Lovers in Paris (Philippine TV series)

Lovers in Paris
Genre Drama, Romantic Comedy
Created by SBS
Based on Lovers in Paris
by Kim Eun-sook and Shin Woo-chul
Directed by FM Reyes
Starring Piolo Pascual[1]
KC Concepcion[2]
Zanjoe Marudo
Theme music composer Kitchie Nadal
Opening theme "Wag Na Wag Mong Sasabihin" by KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, English, French
No. of episodes 55
Executive producer(s) Lindsay Anne A. Dizon
Location(s) Philippines
Paris, France
Running time 30-45 mins.
Production company(s) Star Creatives
Original network ABS-CBN
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original release September 28 (2009-09-28) – December 11, 2009 (2009-12-11)
Preceded by Tayong Dalawa
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Lovers in Paris is the Philippine remake of the 2004 hit Korean drama series Lovers in Paris.


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Lovers in Paris is a Korean drama that first aired in 2004 on SBS with actress Kim Jung-eun in the title role, Park Shin-yang as Carlo and Lee Dong-gun as Martin. The series had a total of 20 episodes.

Popularity in the Philippines

ABS-CBN aired the series, dubbed into Tagalog, on its international broadcast arm TFC in 2007, making it the first non-Philippine produced live action drama series to air on the channel. Beginning February 11, 2008, ABS-CBN included the series on its online video on demand service, making it the first non-Philippine produced series to be made available through the service. It became successful and even on its sister international network The Filipino Channel. Lovers In Paris aired on Sundays as a rerun due to its popularity.

2009 Philippine remake

Considered to be the first primetime teleserye of KC Concepcion, who plays the role of Vivian, a young woman dreams of becoming a film director in Paris. It also showcases her first team-up with the Philippine heartthrob Piolo Pascual who plays Carlo. Other stars include Zanjoe Marudo as Martin, who is the other man in Vivian's life; veteran actors Christopher de Leon, Mark Gil and Assunta de Rossi.


Lovers in Paris follows the story of three people who will discover the complexities of love. For Carlo, love is but a responsibility. For Vivian, love is the greatest thing to give and to receive. For Martin, love is self-gratification. Despite their different views, these three will learn go through a life-changing experience when their paths cross in Paris.

After her father dies, Vivian attempts to fulfill her father’s greatest dream and she attends film school in Paris. To keep up with her expenses, and financially help her family in the Philippines, she also takes part-time jobs. In her hotel job, she unexpectedly gets locked up inside the function room. The following morning, Carlo accidentally finds her sleeping under the table, thus causing her immediate dismissal. To make matters worse, she learns that her landlady locked up her room due to her inability to pay the rent. Vivian gets a new job after accidentally bumping into a Filipino in Paris who is looking for a maid for his boss; and upon learning this, Vivian immediately volunteers to take the job. To keep her new source of income, Vivian tries to be as creative as possible to impress her still-unidentified boss; but unfortunately, instead of gaining her superior’s confidence, she ends up getting on his nerves, thus causing her immediate dismissal. The action continues in France, and then moves back to the Philippines.[3]


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The theme song of the show is "Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin" (lit. "Never ever say") which is the same song used in the Tagalog-dubbed original version of Lovers in Paris. In the original, Kitchie Nadal sang the song, however in this remake, the show's soundtrack has two versions, the female version is sung by lead actress, KC Concepcion (used in commercials) and the other is a duet by KC with Piolo Pascual, used in the show.

Encore marathon

Due to public demand, as many people have not been able to watch most episodes of the first week of the show during the Typhoon Ondoy, ABS-CBN showed the whole pilot week marathon replay of the new primetime show last October 3, 2009.[4]

Executive Producer: Lindsay Anne Dizon
Associate Producer: Aimee Sumalde
Production Assistants: Emerald Silvestre, Ruchel Covacha

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