Church of St. Nicholas, Rijeka

Saint Nicholas Church
Crkva svetog Nikole
Црква светог Николе

Saint Nicholas Church
Location Rijeka
Country Croatia
Denomination Serbian Orthodox
Founded 1790[1]
Dedication Saint Nicholas
Style Classical
Archdiocese Eparchy of Upper Karlovac

The Church of St. Nicholas (Croatian and Serbian: Crkva svetog Nikole, Serbian Cyrillic: Црква светог Николе) is a Serbian Orthodox church in Rijeka, Croatia. The church is dedicated to Saint Nicholas. The building of the church was completed in 1790.[1]


The church was designed by local architect Ignazio Hencke in 1787 year and was built in 1790 using money of Orthodox Serbs who fled the Ottoman Empire and settled in Fiume (Rijeka) city in 1768. At the same time urban local authorities hindered the construction. The church kept numerous icons from monasteries in Bosnia and Vojvodina.[2]

Rijeka has a notable Serb minority (6.57% in 2011,[3] 11,24% in 1991), while the Serb-inhabited villages of Milaši and Moravice (Gorski kotar) historically gravitated towards Rijeka.

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Coordinates: 45°19′33″N 14°26′34″E / 45.3259143°N 14.4427835°E / 45.3259143; 14.4427835

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