Association for Serbian language and literature in Croatia

Association for Serbian language and literature in Croatia
Serbo-Croatian: Društvo za srpski jezik i književnost u Hrvatskoj
Друштво за српски језик и књижевност у Хрватској
Formation 26 June 1998
Headquarters Vukovar
Official language
Serbian and Croatian
Mara Bekić-Vojinović[1]
Website Official website

Association for Serbian language and literature in Croatia is a nonprofit professional organization that brings together scientists and technical workers engaged in studying and teaching of Serbian language and literature in Croatia. The association operates throughout Croatia and its headquarters is in Vukovar.

Serbian language as co-official minority language in municipalities in Croatia

In early 2011, the association issued first edition of the Proceedings which was presented at many schools and institutions in Croatia and the region.[1] Publishing of the book was financed from funds of Vukovar city, Trpinja, Markušica, Šodolovci, Erdut municipalities and from private donations.[2]

The association has organized a number of seminars.[2]

In their work, the association collaborates with professors from the University of Belgrade, University of Zagreb, University of Novi Sad and with Matica srpska, Joint Council of Municipalities, The Institute for the Serbian language in Belgrade etc.[1][3]

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