Diocese of Buenos Aires

Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church in South America and Central America.

The Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Buenos Aires (Serbian: Епархија буеносајреска/Eparhija buenosajreska, Spanish: Diócesis de Buenos Aires Patriarcado Ortodoxo Serbio) or South America is a Serbian Orthodox Church diocese with the main headquarters located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The diocese has 17 churches in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru. In October 13, 2012, was realized the first session of diocese under the rule of the actual administration of Metropolitan bishop Amfilohije Radović.[1][2][3][4]

For members of Serbian and Montenegrin diaspora in Argentina, Orthodox Christian religion acts as a very significant ethnic symbol. Therefore, as the most important element of social and cultural life the emigrants emphasized existence of Serbian Orthodox Church, since the need for group "survival" (according to the research[5]), throughout history and today, manifested itself through organizing and gathering mostly in the Serbian Orthodox Church and then in homeland’s clubs.[6]


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