Archdiocese of Arad

Archbishop of Arad
Dr. Timotei Seviciu
Country Romania
Diocese Arad
Cathedral Holy Trinity Cathedral,
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
First incumbent Isaia Diacovici
(as Bishop of Arad, Ienopole and Hălmagiu)
Formation 1706

The Archdiocese[1] or Archbishopric of Arad[2] (Romanian: Arhiepiscopia Aradului), formerly the Bishopric of Arad (Romanian: Episcopia Aradului, Serbian: Арадска епархија) is an episcopal see of the Romanian Orthodox Church, under the administration of the Metropolis of Banat, with jurisdiction over Arad County in Romania. The current head is bishop Timotei Seviciu.


Eastern Orthodox metropolitanates and eparchies in Austria-Hungary in 1909.

History of the Eastern Orthodox Christianity on the territory of the present-day bishopric is very long and dates back to late Antiquity and early Middle Ages. The Eparchy of Arad in its modern form was created after the Austro-Turkish war (1683-1699), in 1706[3] when the city of Arad and its region became part of Habsburg Monarchy. During 18th century and up to the middle of 19th century, Bishopric of Arad was under jurisdiction of the Metropolitanate of Karlovci. Eparchy of Arad also had an important regional vicariate (exarchate) in the city of Oradea. Majority of Eastern Orthodox Christians of this Eparchy were ethnic Romanians and minority were ethnic Serbs and Greeks. Following the will of the majority of people, the Eparchy of Arad was transferred in 1865 from jurisdiction of the Metropolitanate of Karlovci to the jurisdiction of the newly created Metropolis of Sibiu. The Eastern Orthodox Romanians of the Patriarchate of Karlovci separated and were transferred to the newly created Metropolis of Sibiu through mutual agreement that included the transfer of the Eparchy of Arad and eastern parts of eparchies of Temišvar and Vršac. After World War I and the creation of united Romania, it became part of the united Romanian Orthodox Church. In 2009, the bishopric was elevated to an archbishopric under the Metropolis of Banat.


Metropolitan Vikentije Jovanović of Karlovci, former Bishop of Arad (1726—1731)

Between 1695 and 1865 the bishops were under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitanate of Karlovci.

Since 1865, these bishops have been under the jurisdiction of the Metropolis of Sibiu. In 2009, the holder of the office was elevated to the rank of archbishop.

Metropolitan Ioan Mețianu of Sibiu, former Bishop of Arad (1874-1898); portrait by Arthur Coulin

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