Magpahanggang Wakas

Magpahanggang Wakas

Magpahanggang Wakas title card
Genre Romance, Melodrama
Created by Gina Marissa Tagasa
Based on Kastilyong Buhangin
(1980 film)
Developed by Ruel S. Bayani
Written by Genesis Rodriguez
Tanya Winona Bautista
Abigail Junia
Dickson Comia
Michael Transfiguracion
Christine Marie Gara
Bridgette Ann Rebuca
Directed by FM Reyes
Raymund B. Ocampo
Starring Jericho Rosales
Arci Munoz
John Estrada
Opening theme Magpahanggang Wakas
by Piolo Pascual
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, English
No. of episodes 55 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Narciso Yulores Gulmatico, Jr.
Producer(s) Mavic Holgado-Oducayen
Location(s) Manila, Philippines
Marinduque, Philippines
Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines
Cinematography Romeo Vitug
Editor(s) Kathryn Jerry Perez
Dennis Salgado
Running time 30-45 minutes
Production company(s) RSB Drama Unit
Original network ABS-CBN
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release September 19, 2016 (2016-09-19) – present
Related shows Kastilyong Buhangin (film)
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Magpahanggang Wakas (Lit: Until the End) is a Philippine romantic melodrama television series based on the 1980 film Kastilyong Buhangin, starring Nora Aunor, Lito Lapid and Tonio Gutierrez. Directed by FM Reyes, it is topbilled by Jericho Rosales, Arci Muñoz and John Estrada. The series premiered on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida evening block and worldwide on The Filipino Channel on September 19, 2016, replacing Born for You.[1][2][3]


Magpahanggang Wakas began with Waldo (Jericho Rosales), a loving and hardworking son, and Aryann (Arci Muñoz), a kind and loving niece. They both share a deep love for each other, their love was undeniably genuine and true

However, their story changed when Waldo accidentally killed Dodong (Justin Cuyugan), Aryann's uncle, who attempted to rape her. Waldo was proven guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment for the death of Dodong. Aryann met Tristan (John Estrada) who gave her the hand she was desperately looking for.

Waldo was later proven innocent because it was only an act of self defense. But, not soon after being free, he faced the vengeful brother of Dodong and was fatally shot. Waldo falls of a cliff into the sea which made everyone, except Aryann, believe that he was dead. But, no signs of Waldo were found after the shooting.

Leila (Danita Paner), a nurse, took care of Waldo when everyone believed that he was dead. But, because of her bad intentions, she took advantage of Waldo's temporary memory loss and said that she is his wife. Waldo, dreamt of a girl from his past. But, that is not Leila. Day afters, he finally remembered Aryann and he safely went back to his family with the help of Leila.

A year later, Aryann decided to accept that Waldo will never come back. She moved on and met Tristan. They fell for each other and were set to be wed.

Tristan, sponsored Waldo's scholarship so that he can get the best employees for his company. But, unknown to him is that Waldo is the ex-boyfriend of Aryann who was shot. It is also unknown to Aryann that Waldo is one of Tristan's employees.

As Tristan decided to announce their wedding, he invited all employees on his company, including Waldo. As he called Aryann to join him on stage. When Aryann joined Tristan on stage, she saw the undeniable truth that Waldo is alive. But she is no longer sure if she still shares the love they once had.

Cast and characters

Main cast

Cast Character Information
Jericho Rosales Romualdo "Waldo" del Mar He is Aryann's boyfriend. Waldo is a righteous son who has a dream for his family and his loved one and he is ready to fight in the name of love. He was sentenced to life imprisonment after he killed Dodong who tried to rape Aryann but later proven innocent because it was an act of self-defense. He got shot by Armand, Dodong's brother because he wants to revenge on Waldo because he killed Dodong. He fell on the sea that made everyone believe he was dead. Leila was the one who took care of him after he got shot. Although unfortunate circumstances tear him and Aryann apart, destiny brings them back together, only for him to see that Aryann is already in the arms of another man. But nothing can stop him, not the law nor his moral integrity, to fight for his one great love.
Arci Muñoz Aryann Castillo She is Waldo's girlfriend. Aryann dreams to be a lawyer to get justice to her late father. She was the one who stayed faithful to Waldo even if everyone believed he was dead. Until a year passed by and Waldo is still missing, causing her to accept that Waldo will not comeback because he is dead. Aryann is the secretary and fiancée of Tristan. On her wedding announcement with Tristan, Aryann saw the undeniable truth that Waldo is still alive. But she is no longer sure if she still shares the love they once had.
John Estrada Tristan Lozado He is Aryann's fiancée and Waldo's boss, as well as Jenna's ex-husband and Cheska's father. Tristan decided to finish his failed relationship with Jenna after he caught her with another man but later learned to love again because of Aryann. He is the one who helped Aryann to get her scholarship and become a lawyer, but he didn't knew all along that Aryann's ex-boyfriend was one of his best scholars, Waldo.
Gelli de Belen Jenna Celis-Lozado The series main antagonist. She is ex-wife of Tristan and mother of Cheska. Caught with another man, Tristan decided to break up with her. After being failed as a wife and mother, Jenna is ready to fight back and she will do anything to bring Tristan and Cheska back to her, including destroying Aryann.
Yen Santos Clarissa "Issa" Ordonez She and Waldo bumped into each other and accidentally switched resumés. After their first meeting, they meet again after Waldo moved to a new place and he and Issa became neighbors. One time, Issa was being robbed but Waldo was there to save her. Soon afterwards, Issa lost her job and Waldo helped her get one at his work place.

Supporting cast

Cast Character Character Information
Rita Avila Rosita "Rosing" Berdero-Natividad She is Aryann's aunt who hates Waldo. Even though she is rude to Aryann sometimes, she still loves her niece like a real daughter.
Lito Pimentel Nicolas "Kulas" del Mar Waldo's kind and loving father.
Liza Lorena Malena "Nenang" del Mar Waldo's loving grandmother.
Danita Paner Leila Asuncion A nurse who saved and took care of Waldo after he was shot and presumed dead to everyone. Leila lied to Waldo that she was his wife, but she later brings him back to his family.
Jomari Angeles Enrique "King" del Mar Waldo's younger brother.
Maika Rivera Chesca Lozado Jenna and Tristan's daughter.
Marco Gumabao Zach Cascavel He likes Chesca really much. He's the son of Simon, the first lover of Jenna.

Extended cast

Guest cast

Special participation


Season Original aired Last aired
1 September 19, 2016 November 11, 2016
2 November 14, 2016 TBA


(8:45PM PST)



Magpahanggang Wakas marks the return of Jericho Rosales and Lito Pimentel on primetime after his successful series Bridges of Love made waves in different Latin American countries, including Peru. Arci Muñoz also returns in her second primetime series after her successful portrayal as Norma Elizondo in Pasión de Amor, a Philippine remake of Pasión de Gavilanes by Telemundo.[6] The melodrama is also Rita Avila's comeback project on ABS-CBN four years after Walang Hanggan,[7] while this is Gelli de Belen and Danita Paner's first major primetime project since after leaving TV5.


Premiered on September 19, 2016,[8] Magpahanggang Wakas replaced Born for You but the schedule time is 8:45pm right after FPJ's Ang Probinsyano. ABS-CBN decided to move Till I Met You's timeslot on 9:30pm.

Tentative title

The series was first announced on April 27, 2016 as Never Ever Say Goodbye. In August 2016, it was later renamed by the management as Magpahanggang Wakas.[9]


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