Vratna monastery

Vratna monastery

The monastery of Vratna
Monastery information
Full name Манастир Вратна
Order Serbian Orthodox
Established 14th century
Mother house Bukovo monastery
Controlled churches Vratna church
Lord's Ascension (Spasovdan)
Founder(s) Stefan Milutin
Saint Nikodim I
Location Vratna, Negotin, Serbia

Vratna monastery, now Vratna nunnery (Вратна) is a 14th-century Serbian Orthodox monastery in the village of Vratna in Negotin, Serbia, founded by Serbian king Stefan Milutin (1282–1321) of the Nemanjić dynasty and Saint Nikodim I. It is situated below the Vratna canyon and the nearby Vratna river flows through the village.

The monastery gate

It was rebuilt in 1415 by Šarban from Struza attested in papers found by bishop Genadije in 1856. The monastery was burndamaged in 1813 and renovated by 1817.

The monastery was torn down between World War I and World War II. It is since a female monastery (nunnery), one of three monasteries in Negotin.[1] [2]

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