suffering Tina. Unfortunately, Julia witnesses all of this. A second explosion occurs and this time, it claims one life: Tina.

Tina's death makes a great impact to Bea, whose life went downhill due to her guilt, conscience and unspoken love for her mother. As Bea weeps for her mother’s demise, her father was then being pressured by Sharon to marry her or else she and her daughter will leave the country for good. Torn between his daughter’s expected disapproval and the possibility of building a new family with his mistress, Rico eventually gives in to Sharon’s demands. Shortly, Sharon and the now ten-year-old daughter Julia (Angelie Nicole Sanoy) steps into the picture and introduce themselves as her father’s (Raymond Bagatsing) other family. To make it more complicated, she also gains an evil stepsister Frances (LJ Reyes). She finds an unexpected ally, however through her rebellious stepbrother Darwin (Rocco Nacino), whose just beliefs made him disowned by his own mother.

Bea mourns her father's new marriage and as Sharon assumes the role of Rico’s new wife, her true colors come out as she acts miserably towards Bea behind Rico’s back. Bea would always run away from home and visit her mother's grave, her only solace. However, her bestfriend Ziri, (Max Collins) would always advise her to return home or her place as the house princess would be taken away from her literally. Bea tries to rebuild her relationship with her new family and tries to accept them, but after a series of misfortunes due to her stepfamily's ruthlessness Bea leaves her own home. Helpless and alone, Bea travels to her grandmother’s province and tries to start a new life.

However, as Bea begins to find comfort in the arms of her Lola Lourdes (Luz Valdez), Tina's mother, she discovers that her father is gravely ill, her stepmother has started to take over all their wealth and mistreats Julia (which she says is only a part of her wicked schemes). More than that, she unravels the real reason why her mother died, prompting her to return home and reunite with her father.

From here, Bea who was once a soft-spoken and sweet young girl, transforms into a determined and tough woman, now willing to do everything in her power to protect her father and sister, as well as the wealth that is also rightfully hers. At the same time, she has to force herself not to fall in love with Darwin, her stepbrother who was also the interest of Ziri.

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