Cultural and Scientific Center "Milutin Milanković"

Cultural and Scientific Center "Milutin Milanković"
Kulturni i znanstveni centar "Milutin Milanković"
Културни и научни центар "Милутин Миланковић"
Established 2009
Location Dalj, Croatia
Director Đorđe Nešić[1]

Cultural and Scientific Center "Milutin Milanković" is a public cultural and educational institution in Dalj, Erdut municipality, Croatia. The aim of center include following activities: promotion of the legacy of Milutin Milanković, organizing cultural events and exhibitions, issuing publications, audiovisual and promotional materials, preservation of traditional heritage, organization of cultural and scientific meetings, promotion of sustainable development, popularization of science[2]... In 2012 center was visited by more than 5,000 visitors.[3]

Center is located in the birth house of scientist Milutin Milanković, important but in general public neglected scientists.[4][5] Center for their activities occasionally use other groups and institutions.[6] In May 2010 for the first time center with a series of activities marks 131 anniversary of Milutin Milanković birth.[7] In 2011 for the first time participated in project of cross-border cooperation "From people to people" with Erdut municipality, City library in Sombor, Cultural Center "Laza Kostić" Sombor, Provincial Secretariat for International Cooperation of Vojvodina[8]... Project was financed by the European Union funds.[9]

According to its Statute, center along Croatian officially use Serbian language and Serbian cyrillic alphabet to.[2]

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