Đurđevi stupovi, Montenegro

This article is about the monastery in Montenegro. For the monastery in Serbia, see Đurđevi stupovi.
monastery near Berane

Đurđevi stupovi (Serbian Cyrillic: Манастир Ђурђеви ступови, meaning Monastery of the tracts of St. George) is a Serbian Orthodox monastery near the town of Berane, in northeastern Montenegro. It should not be confused with the more famous Serbian Orthodox monastery of the same name, Đurđevi stupovi, built by Stefan Nemanja in 1170, in Ras, Serbia. It is the center of the Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Budimlje-Nikšić in Montenegro. It was founded by Stefan Prvoslav, the nephew of Stefan Nemanja, in 1213.

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Coordinates: 42°51′13″N 19°51′42″E / 42.85361°N 19.86167°E / 42.85361; 19.86167

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