Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, Podgorica

Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ
Саборни Храм Христовог Васкрсења
Basic information
Location Podgorica, Montenegro
Affiliation Serbian Orthodoxy
Year consecrated 2013
Architectural description
Architect(s) Predrag Ristić / Jovan Popović
Completed 2013
Height (max) 41.5

The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ (Serbian: Саборни Храм Христовог Васкрсења or Saborni Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja) in Podgorica, Montenegro, is a cathedral of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The cathedral is located in the "New Town" of Podgorica, west of the Morača River.


Construction of the church of around 14,000 square feet began in 1993 to a design by Predrag Ristić.[1] Consecration occurred on October 7, 2014 on the occasion of the 1700-year anniversary of the Edict of Milan on freedom of religion.


The Orthodox Arts Journal writes that the cathedral is "certainly one of the most interesting Orthodox churches built in our times. Unlike other new cathedrals we have seen recently, the exterior does not seek to reflect High-Byzantine perfection. Rather, it is a charmingly eccentric design. It has the slightly awkward qualities of any real cathedral, expressing the cultural tensions between the high Imperial style and the capabilities of local craftsmen." The church, with its twin towers and prominent arch is clearly influenced by the medieval Cathedral of St. Tryphon in Kotor, with Romanesque, Italianate, and Byzantine influences.[1]

The interior is heavily adorned with iconographic murals with gold backgrounds, marble floors and furnishings.[1]

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