Church of St. Nicholas, Karlovac

Cathedral of St. Nicholas
Саборна црква Светог Николе у Карловцу

The renovated church
Location Karlovac
Country Croatia
Denomination Serbian Orthodox
Dedication Saint Nicholas
Style Baroque[1]
Archdiocese Eparchy of upper Karlovac

The Church of St. Nicholas or Karlovac Cathedral (Serbian: Саборна црква Светог Николе у Карловцу[2]), is a Serbian Orthodox church located in Karlovac, in central Croatia. The original church (destroyed in 1993) was finished in 1787, and was dedicated to Saint Nicholas. In 2007, the church was completely renovated.


Local Serbian community bought a lot of today's church in 1781, asking for constructing was sent to authorities in 1784 and permit for the construction and start of construction started in 1785.[3] Work on church were completed in 1787,[3] and object began with worships in 1803.[1]

The church was devastated during World War II, and then again in 1991, during the War in Croatia, when mines were detonated inside the church by Croatian forces.[1] The church was repeatedly blown up and robbed until final destruction in 1993.[1]

2005 picture of the destroyed church.[1]

The facility was completely renovated in 2007.[1] At 7 January 2012, on the Serbian Orthodox Church's Christmas liturgy, Croatian President Ivo Josipović visited the church.[4]

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Coordinates: 45°29′35″N 15°33′24″E / 45.49306°N 15.55667°E / 45.49306; 15.55667

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