Carlo J. Caparas' Bakekang
Genre Drama, Action, Romance, Teledrama
Created by Carlo J. Caparas
Developed by RJ Nuevas
Written by Suzette Doctolero
Denoy Narro-Punto
Renato Custodio
Tina Velasco
Dode Cruz
Directed by Gil Tejada, Jr.
Khryss Adalia
Starring Sunshine Dizon
Sheryl Cruz
Yasmien Kurdi
Lovi Poe
Theme music composer Tata Betita
Opening theme "Ang Mundo Ko'y Ikaw" by Jonalyn Viray
Ending theme "Tayong Dalawa" by Aicelle Santos
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 145 +2 specials
Executive producer(s) Mona Coles-Mayuga
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original release September 11, 2006 (2006-09-11) – March 30, 2007 (2007-03-30)
Related shows Kamandag
Joaquin Bordado
Tasya Fantasya
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Bakekang is a Philippine drama that aired on GMA Network from September 11, 2006, and ended on March 30, 2007. It aired internationally with a three-week delay on GMA Pinoy TV.

The network acquired the rights to Bakekang, a popular graphic novel by Carlo J. Caparas about an ugly girl who succeeds despite the difficulties and discrimination she encounters in life. The TV series was said to have created a so-called "Bakekang syndrome", in which champions women's rights and causes.[1] It stars Sunshine Dizon in the title role and gain her PMPC Star Awards Best Actress for this portrayal. It was shown in Singapore and Malaysia and currently being aired in Indonesia.


Komiks and film

Bakekang was serialized in Bondying Komiks at the same time that Panday was serialized in Pilipino Komiks in the early mid-70's.[2]

The comic novel was written by Carlo J. Caparas. It was his first novel with a woman as lead character, as his novels then all starred men like Panday and Totoy Bato, both filmed by the late Fernando Poe, Jr.

Bakekang was made into movie in 1978. It was starred by Philippine Superstar Nora Aunor and directed by F.H. Constantino.[3]

In the film version, Bakekang is an ugly woman who begets a very beautiful girl from a foreigner. A movie fan as she is, she compels her daughter, named Crystal (spelled Kristal in the TV version), to join show business. Her daughter becomes a big star and Bakekang, a stage mother.


Casting Bakekang

There were plenty of speculations as to whom GMA Network would choose to lead its upcoming remake of a Carlo J. Caparas classic. Before it was announced that GMA Network was going to remake the old film; the rival network ABS-CBN’s Ai Ai de las Alas and Kris Aquino have expressed that they want to play the lead role.

After it was announced that GMA Network will remake it, people talked of Jean Garcia, Sheryl Cruz, Jaya, Ara Mina, Jolina Magdangal, Angel Locsin and Sharon Cuneta, but the station's choice went back to their home-grown talents: the new Bakekang is... Sunshine Dizon.

Casting the daughters

In the original film, Bakekang had only one child; in the series, Bakekang has two, one beautiful and one ugly. Nadine Samonte was supposed to play the role of Bakekang’s beautiful daughter Kristal, but she couldn’t sing. Jackie Rice was also considered to play Kristal, but she was suspended by the network for attitude problems. GMA Network was going back to their original choice, Yasmien Kurdi, but they decided to give her a more challenging role. Kurdi was given the role of Charming, the ugly daughter and the role of Kristal was given to newcomer singer Lovi Poe, the daughter of the late acting legend Fernando Poe Jr.. In addition, Nadine Samonte was given the role of Lorraine, the rival of Lovi Poe in fame.

Production crew

The role of director was offered to the original creator of Bakekang Carlo J. Caparas, who is also a movie director. Caparas turned down the role; instead, he took the role of the creative consultant for the series.

Awards and nominations

At the 21st PMPC Star Awards for Television, which was held on November 18, Bakekang received four nominations:[4]

Winning two awards for "Best New Female Personality" and "Best Drama Actress" for Sunshine Dizon, it did not manage to win the "Best Primetime Drama Series", which went to Maging Sino Ka Man.[5]

The series was also nominated for Best Drama Mini-Series for the 3rd USTv Students Choice Awards but lost out to Maging Sino Ka Man, again.[6]


Jacoba "Bakekang" Maisog (Sunshine Dizon) is a woman who has been deprived of affection and has only experienced mockery and scorn since childhood because of her ugly face. But she is not one to wallow in pity and be forever trampled upon: She is a strong-willed fighter who can rise above the odds. Determined to change the course of her life, she aims to be impregnated by a Caucasian man in the hopes of bearing a beautiful child.

She gives birth to twin daughters who unfortunately do not look alike. One turns out to be the beautiful child Bakekang has dreamed of and the other one turns out to be ugly. Bakekang becomes a doting mother to her beautiful daughter Kristal (Lovi Poe), whom she later pushes to become an actress, while the other daughter Charming (Yasmien Kurdi) grows up ignored and unloved by her mother.

She is a loving heart trapped beneath an ugly facade, ignored and unappreciated by those who fail to see beyond what is skin-deep. Bakekang is a woman whose only desire is to feel a little affection from the world that has deprived her of everything she has always longed for.[7] Through Kristal, Bakekang will feel the kind of attention she longs for.

The unusual face of an unlikely heroine will emerge to present a riveting story of an ugly woman’s rise from a sorry state of ridicule to the pedestal of triumph and coveted fame.

Original TV series plot


Bakekang's finale was aired on March 30 in the Philippines. There was a showdown concert between the sisters-now-rivals Kristal and Charming/Karisma.

The showdown between Karisma and Kristal was filmed with a live audience in the AFP Theatre on March 30.[8]

In the finale episode, Karisma announced that she and Kristal are indeed sisters. Herman (Victor Neri) saw Valeria (Sheryl Cruz)'s henchman, who was about to kill Charming, and stopped him. Bakekang went up to the stage to beg for forgiveness from her daughters for her sins but Valeria came out to shoot her. Kristal tried to stop her but ended up getting shot. Kristal dies.

While visiting Kristal's grave, with Bakekang, Marta (Manilyn Reynes) and Paking (Marky Lopez) saw a child named "Michael." They took the boy in to live under their wing. Kristof left to visit Valeria in the US, after finding out that she is dying. Joshua (Rainier Castillo) confessed his love for Charming. The ending ends with the wedding of Bakekang and Herman.

During the special finale live show, the special guest was the creator of Bakekang, Carlo J. Caparas.


Main Cast
Supporting Cast
Guest Cast


There is no definitive soundtrack for Bakekang, but the following songs have been credited and played in the series:


Bubble Gang Presents "Bakokang"

Bubble Gang, GMA Network's highly rated gag show, spoofed Bakekang and renamed it as "Bakokang" and changing the names of the cast into Bakokang (Bakekang) played by Michael V., Marte (Marta) played by Ogie Alcasid, Pistof (Kristof) played by Wendell Ramos and Mebra (Deborah) played by Antonio Aquitania.

Ironically, Wendell Ramos was the original first choice to play Kristof for the teledrama, his character in Bakokang is the spoof of Kristof.


Due to the high rating of Bakekang on its finale, the highest in the series with 39.7% against Maging Sino Ka Man's 19.4%, a 2-hour Bakekang finale week was set on Maundy Thursday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.[10] The replay also received high ratings against its rival show.

In Super Twins

Many episodes in the GMA's Super Twins shows many scenes where characters were watching Bakekang in their television screens. This was last highlighted in the second to last episode of Super Twins.[11]

There are also many references to Bakekang throughout the 78 episodes of Super Twins.

Cancelled film remake

Bakekang creator Carlo J. Caparas and his wife-producer Donna Villa has already started production for the new movie version of Bakekang. The story will be about Bakekang and her childhood days. It will be produced by GMA Network's film outfit GMA Films, and Villa's Golden Lion Films.

Caparas was so impressed of Sunshine Dizon's performance, he wants her to play the role of Bakekang once more on the silver screen. If the script is approved by the MMFF committee, the movie will be screened for the 2007 Metro Manila Film Festival. The movie did not push through due to unknown reasons.[12]

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