Carlo J. Caparas'
Genre Action
Created by Carlo J. Caparas
Developed by Suzette Doctolero
Directed by Topel Lee
Don Michael Perez
Starring Dennis Trillo
Theme music composer Janno Gibbs
Tats Faustino
Opening theme "Gagambino!"
by Dennis Trillo
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 90
Executive producer(s) Wilma Galvante
Producer(s) GMA Entertainment TV Group
Location(s) Metro Manila, Philippines
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original release October 20, 2008 (2008-10-20) – February 20, 2009 (2009-02-20)
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Carlo J. Caparas' Gagambino is an adaptation of Carlo J. Caparas' celebrated graphic novel[1] that used to air in on GMA Network, produced by its film-arm GMA Films. It premiered on October 20, 2008 starring Dennis Trillo leading a band of superheroes and his six-feet-tall spider.[2] It is the third crime/horror show that aired on GMA Network.


When GMA Network bought the rights to Carlo J. Caparas' graphic novel on February 2007, Richard Gutierrez was attached to star. The series was shelved until 2008, but Gutierrez opted to work on his dream project: Codename: Asero. The network decided that they could not longer delay the series and gave the role to Dennis Trillo, over another heavy contender: JC de Vera, who later joined the cast in LaLola.[3]

Director Topel Lee required Trillo to learn three martial arts in preparation for the role: wing chun, judo and kendo (a Japanese martial art of sword-fighting).[4] He also underwent rigorous training for parkour.[5]


Gagambino is the superhero story of a young man named Gambino "Bino" Bayani (Dennis Trillo) and his adventures with his giant spider as they fight evil forces in a darker, crime-infested re-imagination of Manila.

Bino and his group of friends, all possessing insect-like superpowers like him, are pitted against Abresia (Jean Garcia), a terrorist mastermind and a very powerful woman who can command giant insects.[6]


Harold (Polo Ravales) has evil plans to take out Abresia and to retrieve the medallion for evil. Harold has new powers to take all over the world while Abresia became human and reverted to Divina. Gelay's revelation is having her powers which came from Divina/Abresia who is revealed to be her biological mother. Harold was responsible for giving powers to Celine (Nadine Samonte) to destroy Bino and the Liga Insekta.

First, Leah (Glaiza de Castro), who reconciles with Bernadette (Isabel Oli), was killed by Celine after she saved Bernadette and Lucy (Katrina Halili) in the battle. Then, Celine murdered Lucy. Bino doesn't accept her death. Zandro (Leo Martinez) tells him that Lucy died for good and Bino finally accepts it. Afterward, Bino and Harold fought face-to-face but Harold's revived father, Armand (Zoren Legaspi), interferes in the battle using a dagger to counter Harold's attack. He gives Bino a dagger which is Harold's weakness. But afterward, Armand has acquired the powers from Harold and he awakens the giant spider-beetle creature to destroy humanity once and for all.

While Armand and Harold were wreaking havoc, Celine left to forgive Bino. She saw Harold trying to kill Bino; she saved him from his attack and nearly died. Before Celine's last breath, she begged forgiveness to Bino. Afterward, Bino and Harold battled face-to-face. Bino destroyed Harold's giant creature first, then they fought. Harold's fighting ability was stronger and Bino got weakened until Bernadette gave him a dagger and shot Harold to death while Armand has removed his son's powers from him. Rebecca (Glydel Mercado), Harold's mother, saw the body of her slain son while Bernadette tries to wake Bino; he finally awakens. Bino called all the townsfolk and he announced that the darkness has gone and the bright future comes. Bernadette saw an orphan Noel, named after her deceased brother, and she treated him as her new brother.

After the final battle, Bernadette tells Bino that she doesn't need her powers anymore and leaves the group. Bino returns the pendant and the Tiera Higanta closes. Divina marries Dindo (Raymart Santiago) and reunites with their daughter Gelay (Jennica Garcia). Bino hears a cry for help from an insane woman and beats the men who play dirty with her. The insane woman is Rebecca who has a doll named after her, Gagambino.(Bettina Carlos) dead for aizel

Cast and characters

Main cast

Supporting cast

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Theme song

The theme song is sung by Dennis Trillo, who plays the lead protagonist. At the end of the final episode, it is sung by Janno Gibbs, the composer of Gagambino.

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