Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan

Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan
Also known as Zaido: The Space Sheriffs
Genre Telefantasya: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Drama
Created by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Developed by Don Michael Perez
Directed by Dominic Zapata
Starring Dennis Trillo
Marky Cielo
Aljur Abrenica
Theme music composer Raimund Marasigan
Opening theme "Zaido"
sung by Sandwich
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 100 episodes
Executive producer(s) Helen Rose Sese
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 30–45 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original release September 24, 2007 (2007-09-24) – February 8, 2008 (2008-02-08)
Related shows Gavan

Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan (lit. Zaido: The Space Police or Zaido: The Space Sheriffs) is a Philippine fantasy-drama television series by GMA Network. It is a spin-off of the Japanese Metal Hero series Space Sheriff Shaider.[1] It may be considered a local revival of the tokusatsu genre since several dubbed productions, including Shaider, that were aired in the country in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The three Zaidos were played by Dennis Trillo, Marky Cielo and Aljur Abrenica.

The production for the series began October 2006. Originally conceived as a Filipino remake of the original Shaider[2] the Toei Company rejected[3] the original script but gave its blessing to a spin-off series set twenty years after the original Shaider series. The series' original working title was Shaido.

A series primer aired on September 22, 2007, and was called Zaido: Ang Bagong Alamat (The New Legend) – The Making of Zaido featuring members of the main cast and crew. The series proper premiered on September 24, 2007, replacing Impostora. The series ended on February 8, 2008.

Connections with the Metal Hero series

Zaido is littered with references from the Space Sheriffs trilogy, most notably Shaider. They include footage from Space Sheriff Shaider played on computer monitors during the Galactic Force Space City sequences, a "special video game" Alexis inherits from his mother, and beginning in Episode 4 it is revealed that the original Alexis del Mundo (Dai Sawamura's name in the Filipino language dub) lives on as a hologram. A later story arc revolving around a Battle of the Bands also sees Alexis, Cervano and Gallian play the first few notes of the Shaider theme song as part of their performance. The three Zaidos are meant to be an homage to the original Space Sheriffs: Shaider, Gavan, and Sharivan.

Like Fuuma Le-ar (Great Emperor Kubilai) before him, Kuuma Le-ar also has a crossdressing grandson named Ida (a role that a Filipino gay comedian wanted to play)[4] who is rejuvenated by drinking a concoction made from the blood of young women. Paolo Ballesteros was chosen to portray Ida. The character Amy is a homage to Shaider's partner Annie and Sharivan's partner Lily.

The transformable spacecraft Avilo and the Zaido Falcon combat motorcycles are updated versions of Shaider's Vavilos (Babilos in the Philippine dub) and Blue Hawk respectively.


Twenty years have passed since Alexis del Mundo, also known as the second Shaider, destroyed the clan of Fuuma Le-ar. The descendants of the clan, now known as the Kuuma, have emerged to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting universe. Gallian, a descendant of del Mundo, has a mission and forms an elite group of space police known as the Zaido.


The Zaido

Zaido armor is manufactured from the strongest and lightest material known. The suits are designed to boost the wearer's strength and reflexes 100%. A Zaido is armed with the Zaido Blaster, a beam pistol, a Zaido Blade, a laser sword and Zaido Bow which fires arrows that pierce anything it hits.

Gallian Magdalion/Zaido Blue
Gallian was the Crown Prince of the Planet Nalax prior to the Kuuma-supported coup by his uncle Izcaruz which resulted in the death of his parents. His training for the Kingship of Nalax, coupled with his heritage, makes him a talented and dedicated leader. As the Blue Zaido and head of the Zaido he was tasked to look for other Zaidos all over the world to help him fight for the safety of the universe. During his first stay on Earth he met Carmela who he believed was his fiancé Princess Arianna. Based on his rank, his name, having the commander's daughter as his love and his alien origins he represents Uchuu Keiji Gavan. He also has the power of telekinesis. When he transforms he says the words: Codename: Zaido Blue: Alagad ng Kapayapaan (Sentinel of Peace). In the end he says goodbyes to his friends and leaves Planet Earth along with Carmela and others and becomes a commander in the Galactic Force finally marrying Carmela.
Alexis Lorenzo/Zaido Green/Sigma
Alexis comes from a poor family. After watching his father die from a sniper's bullet he has since vowed to help destroy evil. He became a policeman and tried to live up to the principles of righteousness even when his colleagues were being corrupted by criminal elements. When Gallian finds him he joins the Galactic Force and eventually becomes the Green Zaido. He has feelings for Amy but has not yet realized this. His name, Alexis, is the same as the main character in the Philippine dubbed version of Shaider. Alexis turns out to be Drigo's son, which Helen had said to him, and half-human half-Kuuma. He is part of Kuuma forces due to his father, Drigo, and he is renamed as "Sigma" by Le-ar. As Sigma he commands the revived Kuuma monsters to bring forth chaos on Planet Earth. Despite being a Kuuma he does not kill his mother.[5] Alexis, along his brother Alvaro, witness the death of their mother who was killed by Le-ar. Before the final battle between Le-ar and the Zaido Alexis returns as Zaido Green after he forgives Gallian and his friends. When he transforms he utters the words: Codename: Zaido Green: Sugo ng Kabutihan (Disciple of Goodness). In the end he tells his cousin Thor that he needs to resign as an officer so that he may work in Galactic Force but instead he chooses to stay on Planet Earth and finally lives with his brothers and Mona.
Cervano Torres/Zaido Red
Cervano is Alexis' cousin who was raised in relative comfort and security under the wealthy Torres family but later leaves after finding out he was an adopted child. Because of this he is kidnapped by the Kuuma but is saved by Gallian and Alexis. But even with his less than pleasing personality he manages to attract the girls—everyone except Amy. He has a robot which was made to serve him called Robix (a customized Robosapien that transforms from a Rubik's Cube). He is also the biological son of Sharina one of Shaider's children (she is named after Sharivan the space sheriff). Drigo mistakenly assumes Cervano is his son. It turns out to be the son of Commander Zion which Helen and Luna relate to him. When he transforms he says: Codename: Zaido Red: Bantay ng Kalayaan (Guardian of Freedom). In the end Cervano is torn between either remaining with the Galactic Force or staying on Earth with Amy and eventually decides to be with her.


Helen Lorenzo/Shanara
Helen is a loving mother to Alexis, Alvaro and Oggy. She protects a dark secret involving one of her sons that will change the destiny of the Zaido. Unknown to many, her original name, according to Commander Zion, Shanara, is also one of Shaider's children. She is also the wife of Drigo who impregnated her and she pretend to be Sharina her twin sister. She was captured by Kuuma then later was killed by Le-ar.
Alvaro Lorenzo/Azur/Gamma
Alvaro was Alexis' older brother who was led life as an outlaw upon their father's death so he could provide for the family. Later he is mysteriously kidnapped by a group of unidentified men. They turn out to be fellow members of Ramiro's crime syndicate who gun him down on Ramiro's orders after he had found out the truth about his father's death. Alvaro is actually still alive and is recovered by Gallian although he is suffering from amnesia. He gains powers with Gallian's intervention and is given the code name Azur.[6] Along with his newfound powers is the restoration of his memory and he eventually has a reunion with his family. When he sees Carmela falling in love with Gallian he gets angry with them and becomes Gamma who is sent by Kuuma Le-ar to beat the Zaido and especially his own brother who is also one. It is revealed that Ida is responsible for reviving Alvaro and using him to become Gamma before Gallian found him on Earth. Gamma is defeated by Zaido Blue for the first time despite his gamma ray attacks. His new target is Zaido Green who is his own brother. It turns out that he did not want to kill Alexis and gets brainwashed revealing his "Gamma" alias to his brother. Alvaro and his brother Alexis grieve the death of their mother Helen who was killed by Le-ar. Alvaro becomes an ally in the final battle and helps them against the Kuuma. In the end Alvaro is told by Carmela and Gallian that they have married and he says that they will become a happy couple. He has fallen in love with Debbie. Alvaro is an homage to Voicer and Omega of the original Space Sheriff Series.
Carmela Langit/Princess Arianna
She is known as Princess Arianna of Avea whose destiny is to marry Prince Gallian of Nalax. She is lost during the Kuuma-supported coup of the planet and her ship crashes into Earth. She is found alive by Mona and her grandmother but she loses her memory. She was named as Carmela Langit and falls in love with Alvaro Lorenzo. She once again meets Gallian when he crashes to Earth after fighting the Kuuma and is inexplicably attracted to him. Reluctant at first Carmela eventually helps Gallian locate the other Zaido. Busy with her sister looking for leads as to the fate of her missing boyfriend Carmela finds out that her memories are still intact even though other humans had their memories erased after witnessing the Zaido and Kuuma fight on earth. This makes Gallian conclude that she is really Princess Arianna. Carmela (or Arianna) can fight against evil characters like Kuuma and the Amasonas and she sometimes teams up with Amy in battle. The Kuumas extract the blood of Carmela so that they can create a copy of her. She later joins in the Galactic Force after she is saved from Kuuma by Zaido Blue. When Gallian flies home to his planet he attacks the Kuumas, including Izcaruz, and saves his "mother (Armida)" and "Arianna".[7] Unknown to Gallian "Arianna" tries to kill him. Gallian is thought to be Carmela and accused of murdering himself. Gallian finds out that Aryana and his mother were the impostors sent by Kuuma. The impostor Arianna was killed by Gallian and he proves that Carmela is really who she says she is.[8] In the end Carmela marries Gallian and they live happily in Galactic force. Carmela/Arianna is also a homage to Mimi of the original Space Sheriff series
Mona Langit
Mona is Carmela's adopted sister who was studying journalism in the city at the start of the series. When the Kuuma invade Alexis' hometown and the Lorenzos are forced to move to the city they end up living in the same neighborhood. Mona harbors a secret crush on Alexis and is distressed at his sudden "assignment". She investigates the disappearance of her sister's boyfriend Alvaro. In episode 11 Mona co–plays Annie from Shaider. Carmela saves Mona from Amasonang Puti's attack and then joins Carmela's group the Zaido before the final battle.[5] After the final battle she becomes a reporter and is given a promotion by her boss. In the end Carmela promises Mona that she will take care of herself. She ends the series living with Alexis and Sonia. Mona is a homage to Vivian the journalist from Shaider.
Thor Mentor
Thor is Alexis' cousin and colleague in the police force who has done nothing but make his life miserable and even pursues Mona when Alexis disappears. Thor's full name is a pun for "tormentor". Thor becomes an ally to the Zaido Squad. He and Mona watch Zaido Green (Alexis) killing Bola-boba and he salutes his cousin. After the final battle he confesses to his cousin Alexis and they become close friends.
Doctor Eng
Dr. Eng is an eccentric inventor who always believes that aliens exist. He is an homage to Shaider's Dr. Ang form the Filipino dub version of Kojiro Aoyama. He is known to drink Kuuma Le-ar's youth elixir. Eng joins the Zaido and the Galactic force in the final battle against Le-ar's forces.[5] After the final battle he returns into his original state and continues to run his medicine store.
Toby Mendoza/Zaido Gold/Shadow
Toby Mendoza is Cervano's fan in college who was being bullied by friends who become traitors to Cervano. Toby is ill and to survive he needs B- blood which Cervano donates since he also had B- blood. After his recovery he becomes best friends with Cervano. Seeing Cervano being beaten up by his former friends he saves him with the help of his newly acquired powers which came from Cervano's blood. He styles himself "Zaido Gold" and fashions a costume out of painted motocross riding gear and similar paraphernalia. He has participated in several battles with, and in some cases in place of, the Zaido and asks Cervano if he can be part of the team. When he is refused we next see him as Shadow a Zaido-like enemy who fights against the Zaido. It is revealed that Shadow is part of the forces of Kuuma. He disappears after being defeated by the Zaido Squad but is revived by Le-ar to fight them again.[9] He is defeated by the Amasonas.

Galactic Force & the Allies

Commander Zion
Commander Zion is the head of Galactic Force and trains Gallian, Alexis and Cervano to form Zaido Squad. As their commander Zion also becomes a surrogate father for the three Zaidos. Luna, Zion's wife who was in his hallucinations, is still alive and is guarding the tomb of Kuuma Le-Ar's body which was buried on Earth by order by Zion himself. He is replaced by Armida as a leader of the Galactic Force. He finds out that Armida is a fake made by Kuuma. It is revealed that he is the biological father of Cervano and that he had a relationship with Helen's sister Sharina. He is saved by his biological son from execution by Cervano,. He is killed by Le-ar but before his last breath he promises Cervano that his son will defeat Kuuma once and for all. Commander Zion is a homage to Commander Qom from the Space Sheriff trilogy.
Lyka is Commander Zion's daughter who teaches in the Galactic Force Academy. She also serves as an assistant to Gallian with whom she shares a forbidden relationship. This relationship is discovered by her father who forbids Gallian from ever falling in love as it will interfere with his duties of being a Zaido. After being rejected by both Gallian and her father Lyka commits suicide by intentionally crashing her ship into an asteroid. Lyka is a homage to Mimi of original Space Sheriff series.
Lyvia is Lyka's sister and Commander Zion's daughter. She takes over flight instructor duties in the Galactic Force from her sister. She is bitter towards her father and Gallian as she holds them responsible for the death of her sister. She becomes a traitor and joins Kuuma. Nonetheless she saves her father from Kuuma and changes her heart to forgive him. She's also a half-sister of Cervano the biological son of her father. She is killed by Amasonang Kahel while trying to kill Drigo. Lyvia is a homage to Marin of Space Sheriff trilogy.
Amy Maltayra
Amy is from the planet Zendar and is a Galactic Force Academy student whose affection is fought over by Alexis and Cervano. She also aspires to be a Zaido but, much to her chagrin, Galactic Force rules say that no women can become a Space Sheriff. After masquerading as Odillion Lasseter, a dog person from another planet, Amy passes the Galactic Force examinations only to be exposed by Lyvia at the graduation ceremonies. Frustrated by her situation she escapes Galactic Force HQ and heads to Earth where she is taken in as a boarder by Doctor Eng. After assisting the Zaido in their first battle with the Amasonas she is made a full member of the Galactic Force. Before the final battle she activates some badges and kills the impostor Armida. In the final battle she kills the remaining Kuuma soldiers. After this she tells Cervano that she would live on Earth as her second home planet. Amy is a homage to Lily of the second Space Sheriff (Sharivan) series and Annie of Shaider.
Ulla is an alien rooster who invents gadgets, weapons and machines for the Zaido and the Galactic Force. Ulla is a homage to Kitz from Shaider. Ulla works with Dr. Eng in the final battle against Kuuma. In the end he is taken a prisoner along with Dr. Eng, Amy, and others and goes back to Galactic Force HQ along with Gallian, Carmela and three of the Zaido Kids.
Luna is Commander Zion's wife who is presumed to be dead but Zion still knows that she's alive and living on Earth to guard the body of Le-ar. To stay alive, she communicates with her husband by a projection. She's a stepmother of Cervano, her husband's biological son. After the final battle, she stays on Planet Earth as she guards the destroyed tomb of body of Le-ar and she told Cervano that even after his father's death, he can stay on Earth.

Zaido Kids

Aqualia/Zaido Kid Blue
Aqualia is the young child from the Galactic Force who inspires Gallian. He forms a group called Zaido Kids, a mini version of Zaido Squad, and leads the group as Zaido Kid Blue. The other members are Oggy (Zaido Kid Green), Gelo (Zaido Kid Red), Vea (Zaido Kid Pink, mini Carmela) and Ave (Zaido Kid Yellow, mini Amy).
Ave and Vea
Twin sisters who are from Avea, Carmela's home planet. They are saved by Carmela and Aqualia from the Kuuma attacks. Later they join the Zaido Kids as Zaido Kid Yellow and Pink (mini versions of Amy and Carmela).
Oggy Lorenzo/Zaido Kid Green
Oggy is the youngest of three sons of Helen. He joins Zaido Kids as Zaido Kid Green (mini Alexis).
Gelo Torres/Zaido Kid Red
Gelo is Cervano's brother who is also adopted. He joins Zaido Kids as Zaido Kid Red (mini Cervano).

Kuuma Empire

Main article: Kuuma Empire
Kuuma Le-ar
The evil leader of the Kuuma Empire bent on annihilating all beings in the galaxy. Le-ar is a giant head with a third eye on his forehead and is permanently situated on the center Kuuma Palace wall. He "bears" the Kuuma monsters by spewing out a cocoon from his mouth. He seeks to retrieve his body which was found on Earth before the Zaido Squad does. He is beheaded by Zaido Blue. Le-Ar and Ida are trapped and die in the Time Space Warp and the tomb with his body is destroyed by Zaido Squad.[10]
Ida II
Ida is the grandson and advisor of Le-ar. He is also the high priest of the Kuuma and is hailed as one of the most beautiful beings in the universe. Like his ancestor God Officer Poe, Babaylan Ida in the Philippine dubbed version, Ida maintains his flawless androgynous appearance by imbibing a concoction made from the blood of 13 young women.[11] Ida is known for his trademark phrase "Time Space Warp, ngayon din!" (which translates to "Strange Dimension, now!").[12] Ida is defeated by Zaido Green and Zaido Red. Ida becomes older and he and Le-ar are trapped in the Time Space Warp and both perish.[10]
Drigo II
As Le-ar's field commander Drigo leads the Kuuma in their campaign against Earth. Unlike his predecessor Hessler (Drigo I) he is rather incompetent and is often the subject of derogatory comments. In flashbacks he reveals that he had a relationship with Sharina Cervano's real mother but unbeknowns to him and Captain Zion it was actually Shanara (Helen) who was impregnated by Drigo when she pretended to be her twin sister to break up with him. Drigo turns out to be the father of Alexis, not Cervano, and points out that his son is half-human and half-Kuuma. He dies after he saves his son Alexis, Alvaro and the Zaido Squad from Le-ar and Ida's attack.[13] Drigo is an homage to Hessler and Himley of Space Sheriff Series.
Ida Dida
Ida Dida is the mini version of Ida who was born to Le-ar during Ida's birthday. Even if Ida speaks she merrely repeats what he says.[14] Her fate is unknown.


Amasonang Lila/Debbie
Debbie is the fastest of the Amasonas. Amasonang Lila's (Purple Amazon) expertise lies on the use of her personal weapon: the kali. She is Ramiro's daughter and a colleague of Mona's at the newspaper. Debbie has recently discovered that it was her father who ordered the execution of Alvaro Alexis' older brother. Later Debbie joins the side of good. After the final battle she reunites with her colleague Mona. In the end she and Alvaro become lovers.
Amasonang Itim/Sonia Tamano
Amasonang Itim (Black Amazon) used to be a colleague of Carmela in a security agency. After Gallian saves her from a hostage-taker she readily falls for him but after making advances on him she is rejected and told off by Carmela. Adding to the fact that she was cheated on by her former boyfriend she is pushed to breaking and joins Kuuma. She is an expert with pistols and fights for the forces of Kuuma. Sonia later recants and joins the Zaido against the Kuuma. After the final battle she reunites with Carmela. In the end she is told by Carmela that she must promise to take care of Mona and ends up working in the Tala Times with Mona.
Amasonang Rosas/Marla
Amasonang Rosas (Pink Amazon) is a martial arts expert who used to be one of Doctor Eng's boarders. Before she became an Amasona she was harassed by her training officer at a fast food chain. When she rejected his advances and refuses to kiss the officer she is eliminated from training and replaced by someone who is more "qualified". Of all the Amasonas she is the strongest. Her weapons are a pair of short trident-like blades. Marla turns into a human again and joins the forces of good. After the final battle she reunites with Amy and ends up working with Dr. Eng in his store.
Amasonang Puti/Stacy
Amasonang Puti (White Amazon) was one of Cervano's former girlfriends. From her group she alone is cursed with a conscience and must struggle every time to choosebetween doing good or evil. Her weapon is a spiked ball attached to a chain which she uses to hit her enemies and/or make them immobilized by binding them with the chain. Stacy joins her former boyfriend's force the Zaido.
Amasonang Kahel/Rhea
Amasonang Kahel (Orange Amazon) is another girlfriend that Cervano has scorned and she becomes more aggressive after becoming part of the Kuuma Empire. With her expertise in guns and her sharp eye for shooting she proves to be a formidable enemy. Rhea becomes an ally to Zaido Squad before the final battle.

Kuuma monsters

Known Kuuma grunts

Other villains

Ramiro is a colleague and good friend of Alexis' father Alberto Lorenzo as well as an outstanding policeman. Unknown to Lorenzo's family Ramiro is also the head of a criminal syndicate composed of corrupt police officers and other lawless elements. He orders Alberto's death and that of his son Alvaro when Alvaro discovers what happened to his father. He has also recently ordered the execution of Mona when the young reporter comes dangerously close to exposing him and his gang. He does not carry this out as the case of Alvaro is "solved" when he frames one of his men as the supposed murderer of Alvaro. The Kuumas want to know from Ramiro if they need to locate and retrieve Le-ar's body on Earth and he replies that Helen (Shanara) knows the location of the body. He makes the condition that he will give the information about Le-ar's body in exchange for his daughter. Ramiro eventually affiliates the Kuuma forces after his relationship with Helen has broken. He is the one who found Le-ar's body. Ramiro wants to fuse with Le-ar when he has to get his daughter back but the Kuuma lord declines.[15][16] Ramiro is an homage to Hunter Killer of Space Sheriff Series.
Shigeki is a descendant of ancient Samurai warriors and will lead the attack of the Japanese sword fighters against the Zaido. His armor is invunerable and the Zaido Kids cannot easily defeat him.[15] He is defeated by Zaido Blue, Zaido Red and Amy despite his strong attacks and disappears.[16]
Armida (Impostor)
The real Armida was the mother of Gallian, sister of Sharina and Shanara, and the queen of Nalax who died during the Kuuma-supported coup by Izcaruz. The Kuuma made the clone of her image (same as Arianna) so that they would infiltrate the Galactic Force and kill Gallian. Unknown to Gallian she and "Arianna" make him believe that they want to put Commander Zion and Carmela (the real Arianna) to death. Zion and Gallian find out that Armida is an impostor made by Kuuma.[17] She is killed by Amy so that she can activate the Zaido badges.[13]

Weapons and arsenal



Main cast

Character Actor/Actress
Gallian Magdalion/Zaido Blue Dennis Trillo
Alexis Lorenzo/Sigma/Zaido Green Marky Cielo
Cervano Torres/Zaido Red Aljur Abrenica
Helen Lorenzo/Shanara Lorna Tolentino
Alvaro Lorenzo/Azur/Gamma Raymart Santiago
Ramiro & Kuuma Le-ar Tirso Cruz III (also a voice cast)[18]
Carmela Langit/Princess Arianna & Arianna Impostor Diana Zubiri
Mona Langit Lovi Poe
Thor Mentor Dion Ignacio
Commander Zion Ian de Leon
Amy Maltayra Kris Bernal
Ida Paolo Ballesteros
Drigo Jay Manalo
Amasonang Lila/Debbie LJ Reyes
Amasonang Itim/Sonia Tamano Iwa Moto
Amasonang Rosas/Marla Melissa Avelino
Amasonang Puti/Stacy Arci Muñoz
Amasonang Kahel/Rhea Vaness del Moral

Extended cast

Character Actor/Actress
Doctor Eng Spanky Manikan/John Feir
Gayke Chariz Solomon
Danny Torres, Cervano's adoptive father Richard Quan
Mrs. Torres, Cervano's adoptive mother Lovely Rivero
Gelo Torres/Zaido Kid Red Jacob Rica
Lyvia Pauleen Luna
Lyka Karel Marquez
Luna Isabel Granada
Oggy Lorenzo/Zaido Kid Green Robert Villar
Aqualia/Zaido Kid Blue JM Reyes
Ave/Zaido Kid Yellow Charisse Hermoso
Vea/Zaido Kid Pink Charlotte Hermoso
Ida Dida Nicole Dulalia
Fasullo/Inday Patricia Ysmael
Cervano's Buddy #1 Paulo Avelino
Cervano's Buddy #2 Ken Punzalan
Cervano's Buddy #3 Vivo Ouano
Ederlyn Karen delos Reyes
Dodong Lifernand
Giggle, Giga-wiga (Human) Gio Alvarez
Young Sharina Sandy Talag
Toby Mendoza/Zaido Gold/Shadow Gian Carlos[19]
Nalax King Ricardo Cepeda
Armida & Armida Impostor Pinky Amador
Angge Mentor, Thor's mother Tiya Pusit
Selma, Ramiro's sister Dexter Doria
Sharina & Young Shanara/Young Helen Lorenzo Jana Roxas
Tabatino, Siba-tiba (Human) Ryan Yllana
Coach Vola, Bola-boba (Human) Alex Crisano
Buboy, mini Bola-boba (Human) Mura
Izcaruz Louie Alejandro
Alberto Lorenzo Al Tantay
Shigeki Tai Tomoyuki[20]

Voice cast

Character Voice Actor
Shaider Vincent Gutierrez
Ulla Noel Urbano
Robix Jeffrey Tam

Weekly episode list

Changes from the original


GMA Network sketch comedy program Bubble Gang spoofed it as Pulis Pang-kalokohan (loosely, "Foolish Police") in which the two police officers would arrest a person who made jokes. After the show's finale it was spoofed again by Bubble Gang as Lavandera in the Palace: Pulis Pangkalooban a combined parody of Zaido, La Vendetta, Jumong and Jewel in the Palace.


The theme song for the series is sung by Sandwich and is titled "Pulis Pangkalawakan." The lyrics were written by the series' head writer Don Michael Perez with music by Raimund Marasigan.


The series received negative reviews from critics. Entertainment critic Nestor Torre viewed that Zaido's visual effects felt "borrowed" from iconic references such as Star Wars. He also cited the inconsistency between the series' glossy sci-fi effects and the dated martial arts fight scenes and sword fights saying that "an advanced civilization would have had an equally high-tech warfare, as well as some distracting details in production design."[21] It was also noted that the director Dominic Zapata was not a Shaider fan either.[22]

In the February 2008 issue of Otaku USA, the Tokyoscope R5 Central column called Zaido the "Tokusatsu version of Passions" saying "It's like GMA Network just wanted to make yet another soap opera but slapped Shaider on just to get ratings."[23]

Television host and manager Lolit Solis revealed in October 2008 that Lorna Tolentino, who played the role of the mother of Alexis and Alvaro in the series, did not want to do another fantasy drama series after Zaido. Solis noted that Tolentino was not too comfortable playing the role because of the small age gap between her and Raymart Santiago, who played her son Alvaro in the show.[24]

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