Arsenije Plamenac

Arsenije Plamenac
Metropolitan of Cetinje
Church Serbian Orthodox
Metropolis Metropolitanate of Cetinje
See Cetinje
Installed 1781
Term ended 1784
Predecessor Sava Petrović
Successor Petar I Petrović Njegoš
Ordination 1767
by Vasilije Brkić
Personal details
Born Unknown
Crmnica (modern Montenegro)
Died 1784
Nationality Montenegrin Serb
Denomination Eastern Orthodoxy
Residence Cetinje
Parents Raič Plamenac and a Petrović
Previous post monastery head (hegumen), bishop (episkop)

Arsenije Plamenac (Serbian Cyrillic: Арсеније Пламенац; fl. 1766–d. 1784) was the Metropolitan of Cetinje between 1781 and 1784, earlier the co-adjutor to Metropolitan Sava Petrović during the reign of Šćepan Mali (1767–73).[1] Plamenac was from Crmnica, and belonged to the tribe's most notable brotherhood, the Plamenac.[2] His father, Raič, was a priest.[1] His maternal uncle was Sava Petrović.[3][2] Following the footsteps of his father, and being the nephew of Sava, he quickly elevated through the monastic ranks, becoming a hegumen before his ordination.[4] Sava intended to appoint him his successor in 1766, but was met with opposition from the Montenegrin tribes.[5] The tribes accepted Arsenije after Sava had gained the support of Šćepan Mali,[5] an impostor of Peter III of Russia who sought to rule Montenegro. Šćepan Mali supported Plamenac because he felt at home in Crmnica, and believed he would easier take control of the whole of Montenegro by the side of Plamenac than the Petrović.[6] Patriarch of Peć Vasilije Brkić, who had fled to Montenegro, ordinated Plamenac as a bishop in 1767.[4] After his death, he was succeeded by Petar I Petrović Njegoš.



Religious titles
Preceded by
Sava Petrović
Metropolitan of Cetinje
Succeeded by
Petar I Petrović Njegoš
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