Eparchy of Braničevo

Eparchy of Braničevo
Territory Braničevo District,
Pomoravlje District (East of Great Morava)
Headquarters Požarevac, Serbia
Denomination Eastern Orthodox
Sui iuris church Serbian Orthodox Church
Patriarchate of Peć (Serbia)
Established 878
Language Church Slavonic
Current leadership
Bishop Ignjatije Midić
Official site

Eparchy of Braničevo is one of the eparchies of the Serbian Orthodox Church, with the seat at Braničevo, Serbia.


It is mentioned for the first time in 878 as a bishopric. It continues the early Christian seats of Viminacium and Horreum Margi.

In 1018, the Bishopric is mentioned as part of the Constantinopolitan Archbishopric of Ochrid (Under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarch) with seat at Braničevo (at the ruins of ancient Viminacium, near Požarevac).

During the rule of Stefan Dragutin and Stefan Milutin, the Eparchy is part of the Serbian Archepiscopate.

It gained the status of Metropolitanate in 1346, during Dušan the Mighty.

The seat of the Metropolitanate is moved to Smederevo between 1430/1434 and 1439, and since then, the bishops hold the titles "of Smederevo".

In 1705, the Smederevo Metropolitanate or Old Braničevo Eparchy, becomes part of the Metropolitanate of Belgrade. It is resurrected in 1921 as the Eparchy of Braničevo, with seat in Požarevac.


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