Angelito: Batang Ama

Angelito: Batang Ama
Genre Teen drama
Written by Mary Rose Colindres
Kay Brondial
Jurey Mirafuentes
Mel Abaygar
Marga Labrador
Directed by Theodore Boborol
Neal Felix Del Rosario
Starring JM De Guzman
Kaye Abad
Tom Rodriguez
Charee Pineda
Devon Seron
Sam Concepcion
Opening theme Ika'y Mahal Pa Rin by Jovit Baldivino
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino
No. of episodes 108
Executive producer(s) Minnella T. Abad
Adjanet F. Rase
Cinematography Tey Clamor
Jaime "Nong" Lleno, Jr.
Editor(s) Roman Rodriguez III
Joseph Garcia
Megan Abarquez
Alexces Shiela Tiglao
Running time 30-45 minutes
Production company(s) Dreamscape Entertainment Television
Original network ABS-CBN
Picture format NTSC (480i)
Original release November 14, 2011 (2011-11-14) – April 13, 2012 (2012-04-13)
Related shows Katorse (2010)
Bagito (2014)
Angelito: Ang Bagong Yugto (2012 sequel)
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Angelito: Batang Ama (lit. Angelito: Young Father) is a Philippine daytime drama series that premiered in ABS-CBN from November 14, 2011 to April 13, 2012. The story revolves around a teenager (played by JM De Guzman) who is forced to live the bittersweet life of fatherhood and learn to overcome the challenges of raising a child after the accidental pregnancy of his high-school girlfriend (played by Charee Pineda). The series aired in one of the network's daytime slot under the Kapamilya Gold program lineup.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11]

Plot Summary

Angelito Santos (De Guzman) is a graduating high school teenager. He meets an attractive and intelligent high school teenage girl named Rosalie Dimaano (Pineda) who is also on the same year level as he is. One day after classes ended, he defended her from a group of teenage thugs from his school while they were journeying home. Soon, their relationship grew stronger and they recall their happy memories such as Angelito fetching her for their school's prom, serenading for her with his guitar, and hanging out with her on their free time. Even though Rosalie's father, Delfin (Tantay), a middle-aged medical student who works as a security guard, objected to these activities, they still continue on.

One day, a heavy rain occurs during their outdoor hangout and they head to an abandoned hut. There Angelito confesses his love for her once more and the two make love and have sexual intercourse. Later, Rosalie discovers that she was pregnant and her parents also did as they discovered the pregnancy test in their house's bedroom. Angelito, upon confiding to his grandmother Pinang (Oropesa) about Rosalie's pregnancy, broke into sobs as this outraged his grandmother. They go to the Dimaano's home to confess about what happened but instead of a talk, the dealing goes horribly violent as Delfin threatens to kill Angelito with his firearm and Rosalie's brother Rolan (Evans) beats up Angelito with great force enough to kill him wherein Delfin joins in too. Rosalie defends Angelito when Rolan is about to throw a rock at Angelito's head and the ordeal stops to a bloody end as workmen arrive in response to the noise. During Angelito's recovery with is left arm bandaged and after a misfortune in school, he learns that Rosalie's family is planning to move out of town. Later, Rosalie escapes the Dimaano home by midnight. Angelito and Rosalie then rent a hut owned by a kind elderly woman. After the month of their graduation, Rosalie gives birth to their son named Angelito D. Santos Jr. or Jun-Jun by nickname. There, Angelito struggles as a young father learning the ropes of raising a child to finding a job to provide for his son’s needs. He takes on the hardships and challenges in his life until he was reunited with Rosalie and his family again.

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The story continues in Angelito: Ang Bagong Yugto (lit. Angelito: The New Chapter), which premiered on July 16, 2012.

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