Starring Heart Evangelista
Dennis Trillo
and Angelika dela Cruz
Opening theme "Tangi Kong Hiling" by Julie Anne San Jose
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 83 episodes
Executive producer(s) Wilma Galvante
Producer(s) GMA Entertainment TV Group
Location(s) Metro Manila, Philippines
Santa Maria, Bulacan, Philippines
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 30–45 minutes (approx. 25 minutes w/o commercials)
Original network GMA Network
Picture format NTSC (480i)
Original release January 10 – May 6, 2011

Dwarfina is a telefantasya produced by GMA Network starring Heart Evangelista and Dennis Trillo with Angelika dela Cruz.[1][2] The show was originally to be aired November 2010 but was postponed to January 10, 2011. The show premiered on January 12, 2011 on GMA Pinoy TV, two days after its original airdate. After quite a successful run, it is set to be replaced by Munting Heredera and the series ended on May 6, 2011. It ran for seventeen weeks with the total of 83 episodes.[3]


The story begins with Kardo (Cris Villanueva) and Marissa (Janice de Belen), a couple who has always wanted to bear a child. One day, Marissa accidentally destroys a mound believed to be a nuno sa punso, killing the daughter of Calixto (Jestoni Alarcon) and Abiana (Jackielou Blanco), the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of duwendes.

Abiana and Calixto are left devastated as this marks the end of their reign as well as chaos in the land of the duwendes. Knowing that the women in the duwende world can only bear one child in their lifetime, Abiana uses her power to curse Marissa’s child so she can take the baby and replace it with the dead princess.

Abiana steals Dwarfina (Heart Evangelista) upon birth and presents it as their princess, much to the surprise of Romera (Angelika dela Cruz). Romera is the one who is truly responsible for the death of Abiana’s daughter, aware that once the death of the real princess comes out, Calixto and Abiana will be forced out of their throne and she will become the new queen.

Calixto, however, is filled with remorse upon seeing how much Marissa and Kardo love their child. The royal duwende couple then decides to return Dwarfina to her family while keeping everything as a secret from the duwendes.

Despite being born with one glaring abnormality that is her height, Dwarfina grows up with the love and support of her family and friends, especially her best friend Lyndon (Dennis Trillo). This causes Lucille (Iwa Moto), Marissa and Kardo’s adopted daughter, to harbor jealousy toward her sister prompting her to throw Dwarfina into a river, hurting her father Kardo in the process. Lucille puts the blame on Dwarfina, who is then helplessly carried away by the raging rapids, never to be seen by her family again.

Fortunately, Elvin (Will Devaughn), a young dwarf who has always looked after Dwarfina, finds her and takes her back to their supernatural world. By this time, the duwendes are all waiting for the seven-year-old princess to be presented to them as dictated by their custom.

With the elder dwarf Nuno Umberto’s (Tony Mabesa) blessing, Calixto feeds Dwarfina a special black rice cake which replaces all memories from her past with memories of growing up in the duwende world. Dwarfina is finally presented as Ditu Calixto and Abiana’s daughter, thwarting all of Romera’s evil plans for revolt.

But for how long can Calixto and Abiana keep Dwarfina’s real identity a secret from everyone, including Dwarfina? If she does find out, will Dwarfina choose to remain in Kalibut-an as their princess, adored and revered, or will she return to the earthly world and reunite with her loved ones?

The show is inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Thumbelina.[4]


Main cast

Supporting cast

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Audience Reception

The show premiered on January 10, 2011 with a rating of 15.4% versus 9.1% of the rival show, Noah. The show continued on being the no. 1 in its pilot week from January 10–14, 2011 and even though it is being beaten by its newest rival show, Mara Clara, the show still performs well and is included in the Top Ten Primetime Programs.[6][7][8]


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