Kovilj monastery

Kovilj monastery
Манастир Ковиљ
Manastir Kovilj

The Monastery of Kovilj.
Monastery information
Full name Манастир Ковиљ
Order Serbian Orthodox
Established 13th century
Renovated in 1705-1707
Diocese Bačka Eparhy
Serbian Orthodox Church
Founder(s) Saint Sava
Location Kovilj, Novi Sad, Bačka, Vojvodina,  Serbia

The Kovilj Monastery (Serbian: Манастир Ковиљ / Manastir Kovilj) is a 13th-century Serb Orthodox monastery in the Bačka region, in the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina. It is near the village of Kovilj, in the Novi Sad municipality. The monastery was renovated in 1705-1707. According to the legend, the monastery of Kovilj was founded by the first Serb archbishop, Saint Sava.[1]

The Monastery was returned 300 ha of arable land and 700 ha of woods, previously nationalised during the Communist regime. Thanks to this, the Monastery has grown production of honey with 200 bee hives, as well as a variety of brandies made of quince, plums and green nuts. The monastery produces 50.000 liters of brandy per year.[2]



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