Danilo II, Serbian Archbishop

Danilo II

His Holiness, Archbishop of Serbs

Archbishop of All Serbian and Maritime Lands

Saint Danilo II, fresco from Patriarchal Monastery of Peć
Church Serbian Orthodox Church
See Monastery of Peć
Installed 1324
Term ended 1337
Predecessor Nikodim I
Successor Joanikije II
Personal details
Nationality Serb
Denomination Eastern Orthodox Christian
Feast day 2 January [O.S. 20 December]
Canonized by Serbian Orthodox Church

Danilo II (Serbian Cyrillic: Данило II) was the Archbishop of Serbs 1324 to 1337, under the rule of Kings Stephen Uroš III (1321–1331) and Dušan the Mighty (1331–1355, crowned Emperor in 1345). As a Serbian monk, he was also a chronicler, active in court and Church politics, holding the office during the zenith of the Nemanjić dynasty-era; he wrote many biographies which are considered part of the most notable medieval Serbian literature. He was proclaimed Saint Danilo II (Свети Данило II) of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and is celebrated on the same day as Saint Ignatius of Antioch on 2 January [O.S. 20 December].

Life and Work

Danilo II with Prophet Daniel.

Born around 1270, his given name is not recorded, only that he belonged to a Serbian noble family. He was endowed with a fine intellect and a noble disposition; he had received an excellent education at the hands of the most learned men in Medieval Serbia and in Byzantium. Danilo wrote biographies of Serbian medieval kings and archbishops, including the biography of Jelena, the wife of King Stephen Dragutin of Serbia (1276–1282). His monumental work is referred to in the poetry of Serbian folklore as knjige starostavne (the ancient books) and knjige carostavne (the royal books). As a result of his work, many historical details concerning both the rulers of medieval Serbia and the members of the Nemanjić dynasty have been preserved.


He is included in The 100 most prominent Serbs.



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    Eastern Orthodox Church titles
    Preceded by
    Nikodim I
    Archbishop of Serbs
    Succeeded by
    Joanikije II
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