Genre Fantaserye
Created by ABS-CBN
Directed by Trina N. Dayrit
Rory B. Quintos
Starring Judy Ann Santos
Emilio Garcia
Opening theme Krystala by Aegis
Country of origin Philippines
No. of episodes 138
Running time 30-40 minutes
Production company(s) Star Creatives
Original network ABS-CBN
Original release October 11, 2004 (2004-10-11) – April 22, 2005 (2005-04-22)

Krystala is a daily fantasy/sci-fi/adventure/soap opera serial (superserye/fantaserye) from the Philippines, where it was produced by and aired on ABS-CBN from October 11, 2004 to April 22, 2005. The show also aired simultaneously on The Filipino Channel and on a one-week delay on International Channel (now AZN-TV) in the United States.


The series followed a young woman named Tala, who accidentally unearths a crystal that contained the spirit of the legendary diwata sorceress, Luwalhati, who was imprisoned a hundred years earlier by a devilish being, Harimon. As a promise to Luwalhati, Tala agrees to help her rid the world of evil spirits that, once in the possession or contact of human beings, can bring or unleash corruption and mayhem onto the world.

Knowing that kind of fury would lead to Manila, where most of them would blend into the city's large population, Tala decides to leave her Madulom tribe to move into the area, where she would blend into the mix as a normal working girl, working at a shopping mall.

She would learn, however, that most of the spirits also have ties to Harimon, who was also set free by a young girl named Zorah. (Tala would later learn that she was her mother, who had abandoned her as a child after she became possessed by Harimon.) Upon learning that Harimon and his band of co-horts (The fierce Super Z, female vampire Kamagona, flamboyant drag queen Terracota and shapeshifter Luminax) have resurfaced to unleash and finish the sinister plans to unveil a more evil being bent on taking over the human world, Tala uses her crystal to transform herself into the gold-and-blue clad super-sexy superheroine Krystala and uses her powers to protect those who are helpless... and to protect the people who are her close friends.

Character background

Faith, the daughter of Zorina and Martin de Gracia. When she was little, her family lived in the province far away from the city. One day, the little girl and her parents were being chased. Her mother told her to run far away from home before an evil man named Bacchus, kills the whole family (Bacchus and his men succeeded in killing the child's father and had kidnapped the child's mother).

A couple from the legendary Madulom tribe, Aleta and Joram, found the crying child near the grave of their newly buried daughter. Aleta was thinking that she should adopt Faith even though her husband and the tribes people think that adopting an outsider is unlucky. But since Aleta felt sorry for the child, she chose to adopt and name her as Tala, raising her with the guidance of Ima, the village fairy.

Years later, Tala was walking in the forest until she stumbled upon a secret cave. As she went in, she spotted a crystal that was just standing on a huge rock in the middle of the cave. Then a voice of a fairy name Luwalhati came out from the crystal. The fairy that was trapped in the crystal told her that she was the chosen one, the one anointed by the Mountain’s Diwatas (fairies) to save the world by ridding it of evil engkantos (supernatural beings). Tala then picked up the crystal and Luwalhati was released from the crystal. Also, the crystal had given Tala amazing powers and by saying "Sa kapangyarihan ng kristal, ako ang iyong sugo, Krystala!", she was able to turn into the super heroine known as Krystala.


The show gained a 36% rating on its opening night, cementing Krystala as a successful hit among Philippine televiewers especially in the Mega Manila ratings where ABS-CBN started to lose its hold of the area. This caused many viewers from the channel's rival network, GMA Network, jump to ABS-CBN. It was known that GMA Network would lead in Mega Manila but ABS-CBN still led in the nationwide ratings.

Its highest rating was its 3rd episode, 43.1% and an average of 33.1% (Mega Manila ratings).

Super Kontrabidas (The Villains)

Krystala's allies

Krystala's powers/abilities and items/weapons




This is the original soundtrack of 'Krystala'. In the TV series, the theme song, 'Super Krystala', was sung by Aegis, but the Krystala soundtrack featured Sheryn Regis singing the theme song instead.

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