Unforgettable (2013 TV series)

For the American television series starring Poppy Montgomery, see Unforgettable (2011 TV series).
Genre Romantic fantasy
Created by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Developed by Agnes Gagelonia-Uligan
Written by Maribel Ilag
Gilbeys Sardea
Glaiza Ramirez
Directed by Gina Alajar
Creative director(s) Roy Iglesias
Starring Kylie Padilla
Mark Herras
Benjamin Alves
Pauleen Luna
Polo Ravales
Phillip Salvador
Glydel Mercado
Carmi Martin
Roy Alvarez
Kevin Santos
Chariz Solomon
Timmy Cruz
Rocco Nacino
Opening theme "Babalikang Muli"
sung by Kyla Alvarez and Gian Magdangal
Composer(s) Kenjiro Sakiya
Larry Chua
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 67 episodes
Executive producer(s) Darling Pulido Torres
Producer(s) GMA Network
Location(s) Tagaytay, Philippines
Quezon City, Philippines
Cinematography Chiqui Soriano
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format 480i NTSC
Original release February 25 (2013-02-25) – May 31, 2013 (2013-05-31)
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Unforgettable is a Filipino romantic fantasy drama series created by Agnes Gagelonia-Uligan and produced by GMA Network. The series premiered on February 25, 2013, replacing Yesterday's Bride on the network's coveted Afternoon Prime block and February 27, 2013 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. It concluded its fourteen weeks run on May 31, 2013 with a total of sixty-seven episodes, and was replaced by Mga Basang Sisiw. It was produced by Darling Pulido Torres. The series was under the direction of Gina Alajar and headlines Kylie Padilla, Mark Herras, Benjamin Alves, Pauleen Luna, Polo Ravales and Phillip Salvador.[1] Starting September 16, 2016, it re-airs on GMA Life TV worldwide.


Ed and Anna have what people call a tempestuous romance. Their love for each other can reach the highest of highs and the lowest of lows — in a matter of minutes. For Ed, it is all part of Anna’s charm. Her slightly clingy nature makes him feel like he’s the most important man in the world. For Anna, Ed is the one she can always trust, the one who will always be there for her.

But in one instant, he is taken from her. A mugging quickly escalates, leaving Anna unconscious and Ed fatally wounded.

In Anna's clothes, the police find a wiped knife. And because of the volatile nature of their relationship, some people are quick to believe that Anna would take a weapon to Ed in the heat of the moment. Ed’s mother, Munding, and the family she works for—the De Ocampos, a family of lawyers use this to damn her in the public eye.

Miguel is tasked by his father to lead the investigation into Ed's death and to ensure that Anna is locked up for life. Connie, Miguel's sister, is also bent on blaming Ed's death on Anna; revealing her own love for the deceased. Together with parents Manuel and Concha, the De Ocampos show a united front against Anna.

Amidst these charges, Anna finds solace in her mother Elvira. What she doesn't know is that Elvira is keeping from her a truth that would explain the De Ocampos' vendetta against her. And she finds a new protector in the arms of Arnold, the pro-bono lawyer who has agreed to take on her case.

As the events of Ed's death unfold, Anna finds herself getting pulled into a web of lies that seeks to prove her guilty, to the point that even Arnold advices her to admit guilt, so they can plea for a smaller punishment.

Someone still believes in Anna's innocence. Unfortunately, that someone is already dead – Ed. As the only witness to his own death, Ed knows that Anna had nothing to do with his murder. But as a ghost, he cannot be seen or heard by the living. But he must prove the innocence of his beloved girlfriend.

When a new clue points to Anna's innocence, Arnold quickly grabs on to it to get his client acquitted. Miguel, on the other hand, is tasked by his father to ensure Anna's guilt. Curious with the directive given by Manuel, Miguel begins his own investigation that makes it clear to him that Anna is being set up... by his own family!

Ed pushes Miguel and Arnold to help Anna the best way they and he can. But how much can a ghost really do?

Cast and characters

Main characters

Recurring characters

Production and development

The series was created and developed by Agnes Gagelonia-Uligan. She began developing the series late 2012. The series is part of the four new shows intended for the network's afternoon line up for the first quarter of 2013, alongside Forever, Bukod Kang Pinagpala, and Kakambal ni Eliana.[8] With the concept: "True love lives beyond death", Unforgettable was inspired from 1990 American classic romantic fantasy flick, Ghost starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. The series, which slated for 16-week run (80 episodes), is under the direction of Gina Alajar while Darling Pulido-Torres served as the executive producer for the entire run of the show.[9]

The majority of the cast was assembled in late January 2013. Lauren Young was the original choice of the network to breathe life to the character of Anna Caruhatan, but was replaced by Kylie Padilla in the final casting.[10] Mark Herras and Pauleen Luna, who had previously worked together on the 2009 primetime series Ikaw Sana, were the first two actors to be chosen for the roles of Ed Manalastas and Connie de Ocampo, respectively.[11] Benjamin Alves was chosen to portray the character of Atty. Miguel de Ocampo, the protagonist's other love interest. Alves described his role as "a dream come true," as he wanted to be a lawyer in real life.[12] Glydel Mercado took the parental role of Elvira Caruhatan. The said role had previously been offered to Jean Garcia.[13]

The series also marked the reunion of Gina Alajar, Phillip Salvador, and Carmi Martin or popularly known as "Lino Brocka babies". Salvador signed on to portray the series' antagonist Atty. Manuel de Ocampo. Salvador stated that Alajar is his "favorite leading lady and it's a dream come true to work with her, but this time as my director." [14] Meanwhile, Martin took the role of Concha de Ocampo, which was initially offered to Agot Isidro.[15]

Alajar, Salvador and Martin starred in Brocka's one of the most controversial and multi-awarded films Kapit sa Patalim in 1984.[15]

Filming of the series begun on February 6, 2013. Most of the series' scenes were shot on location in Tagaytay. Several episodes include shots from Anonas Police Station in Quezon City.

The first episode aired on February 25, 2013.

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