Lovnica Monastery

The Lovnica Monastery is a 17th-century female monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church located near the village of Šekovići, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and is about 50 km SW of the city of Tuzla. The monastery church is dedicated to St. George and contains frescos painted by Longin, a famous 16th-century artist. The monastery also hold the largest monastic church in Bosnia. The village of Šekovići is situated on the Drinjaca River, a tributary of the Drina. The monastery grounds are surrounded by a beautiful forested area close to the Lovnica Spring. The name Lovnica is thought to be derived from the Serbian word лов meaning hunting. According to a legend, the monastery was named Lovnica because the area was rich with game and attracted Bosnian and Serbian kings to go hunting.[1]


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