Marimar (2015 TV series)

For the 2007 remake, see Marimar (2007 TV series).

Title card used during its 2nd season
Created by
Based on
Developed by
  • Lilybeth G. Rasonable
  • Kuts Enriquez
  • Mikee Ladera
  • Rey Leoncito
  • Nehem Dallego
Written by
  • Des Garbes - Severino
  • Lobert Villela
  • Roan Lean Sales
Directed by
Creative director(s) Roy Iglesias
Voices of Boobay as Fulgoso
Opening theme "MariMar" by Hannah Precillas
Ending theme "Iniibig Kita" by Maricris Garcia
Composer(s) Tata Betita
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s)
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 100
Executive producer(s) Carolyn B. Galve
Producer(s) Aeris Libanan - Tobias
Cinematography Roman Theodossis
  • Robert Pancho
  • Donard Robles
  • Kheem Badayos
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 45 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i NTSC
Original release August 24, 2015 (2015-08-24) – January 8, 2016 (2016-01-08)
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MariMar is a Filipino drama series broadcast by GMA Network starring Megan Young, Tom Rodriguez, Lauren Young and Jaclyn Jose. It premiered on August 24, 2015 replacing Pari 'Koy on the network's GMA Telebabad block. It is also airing worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. The show ended on January 8, 2016 on its 20-week run with the total of 100 episodes overall it will be replaced by That's My Amboy on January 25, 2016 on Little Nanay's timeslot.[1][2]


Season 1

Retail business heir Gustavo Aldama had a whirlwind romance with poor working undergrad Mia. They were forcibly separated by the Aldamas but he went ahead and eloped with her. Because of this, Gustavo was cut off from his family inheritance. Mia gets pregnant and Gustavo struggles to make a life for himself and his family. After Bella is born, Gustavo's parents visit them and tell Gustavo that they want him to come back. They are now willing to accept Gustavo's new family.

Gustavo goes back to the company and works with his ex-girlfriend, Brenda, whom his parents still want for him. Brenda herself tells Mia that Gustavo is having an affair with her. Mia runs away with baby Bella and rides a boat to go to her sister who works at a resort. On the way, the boat hits an oil tanker which explodes. he follows the sailboat and tries to save Mia and Bella but only saves Mia. They were not able to find Bella anymore. On Isle Lululili, Bella gets the attention of a pearl hunter named Pancho Perez.

Then, Pancho approached Bella's stranded fishing boat. Pancho decides to take the baby to his wife, Cruz Perez. Eager to have children, they harbor the baby as a blessing. They call the child Marimar because they think of her arrival as a grace from the sea.

Many years later, Marimar grew up and worked as a pearl hunter too in order to sustain everyday life for her and her family. Becoming an working asset, Marimar once again dives for pearls. She sells her pearls all over the island, and with a wood cart as a stage, she dances her signature dance to get people’s attention.

In this way, her dancing catches the glimpse of Sergio Santibañez. A spoiled trust fund kid with devilishly good looks, unemployed and an indebted party boy. He wanted to get his inheritance from his father to pay off his loans. In order to get the inheritance, Sergio will marry a woman. But Antonia, Sergio's ex-girlfriend who still loves him - the daughter of his stepmom, Angelika. Is determined to marry Sergio even by fixed marriage. But Sergio doesn't like her anymore. So he wanted to bring Marimar from the island to his family and introduce her as his bride. They were married by fake marriage by a judge, but soon married for real in a church. Eventually, Sergio fell for Marimar. When Sergio left for a business project, Angelika ploted and made her assistant, Nicandro burn down Pancho and Cruz's seaside hut. Through Marimar's eyes, she thinks Sergio abandoned her because of the fake picture, letter, and lies that Angelika, Antonia, and Nicandro planned. Leaving an angry-hearted Marimar out for veganance against the Santibañez family.

She decides to go find the former mayordoma of the Santibañez hacienda and her close friend Corazon, who is now working in a jewelery manufacturer company after Angelika fired her. She entered the jewelry factory as well. When the boss of the company, Esperanza, found out that Marimar is pregnant, she tried to fire Marimar. But, she discontinued it after Marimar saved her from a fake pearl scam. Then, the strict and bad daughter of Esperanza, Innocencia, came when Marimar accidentally spilt the pearls when she was coming. Innocencia slipped and blamed Marimar even though she didn't plan it.

Next came Mia, who unknown to Marimar was her mother. Innocencia was so jealous of Marimar's closeness with her Aunt Mia so she makes a plan to have Marimar fired. Afterwards, Marimar and Corazon saw that clients are available for the Aldama Luxury Group. The great and unique jewelry designed by Marimar becomes known when the boss, Gustavo sees the work of Marimar. He admires the impressive jewelry. It was also unknown to her that Gustavo was her real father until they both learned the fact that they are related as father and daughter.

Season 2

Styled, sent to school, and educated with well manners by Gustavo, his wife Brenda, and a family friend named Cappuccina. Marimar goes to Paris to work hard to be known as the rich, sophisticated Bella Aldama. In Paris, Bella gives birth prematurely to a baby girl whom she named Cruzita after her Lola Cruz. She also vowed revenge against all who hurt her. After coming back to the Philippines, her revenge started.

But as Sergio still believe it is Marimar, he stalked her all the time. Bella even say he's crazy but he doesn't care. In the day they were kidnapped, Sergio saved Bella where their lives get even closer.

In the Santibañez mansion, Nicandro and Angelika were having sex and caught by Renato. Then Renato was shot in the head by Nicandro who was told to do so by Angelika. Meanwhile, Mia and Gustavo got back to each other and Bella was very happy.

In the hospital, Renato miraculously survived the incident but was comatosed and he was being tried to kill by Nicandro but Sergio arrived and the crime did not get pushed through. Angelika's credit card were all denied so she could not buy a cake, then the gorgeous Bella Aldama whom Angelika did not know is Marimar arrived. Angelika wanted Bella to die so he asked Nicandro to plant a bomb in Bella's car. Accidentally, Mia and Gustavo were inside the car and they were the ones who died. Bella then accused her ex-step mother Brenda who ordered it.

Bella knew that Brenda is not that bad to kill a person, when Angelika came in the funeral, she attacked Bella and got a scar in her face. Then Angelika plans revenge on Bella by telling Nicandro her evil plan. But Bella had also planned a big plan to bring Angelika down. She asked Rodolfo to kidnap Nicandro. Nicandro has been tortured and forced to admit if he was the one who killed Mia and Gustavo and who asked him to do that evil plan. To be free, he tells Rodolfo that Angelika is the one. Meanwhile, The Santibañez lose their money and Bella bought the Isla Santibañez, Angelika's resort and named it to Isla Aldama. And as part of Bella's revenge, she also dropped the key of the resort on the mud and ask Angelika to get it just using her mouth in exchange of bringing the resort back to them. Bella did not bring it back to her still. In the other hand, Cappuccina and Rodolfo broke up thinking that it's because of Bella. Capppuccina got drunk and accidentally told Antonia that Marimar and Bella is only one.

Cruzita is getting closer to her tito and while she is sleeping, Corazon and Bella were talking about getting Cruzita far away from Sergio and Cruzita heard that her tito is her biological father. Cruzita escapes from the mansion and fell down into a hole then some men found her and brought her to the hospital. There, Cruzita and Sergio met once again. Sergio saw Fulgoso with Corazon which makes him approach Bella and while Sergio and Bella were talking to each other, she was forced by him to say that she and Marimar is only one because Sergio saw Natalia, Choi, Corazon, Padre Sito, and now Fulgoso. As Bella was being forced, she can't hide the truth and revealed the fact.

Meanwhile, Sergio already knows the truth about Angelika and Nicandros affair so he threw Angelika, Nicandro, Perfecta and Antonia away. Angelika then went to Renato's room to say sorry to be his wife again so that they can have money to use but their plan did not work.

Bella fakes the truth by going to another hospital but just in a different room, Sergio saw Corazon go to Cruzita's room. While Corazon was gone, Sergio meets Cruzita and she calls him daddy, then the truth was out. Bella tells Sergio that when she was still an island girl, Marimar, Angelika tortured her in the mansion. She gets mad at Sergio again and was betrayed by Antonia then told Sergio to get out of their lives forever.

Angelika vowed revenge to Bella with the help of Nicandro, her affair. They planned to put a hole with a tiger inside it, but the plan fails. Angelika herself was the one who got bitten by the tiger, which caused her to lose her right hand. After that, Antonia got angry and now plans to revenge out of what Bella has done to Angelika, her mother. On the other hand, Rodolfo wants Bella back to her. But his plan fails when Sergio again proposed with Marimar, now as Bella Aldama.

As the story continues, Antonia got pregnant and told Sergio that he is the father. She uses her baby to make Sergio back to him, but Bella did not let that happen. Antonia follows them to the mall to see Sergio. But Bella was the only one in the mall. Meanwhile, Bella and Antonia had an intense catfight until Antonia fall on the stairs. In that case, the doctor told them that Antonia is not really pregnant. All people are surprised because Antonia passed the pregnancy test and the doctor then told them that it's just an illusion pregnancy. After that, they kidnapped Cruzita just to revenge of what happen to her believing that they killed her "so-called imaginary baby".

They got Cruzita back to them. Bella accidentally put the bomb on the helicopter Angelika and Antonia rides on. They thought the remote was with them and the bomb was left with the ground. But what they thought is a big BLUFF. The remote was left in the ground and the bomb was inside their helicopter. Fulgoso accidentally switched the remote on and caused the two to explode with the helicopter. The Santibañez-Aldama wedding continued. And starting that, Marimar again become a Santibañez, but this time, as Bella Aldama-Santibañez. And they live happily ever after.


Main cast[3]

Supporting cast

Extended cast

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This is GMA Network's second adaptation of the hit Televisa Mexicanovela which was originally played by Thalía. In 2007, GMA Network acquired the rights to locally remake MariMar and Marian Rivera was given the title role, opposite Dingdong Dantes who portrayed the role of her love interest Sergio.

The second adaptation of MariMar is Megan Young's first title role after winning the Miss World crown in 2013.[4] This is also her comeback project in GMA Network after leaving in 2007 to transfer to ABS-CBN.[5] Prior to this, Megan was part of the second batch of the reality-talent search Starstruck which launched the career of many GMA artists. Megan is also set to host the sixth edition of Starstruck which will premiere on September 7, 2015.

Megan Young and Tom Rodriguez star as the main protagonists and Lauren Young and Jaclyn Jose star as the main antagonists. This is the first soap opera that stars the Young sisters, Megan Young and Lauren Young as rivals for Sergio's heart.


In the tables below, the red number represent the highest rating and the blue numbers represent the lowest rating.

Marimar debuted strongly on August 24. The new show is the second Pinoy remake of the popular Mexican telenovela starring Thalía. Now topbilled by Megan Young and Tom Rodriguez, Marimar’s pilot episode scored 21.1%, unbeating Nathaniel’s 34.8%.

AGB Nielsen Philippines Mega Manila Ratings (7:45PM PST)
Episode # Original broadcast date Rating Rank


Ref. Episode # Original broadcast date Rating Rank


1 24 August 2015 21.1% #4 [6] 51 2 November 2015 19.7% #6 [7]
2 25 August 2015 20.1% #4 52 3 November 2015 17.6% #7
3 26 August 2015 18.8% #6 53 4 November 2015 16.6% #9
4 27 August 2015 15.9% #11 54 5 November 2015 15.1% #10
5 28 August 2015 17.3% #6 [8] 55 6 November 2015 18.3% #6 [9]
6 31 August 2015 18.8% #4 56 9 November 2015 16.9% #7
7 1 September 2015 13.7% #10 [10] 57 10 November 2015 27.1% #1 [11]
8 2 September 2015 15.9% #11 58 11 November 2015 13.9% #12
9 3 September 2015 14.8% #10 59 12 November 2015 16.2% #9
10 4 September 2015 16.8% #9 [12] 60 13 November 2015 16.3% #8
11 7 September 2015 13.2% 11 [13] 61 16 November 2015 14.4% #11
12 8 September 2015 12.0% 13 62 17 November 2015 14.7% #13
13 9 September 2015 16.0% #9 63 18 November 2015 12.8% #13
14 10 September 2015 13.2% #14 64 19 November 2015 15.0% #13
15 11 September 2015 14.6% #10 [14] 65 20 November 2015 16.8% #7
16 14 September 2015 17.4% #8 [15] 66 23 November 2015 17.7% #6
17 15 September 2015 18.4% #5 67 24 November 2015 16.3% #8 [16]
18 16 September 2015 15.1% #9 68 25 November 2015 13.8% #7
19 17 September 2015 13.9% #14 69 26 November 2015 14.8% #9
20 18 September 2015 17.7% #8 70 27 November 2015 16.3% #8
21 21 September 2015 19.3% #5 [17] 71 30 November 2015 19.7% #4
22 22 September 2015 20.5% #3 72 1 December 2015 18.8% #5 [18]
23 23 September 2015 18.4% #7 [19] 73 2 December 2015 21.2% #7
24 24 September 2015 20.4% #6 74 3 December 2015 16.9% #7
25 25 September 2015 20.9% #9 75 4 December 2015 19.9% #7
26 28 September 2015 19.3% #8 76 7 December 2015
27 29 September 2015 20.7% #9 [20] 77 8 December 2015
28 30 September 2015 20.0% #8 78 9 December 2015
29 1 October 2015 18.4% #9 79 10 December 2015
30 2 October 2015 16.6% #9 80 11 December 2015
31 5 October 2015 15.3% #7 [21] 81 14 December 2015
32 6 October 2015 15.4% #10 82 15 December 2015
33 7 October 2015 11.6% #12 83 16 December 2015
34 8 October 2015 11.0% #12 84 17 December 2015
35 9 October 2015 20.6% #5 85 18 December 2015
36 12 October 2015 21.7% #4 86 21 December 2015
37 13 October 2015 22.4% #4 87 22 December 2015
38 14 October 2015 17.2% #10 [22] 88 23 December 2015
39 15 October 2015 20.7% #7 89 24 December 2015
40 16 October 2015 18.7% #6 90 25 December 2015
41 19 October 2015 17.0% #6 [23] 91 28 December 2015
42 20 October 2015 20.7% #4 92 29 December 2015
43 21 October 2015 19.5% #4 93 30 December 2015
44 22 October 2015 20.5% #4 94 31 December 2015
45 23 October 2015 20.7% #4 95 1 January 2016
46 26 October 2015 20.0% #4 [24] 96 4 January 2016
47 27 October 2015 19.8% #4 97 5 January 2016
48 28 October 2015 20.6% #9 98 6 January 2016
49 29 October 2016 17.1% #8 99 7 January 2016
50 30 October 2015 12.9% #11 100 8 January 2016

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