Jovan Kantul

Serbian Patriarch Jovan
Српски патријарх Јован
Archbishop of Peć and Serbian Patriarch

Fresco by Georgije Mitrofanović (1619–20)

Fresco depicting Jovan Kantul
Church Serbian Patriarchate of Peć
See Patriarchal Monastery of Peć
Installed 1592
Term ended 1614
Predecessor Filip I
Successor Pajsije I
Personal details
Birth name Jovan Kantul
Born Ottoman Serbia
Died 1614
Nationality Rum Millet (Ottoman)
Denomination Eastern Orthodox Christian
Occupation Spiritual leader of the Serbian Orthodox Church

Jovan Kantul (Serbian Cyrillic: Јован Кантул, fl. 1592 – d. 1614), sometimes numbered Jovan II was the Archbishop of Peć and Serbian Patriarch, the spiritual leader of the Serbian Orthodox Church, from 1592 until his death in 1614. He planned a major revolt in the Ottoman Balkans, with Grdan, the vojvoda of Nikšić, asking the pope for aid (see Serb Uprising of 1596–97). Due to his activiries for planning a Serbian revolt, he was arrested in 1612 and was put into trial in Istanbul. He was found guilty for treason and was executed in 1614.



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Eastern Orthodox Church titles
Preceded by
Filip I
Archbishop of Peć and Serbian Patriarch
Succeeded by
Pajsije I
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