Eparchy of Bačka

Eparchy of Bačka
Бачка епархија
Bačka eparhija

Coat of Arms of Eparchy of Bačka
Territory Bačka
Headquarters Novi Sad, Serbia
Denomination Eastern Orthodox
Sui iuris church Serbian Orthodox Church
Patriarchate of Peć (Serbia)
Established 16th century
Language Church Slavonic
Current leadership
Bishop Irinej (Mirko Bulović)
Eparchies and monasteries of Serbian Orthodox Church in Vojvodina
The Orthodox Cathedral of Saint George, main church of the eparchy
Orthodox church in Novi Sad (Telep neighbourhood)

The Eparchy of Bačka (Serbian: Бачка епархија or Bačka eparhija) is an ecclesiastical territory or eparchy of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Bačka region, Serbia. It is situated in the autonomous province of Vojvodina and seat of the eparchy is in Novi Sad.


The eparchy was established in the 16th century. In the beginning, the seat of the bishop was in Segedin (today in Hungary). It was later moved to monasteries of Bačka, and was finally stabilized in Novi Sad in the beginning of the 18th century.

Seems that between the second half of the 16th century and the second half of the 17th century, the Eparchy was a Metropolitanate, since its administrators in this time period are mentioned with metropolitan title.


The eparchy includes entire Serbian part of Bačka, but also has supreme authority over some territories in present-day Hungary, including counties Bács-Kiskun (Baja), Csongrád (Szeged) and Heves (Eger).

Bishops and metropolitans

Monasteries belonging to the eparchy

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