Doble Kara

Doble Kara
Also known as Double Kara
Genre Melodrama
Romantic drama
Created by Rondel P. Lindayag
Erick C. Salud
Developed by Roldeo T. Endrinal
Julie Anne R. Benitez
Written by Danica Mae S. Domingo
David Franche Diuco
Hazel Karyl Madanguit
Liendro Candelaria
Directed by Emmanuel "Manny" Q. Palo
Jon S. Villarin
Erick C. Salud
Trina N. Dayrit
Jojo A. Saguin
Starring Julia Montes
Carmina Villarroel
Mylene Dizon
Ariel Rivera
Sam Milby
John Lapus
Maxene Magalona
Edgar Allan Guzman
Rayver Cruz
Theme music composer Vehnee Saturno
Opening theme

Ikaw Ay Ako
by Klarisse de Guzman and Morissette Amon
(Seasons 1–3)

Ikaw Ay Ako
by Lyca Gairanod and Elha Nympha
(Seasons 4–present)
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 331 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Hazel Bolisay-Parfan
Maya Manuel-Aralar
Producer(s) Erick C. Salud
Location(s) Pampanga, Philippines
Manila, Philippines
Nagoya, Japan
Cinematography Jafet Tutanes
Gerardo Jacinto
Editor(s) Marion Bautista
Running time 30-45 minutes
Production company(s) Dreamscape Entertainment Television
Original network ABS-CBN
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release August 24, 2015 (2015-08-24) – present
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Doble Kara (Lit: Double Faced / English: Double Kara) is a 2015 Philippine melodrama television series, directed by Emmanuel Q. Palo, Trina N. Dayrit, and Jojo A. Saguin. The series stars Royal Princess of Drama Julia Montes in a dual role, as Kara Dela Rosa and Sara Suarez, together with an ensemble cast consisting of Carmina Villarroel, Mylene Dizon, Ariel Rivera, Allen Dizon, Sam Milby, Alicia Alonzo, Maxene Magalona, Edgar Allan Guzman, and John Lapus. The series premiered on ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Gold afternoon block and worldwide on The Filipino Channel on August 24, 2015, replacing Pinoy Big Brother: 737 GOLD.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

The first book, which spans three seasons, focuses on the life of Kara and Sara and how jealousy and identity tests their sisterhood, and how they are exposed to various revenge plans by Lucille. The second book is about Kara and her husband, Sebastian Acosta, starting a new life together, while Sara begins life again in Japan. The twins both have daughters, Isabella and Rebecca. Until twists changed then when Rebecca died and Sara returned to the Philippines and unexpectedly, a suspect ruins her relationship with Kara after the suspect kidnaps Isabella and gives her to Sara. As the truth blooms, their sisterhood is more than tested competing as the mother of Isabella. Not knowing who is manipulating them, there is only one person who tries to ruin their family, their sister-in-law, Alex, Seb's sister.

Doble Kara was met with both mostly positive reviews and strong ratings. The series garnered three PMPC Star Award nominations, winning the Best Daytime Drama Series and two acting nominations for Julia Montes and Carmina Villarroel.[8] In addition, the series received multiple award wins, including a TV Series Craze Award for Best Daytime TV Series, an ALTA Media Icon Award for Best Daytime Drama Series, and a Gawad Tanglaw Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series for Montes.[9]


The story revolves around identical twin sisters who grew up in a happy family in spite of being poor and whose lives will be intertwined because of love, identity, deceit, ambition, and wealth when destiny teasingly compels to separate their lives.


Season 1 (2015)

Doble Kara began with the story of a poverty-stricken Laura (Mylene Dizon) who had no means of acquiring money for her dying mother's medical treatment. Laura, who had no choice but to resort to prostitution, was impregnated by a married man named Antonio Dela Rosa (Allen Dizon). Despite what happened, Ishmael (Ariel Rivera) who has shown Laura true love, marries her, and steps in as the father of her two unborn children. On the same day of Laura's childbearing, Lucille (Carmina Villarroel), Antonio's wife, also gives birth to their child, Sofia. However, the couple's daughter died shortly after delivery in consequence of her premature birth.

As Antonio and Lucille mourn their daughter’s early passing, Laura and Ishmael, together with godmother Itoy (John Lapus) and his brother Andy (Anjo Damiles), enjoyed and lived a happy life with their twin daughters, Kara and Sara (Julia Montes), regardless of being poor. The twins' differences become apparent when Kara excels in academics while Sara struggles, thus made Sara switched identities with Kara to make Sara pass her academics. However, when Kara was diagnosed with leukemia, Sara became jealous of the extra attention that was given to her sister. With limited means, their parents were forced to separate the two and give up Kara to her biological father Antonio, who had the means to provide better treatment for her disease. With Kara finally aware of her true origins, Laura and Ishmael decide to keep their secret from Sara and Antonio, in fear of losing Sara as well.

Antonio brings Kara unto the Dela Rosa foundation where she meets Lucille. Disheartened by Kara's ailment, Lucille began to espouse a mother-daughter relationship with Kara as she began to consider her as her own daughter. Unbeknownst to her of the existing relationship between her husband and Kara, Lucille adopts and brings Kara abroad where she recovers from her illness.

The two siblings, despite sharing the same appearance, grew up living two separate lives and exhibiIng contrasting personalities. Sara, who has an extreme fondness of beauty contests and pageants, grew up ambitiously towards her own life and dream, becoming more self-centered and egoistic while fostering a street-smart attitude. While Kara grew up to be charming, sweet, mellow, very sophisticated, and artistically inclined.

After fourteen years had passed, a grown-up Kara returns to her hometown and, against her father's wishes, resolves to find her family. On the other hand, unaware of her sister's whereabouts, Sara continues to pursue her dream of becoming rich and famous, and meets Edward (Edgar Allan Guzman). The two became a sweet couple but as days test their relationship, they stop themselves in impoverishment so they broke up and remained friends. In the meantime after several attempts, Kara had finally succeeded to meet her twin sister Sara in one of Edward's concert. Kara pleaded with Sara not to tell their parents yet of her return in order to avoid further complications in her family. Amidst of these, Laura and Ishmael discovered soon of Kara's presence when Kara worriedly visited her mother who got admitted in a hospital because of ulcer and when Ishmael got victimized in a taxi hold-up.

Several situations had occurred in keeping Kara and Antonio's secret including Sara who got mistaken for as Kara by Lucille and Antonio. This accidental switching of identities later gave Sara the acquisitiveness to share in Kara's luxurious life, much to Kara's detriment. Meanwhile, Sara's jealousy towards Kara heightens as she unraveled her true origins – kept and hidden by her own parents and sister. Now aware of her true identity, Sara started to yearn for Antonio's affections and used her sister's identity to get closer to her real father, but eventually the truth was revealed to Antonio that he actually shared twins with Laura.

Season 2 (2015–16)

Edward meets Kara again for a second time and it was already known to him that Kara and Sara are twins. Edward uncertainly get his eyes on Kara and she will soon taste the bitterness and cruelty of her twin sister. Rivalry arises between them with both twins fighting for their rights and ownership. But even so, Kara's love for her sister is unconditional as she gives everything to Sara to make her happy and satisfied, even knowing her sister has started to be more evil. In few times later, Kara uncovered her feelings for Edward and realized for herself that she doesn't see him beyond a friend. She meets her new savior, Sebastian (Sam Milby), who stopped her from committing suicide and helped her with her family problems. They became best friends and now it is Edward who seeks attention to Kara and gets envious of Sebastian. Sara later promised Edward that she will always be there for him. Sara began to be much more materialistic and scheming, and persistently fights for her rights as the "legal daughter" of Antonio. This later started a hefty and exasperating rivalry between Sara and Lucille. Sara started covet for highly luxurious properties, desiring to outclass Kara for all the lavishness she used to have, and even induced Antonio to buy her own house to make up for all those years she suffered in scarcity.

After the struggles that Kara has faced, every pieces of their family's secrets are finally discovered by Lucille who had known nothing about her family's well-kept secrets because of Sara's intentional declaration and evil schemes. Even her mother, Barbara (Alicia Alonzo), pretends innocently and blames Kara for falling down from a stair. Lucille was saddened by these turn of events, but chose to forgive her family and wanted them to move with her to America again for a fresh start. Unfortunately, Lucille's revenge returns and aggravates when Antonio dies in a car accident and her road to revenge is nearly arriving and she couldn't stop until she finds justice for the death of her husband. This enabled Sara to pay for her evil schemes she had caused against her family and Lucille as well. It becomes worse for Lucille when another secret from her mother is about to shock her when she meets her conniving and two-faced half-sister Alex (Maxene Magalona) and half-brother Sebastian. Lucille ordered a demolition around the area where the Suarez family lives and forcefully expelled Sara to the house which Antonio gave her. In consequence of the casualty, Ishmael was badly wounded in the head and needed medical operation for his condition. Kara and Sara, nowhere to look for money, had no choice but to confront Lucille and demanded the "donation" which their late father left for them. Lucille displeasingly tells the twins that Antonio didn't left any money for them and this created a weird suspicion behind Sara's mind. The twin sisters confronted the attorney and fellow friend of Antonio, and upon their surprise the attorney had finally confessed that he was actually blackmailed by Lucille to hide the inheritance which Antonio left for his daughters. Kara and Sara were given a corresponding amount of money of ten million each and used these for Ishmael's operation.

Season 3 (2016)

After the successful operation of Ishmael, Sara had finally returned to her house, while Kara stayed with her family at the new house she recently bought. Upon learning that both Kara and Sara had retrieved back their inheritance, an envious Alex desires to meet the same favorable fortune of the twins. Alex and Sebastian made a promise to get back the money which their father supposedly left for them. Alex would do everything to retrieve back what is rightfully theirs. Now, Lucille is against them as well until several circumstances will change their lives when Alex becomes even more desperate for money and she is determined to strike vengeance against Lucille. Eventually, Lucille turned the tables next to her favors when she started a connivance with Alex and assured to pay her handsomely in exchange for her services. Lucille ordered Alex to lure Sara by convincing her to invest her money to a fraud, while she deals with Kara's unwary temperament in an attempt to pester with her family. Filled with suspicions and doubts towards her mother's sudden closeness, Kara investigates Lucille's true intentions. Kara upon discovering her mother's schemes and Alex's involvement with Lucille, she told an enraged Sara the truth and finally decided to choose her immediate family. Sara is still hopeless to get back the money from Lucille since she already gave it to Alex. Sara catches Alex but she freely escaped from them but then she was kidnapped by a man ordered by Lucille. Sebastian searched for his sister everywhere and even sought help from the policemen but she is nowhere to be found until the court date arrives.

The day of confrontation in the court is about to come and Alex is ready to unveil the truth about what really happened to her. Afraid to tell the truth, Alex made a decision not to disclose what really happened to her. In exchange of her silence, Alex was rewarded by Lucille with wealth and money. Lucille wins the case and Alex and Sara's conflict escalates while Lucille didn't stop on ruining the Suarez family and even involve other people to do her commands to watch out for them. However eventually, the Suarezes ignored her, causing the Suarez's happy moments while Kara is trying to fix her relationship with her twin sister. Since Sara lost the money Antonio inherited her, she started her new evil schemes against Kara. And things got twisted when one day, Sara seduces Seb and begs for his love causing Kara and Sara's big complication. They search for a way to protect their relationship from Sara. Love still prevails in Kara and Seb's favor.

One day, when the Suarez planned to enjoy the holidays, they decided to go out for a family vacation and Seb prepared for his marriage proposal, but Lucille broke the moment and get the family into a tragic accident. After the incident, the Suarezes had thoughts that Lucille caused the accident but they don't have strong evidence for it. Nevertheless, they arrived uninjured and safe and Seb get everything set for his surprise proposal for Kara. Sara's dissatisfaction and envy arises again and before Kara and Seb's wedding, Sara seduces her sister's soon-to-be-husband and once more begs for his love but Seb proves that his love is only for Kara. After the scandal, Seb distressingly prepares for his upcoming wedding so as Kara and her maid of honor is her own twin sister which might proves that Sara completely reconciles with her twin sister. Sara helped her twin sister with everything for the wedding, but she is doing this to stop the wedding because she and Alex connive with planning to postpone the wedding. However, it was all too late, when Kara and Seb finally showed their true love to God. Unfortunately, another deferral bothered as Lucille showed up and annoyingly opposed the wedding causing everyone to walk away and stop the celebration.

Season 4 (2016)

Later, Lucille was again charged with temporary restraining order but as a wedding gift, the new couple is given lots of presents including Lucille's which is thought to be a bomb and Barbara knows this, so she protected her daughter by imprisoning her again. A deranged Lucille who keeps on seeing Antonio as an apparition continues with her agenda in ruining the Suarez and taking Kara back to her arms. Barbara, upon noticing her daughter's unstable state, persistently protects her. Sara is alone after being left by Edward and the twins, after making up with their boyfriends, are revealed to be carrying babies. Lucille, desperate to retrieve back her only daughter and sole memory of Antonio, committed a crime of arson and set the house of the Suarez on fire. She was later pleaded guilty for the crimes she deliberately committed including the accident experienced by the Suarez during their holiday vacation. Instead of imprisoning her, Lucille was instituted by the court in a mental hospital as she was suffering from a late-onset schizophrenia. Hoping to find Edward, the father of her unborn child, Sara went to Japan, but failed miserably just as Chloe (Patricia Javier), believing that Sara would only bring her son misery and pain, led Sara astray and forced Edward to migrate in South Korea. Sara, with the help of a friend, decided to work and start her life anew in Japan for her baby instead.

Both babies are born, christened as Rebecca and Isabella. However, Sara mourned and grieved as Rebecca shortly died after her birth and just like Lucille's daughter, it is caused by a premature birth brought about by a weak immune system. After the misfortunes Sara had experienced in Japan, she went home to the Philippines, but chose not to return to her family, thinking that she'll only be a hindrance and be judged by her family because of her wrong decisions in life again. While Sara is sorrowfully saddened and hasn't moved on, Kara and Seb promised to Isabella to protect and support her and be good parents. With all these happenings, Lucille, Alex and Sara started to suffer their consequences for their evil schemes and actions by having Lucille confined in a mental hospital, Alex being imprisoned and Sara losing her child. Not long after Isabella's few months, she was unfortunately separated from Kara and Seb which causes a family problem to the Suarez. Nobody knows who intended to kidnap the child and not stopping to search for her. Isabella was left in front of Sara's house under unknown circumstances and she took maternal care for her. Nowhere else to go, Sara was taken in by Cynthia (Mickey Ferriols) in her Club Felicidad where Sara and Isabella spend over the following years.

Six years later, Isabella who's now Rebecca (Krystal Mejes) grew up with gratitude and kindness much like her true parents and Sara will also learn to live with Rebecca without knowing her identity. Kara will also meet Hannah (Myel De Leon) by accident and later developed some form of bonding with Hannah and adopted her as her daughter while Lucille stays in a mental hospital hoping for an acceptance from Kara and be together again. Rebecca will meet Banjo (Rayver Cruz) whom she misleads as her father because of Sara. But they will form a friendship and will treat each other a family. Meanwhile, Alex is slowly brainwashing Kara and Seb’s adoptive daughter, Hannah, and instills in her that she is not well-loved, building hatred in the child’s heart, thus causing her to be evil and vengeful. And their situation gets even more complicated now that Sara has finally returned to her family.

Once Sara returns to the Suarez family, Alex starts to put her plan into motion. Alex brainwashes Hannah to do everything that she orders her to and Hannah starts to be as if she was Alex's puppet. Meanwhile, there are problems in the Dela Rosa Foundation, now managed by Kara, due to Lucille's absence and unstable state. Ishmael starts to suspect and become suspicious of Alex's actions, only annoying Alex greatly. One night when the whole family when to the Club Felicidad to watch Sara's performance, Ishmael followed Alex when she went to her accomplice, Dina, to give the money that she was demanding. He overheard Alex and Dina talking, and threatened to call the police after discovering their involvement in Isabella's abduction. This caused Alex and Dina to panic, and Ishmael got hit in the head by Dina. Alex, waking up to her senses, attempted to save Ishmael's life by bringing him to the nearest hospital. But she was threatened and stopped by Dina, causing Ishmael to die in the hospital later that night.

The family becomes depressed after Ishmael's sudden death, even Alex, and especially Laura. One night she has a dream of Ishmael in the hospital, she said that he was saying Kara's daughter's name, Isabella, over and over. Meanwhile, Alex realized that she shouldn't care about Kara's family that much and decides to resume her evil schemes of plotting her revenge and becomes part of a syndicate with the help of Dina. She asks her boss for help because Kara starts to become suspicious and starts to search who killed her father and who kidnapped her daughter. Alex's boss hired someone to pretend to be Ishmael's killer, but the one he hired got killed because Alex started to panic because she thought he would admit that he was only hired and that Alex and her connivant were the one who accidentally killed Ishmael. It is unknown to Kara's family and to her that Rebecca is really her long-lost daughter with Seb, Isabella Acosta.

However, Sara is falsely accused of being a drug pusher and was imprisoned causing Club Felicidad to be closed. Unknown to all of them, this was planned by Sara's evil suitor, Mr. Delgado. This urged Sara to leave Becca under the care of her family. Kara volunteers to be Rebecca's mother for the meantime while Rebecca decides to pretend as Isabella to make Kara happy. Unknown to them, they are already having a real mother-daughter bonding. Edward returns to make up for all his wrongdoings to Sara and his child, Rebecca. He asked Sara for one more chance to fix their relationship and he tries his best to be a father figure to Rebecca, much to the continuous disapproval of Sara. He never knew that their real child died as an infant back when Sara was in Japan and that Becca was just adopted. Despite Sara's disapproval, Edward never lost hope and continued to apologize to Sara day by day. One day Edward followed Kara and Rebecca to a bookstore, only to find out that Rebecca is accused of stealing a box of crayons because of Hannah's schemes. Edward did his best to save Becca by urging the shop to view the footage to prove Becca was innocent and that Hannah was the real cause of the incident. This was the start of a fatherly relationship between Edward and Becca. But Sara still disapproves of Edward coming back to their lives, causing him to lose hope. Now, Alex decides to use Edward by secretly offering of bringing Becca to see him daily. Edward was hesitant in the beginning because he didn't want to further damage his relationship with Sara, but he eventually accepted the offer and started a connivance with Alex and was hopeless that Sara will never let him bond with his daughter. Edward doesn't realize that he is being used as bait in Alex's plan to destroy Kara and Sara's relationship even further. Sara accepts Edward to be with Becca.

Season 5 (2016)

When Edward, Sara, and Becca all go on a "date" to Becca's celebration, Edward admits he still loves Sara. Sara tries to tell Edward the truth, but Chloe arrives telling the truth and slaps Sara in the face. Later, Chloe again confronts Sara, insulting her, but Laura slaps her and Itoy tells her to get out of Sara's house or he'll beat Chloe up.

Things become more complicated as Sara's secret starts to unfold when to her family. One night during Becca's celebration for becoming part of Edward's commercial, Chloe, reveals the truth to Edward and the Suarez family. She secretly made a DNA test using Becca's hair. The truth later unfolds to everyone and Edward and Becca become devastated. Edward confronts Sara telling her that the only reason she said he was Becca's father because of money. Out of anger, Edward throws all of the money from his wallet at Sara. When Edward leaves, Sara starts to cry because she is confused and doesn't know if she is doing the right thing.

Alex pleased of what fate is doing to Sara, starts to be in triumph due to Sara's misery. Her plan is working when the secrets are revealed and the Suarezes will destroy themselves little by little, and Kara and Sara's relationship will be ruined forever. Kara finds out that Becca is actually her long-lost daughter, who was kidnapped many years ago. Fate does not side with Sara, and someone comes from her past to reconnect to her. Sara's old friend Andrea (Kathleen Hermosa) returns, and now owns a business. She was with Sara during the time she was pregnant with the real Rebecca, and knew about her deceased daughter. When Andrea sees Becca sleeping in the room, she asks Sara if that is her "daughter". Andrea almost put two and two together, but luckily Sara did some quick thinking and told Andrea to leave and come back another time. Sara plans to return to Japan to keep the truth from revealing to her family.

Alex and her accomplice Julio Hernandez (Polo Ravales), plan to reveal the secrets to the Suarezes. Julio ordered his men to find information inside Sara's house and involved Laura. Banjo who saved Laura, punched the Julio's men with the help of Edward, who was also there during the time. The police came and killed Julio's henchmen and shot Julio himself in the arm. The police later take Laura to the prison to give her statement to help identify the men. Kara and Seb soon arrive and Kara tries to fix things between herself and her sister Sara. But Sara does not want to.

Edward confronts Sara again, asking her why she made a fool out of him and asking questions of why she followed him to Japan, not knowing that the true Rebecca is already deceased and that he is her father. He later admits he came because he wants to know the real truth, and he says again he still loves Sara. Angrily, Sara almost reveals the truth to Edward by blaming him. Edward starts to have questions that Sara cannot answer because she does not want to expose the truth. Mother tells Sara she should tell the truth to her family before this problem gets worse. She said maybe Kara will let Sara still be a mother to Becca, but Sara doesn't listen to reason and just pursues her plans to return to Japan. That night, Alex, removes the gunshot from Julio's arm and takes care of him that night.

Meanwhile, Paolo (Nash Aguas), Alex and Seb's cousin from their mother's side, reveals his feeling to Patricia (Alexa Ilacad). Paolo likes Patricia but he doesn't want to tell her because he says she is a "tattletale". Also, he was warned by Julio not to court Patricia. Patricia, unaware that her brother owns a syndicate and that Alex's is also part of it.

Julio's men were successful of getting the papers from Sara's house, and later finds a paper written in Japanese. He owns a travel agency, so he has it translated so that they find what that document means, Alex is excited for what will happen next. Sara admits to Laura that the real Rebecca is already dead. Things get worse as Seb informs Kara that he suspects that Becca may be their lost daughter and that he will do everything to find Isabella. The Suarez family is now in chaos because of Sara's secret being revealed and Alex playing with them as if they were her puppets.

Banjo brings Becca to Itoy's birthday party due to her pleading and that she did not want to miss her "Nangshie's" birthday. Earlier that day, Edward comes to Itoy's party, and Alex explains to him that he and Sara did have a child by she died due to premature birth, just as Antonio and Lucille's daughter. Edward asks Laura about it, and explains that Alex was the one who told him about the truth. Becca finds out the truth that she is only adopted, when Hannah, Seb and Kara's adoptive daughter, tells her that they are not cousins. She tells Becca that she shouldn't be an "attention seeker". They start fighting and Paolo and Andy have to pry them apart. Becca asks Laura and Itoy if she is really adopted. Banjo calls Sara that she needs to come to the Suarezes because the truth has been revealed. Sara, angrily comes, and confronts the whole Suarez family. She asks who told Becca the truth and Andy explains that it was Hannah. An enraged Sara confronts Hannah, and Kara explains that Hannah is her responsibility and if there's anyone to blame, it should be her. Andy takes Hannah to her room. Itoy says it's for the best that the truth came out and that Becca and Edward already know the truth and what really happened. He adds that they should just think about Becca because this revelation about her identity will affect her greatly. Sara blames Banjo for what happened, stating that if he hadn't brought Becca to the Suarezes this wouldn't have happened. Banjo says that he was also shocked about what happened and what Hannah said and he apologizes to an angry and enraged Sara.

She asks how Edward knows about the truth. Andy tells her that Alex told Edward about the truth earlier that day. Sara tells Alex what right does she have to tell Edward the truth. Alex makes an excuse saying that she didn't "know" that Sara was keeping secrets from him also. Seb adds that she still has no right to say anything and it should be Sara who explains the truth. Alex insults Sara, and Sara retaliates by slapping her. Alex also retaliates and they soon start a fight, not knowing that Becca had seen what is going on. Becca, seeing the Suarezes and Alex fight, runs away. She goes to the park and is talking to herself saying she is sorry to her "Momma" and Kara. She thinks that she is the reason why they are all fighting. Unbeknownst to them, Becca ran away. Once they realize this they all search for her. Edward, who is angry at himself because of the happenings in Japan, gets called that Becca is missing and helps find her also.

The Suarezes are now tearing each other apart with lies, while an antagonistic Alex, watches them all in triumph because she knows her plans will soon work. Kara and Seb soon find Becca lying on a park bench and she has a fever. They bring her to the hospital, and the Suarezes and Edward follow. Sara asks of the doctor that all the information about Becca only be told to her. Laura and Kara, worriedly enter the room where Becca is, and Sara says that her twin sister has no right to be here and that she is planning to ruin her and Becca's espoused mother-daughter relationship. Laura tells Sara to stop it and it's best they learn that they should always tell the truth from then on, because that could be a lesson of what lies can cause.

Sara tells Laura that she can't say that she never lied either. Sara reminds Laura that she hid the truth about Antonio being her biological father, and Laura says the she did it for a good reason. She asks Sara what her reason is to lie to her daughter. Banjo later tells Edward that it's best for him to leave, because he is just being a pain. Edward tells him, that if anyone needs to leave it's him because he has no relation to the Suarezes whatsoever. Edward insults Banjo by telling him Sara will never love him like how she loved Edward. Banjo later punches Edward and they start a fight and the hospital staff pry them apart. Seb tells them both that they are not helping and that they are just making more drama.

Seb, worried about Becca's condition, tells one of the nurses that he suspects the Becca just doesn't have a fever. The nurse tells Seb that she has a sickness, and he remembers that baby Isabella also had that condition. Later that night, Seb tells Kara about his instinct and explains to Kara that maybe it's more than just a coincidence. Kara tells Seb that Sara could never do what he is saying. However, Seb tells Kara that he will look at any angle just to find their daughter even if it means investigating Sara.

Seb continues on investigating Isabella's whereabouts, and meets with Edward's mother Chloe. He asks for a DNA sample of Becca's hair, due to Chloe having already taken a DNA test for Edward. She gives a sample of Becca's hair, and Seb orders a DNA test. Later he tells Kara upon his doings about finding Isabella, and Kara tells Laura about what is currently happening. Laura prays to God asking her to explain to her why this is all happening and guide Kara and Sara to guide them to do the right thing. Seb later goes to Sara's house, asking her yet again how she found Becca. She says that she told the truth already and asks Seb to leave, which gives Seb more suspicion due to her paranoia.

Alex, who is at Julio's syndicate location, talks to Julio in his room. She says she is happy about what is happening between the identity of Becca to the Suarezes and that Kara and Seb are already doubting Sara. Alex explains that she doesn't even need to move a muscle and the secrets of Sara are already unfolding, thus making her plan nearer to succession. She tells Julio, that once Becca is proven to be Isabella, the Suarezes will blame each other and destroy their family and once she succeeds in doing this, she will plan to separate Kara and Seb, not even considering her brother's feelings or reactions of her plan. Alex says that once this happens she will finally succeed at what Lucille has been dying to do, but has never succeeded at – to destroy the Suarez family.

Sara goes to Club Felicidad. She tells Banjo that if she and him can become a couple under one condition – if they leave and go far awa,y just Banjo, Sara, and Becca. Banjo agrees and they hug. Seb gets Becca's DNA result and confronts the Suarezes and Kara. He tells Kara that Isabella and Becca are the same person. They soon try to find Sara and stop her from leaving and taking Becca, aka Isabella, with her.

Sara tells Mother about her plan and tells her that she, Becca, and Banjo will be leaving. Mother tries to persuade Sara not to push through with her plan and just tell the truth because by running away she's only making the situation worse. Sara does not listen to Mother's advice and still wants to push her plan through. Banjo tells his sister Mother that he'll be okay and he knows what he's doing and that he fully loves Sara. But Mother asks Banjo if Sara really loves him.

Becca and Sara are in a taxi leaving. Sara brings Becca to Banjo to Club Felicidad while she bids farewell to Itoy, Andy, Laura, and Paolo. Meanwhile, Seb, Kara, and the police are at the bus station asking if the bus has already left. A saddened Kara and Seb return to the Suarez house. Sara is just about to leave and fate catches up with all of them – Kara and Sara confront each other. Kara asks Sara where is she going and Sara tries to stall but Kara slaps her in the face.

The police arrest Sara and Laura has a breakdown. Laura begs Kara and Seb not to put Sara to prison and that they could still fix this problem. A deranged Kara, does not listen to reason due to her being full of anger. The Suarezes' attorney soon arrives and Kara and Seb file a case against Sara of kidnapping. Laura again begs Seb and Kara not to press charges, but they want to know the truth of the kidnapping and Sara is the main suspect, not knowing that Alex is the real plotter of Isabella's abduction.

Sara is imprisoned and a lawyer comes to help her with the case of kidnapping filed by Seb and Kara. Unbeknownst to Laura and Sara, the attorney sent to help Sara is actually an acquaintance of Edward who sent him to help Sara with the case. They lawyer files a bailable case for Sara and the bail was granted. When Sara and Laura leave the prison, a reporter asks a cop about the case. Sara, who is in triumph because she can once again see Becca. When Laura and Sara return to the Suarez's home, Sara meets Kara. She asks her sister of she can see Becca but Kara refused, Sara reason was that she is Becca's "mother". Kara responds by telling her that she had her daughter for six years and asks her if that's still not enough. Sara gets onto her knees and begs Kara, saying that she will die if she is separated from Becca. Kara, who is now tearful, tells Sara that she will approve of her plead; only under one condition – she will help her espouse the mother-daughter bond with Becca. Sara accepts and excitedly sees Becca. She and Becca have a heart to heart talk and Becca asks her where she's been, not knowing that she was imprisoned by her biological mother, Kara.

Meanwhile, Alex is getting annoyed by Sara and tries to frame her up, once again. Alex plants the kidnapper's phone into Sara's suitcase, while carefully covering her tracks. She calls Kara's phone and the former calls the latter's phone only to find the phone in Sara's bag. Kara confronts Sara asking her why the kidnapper's phone is inside her bag, Sara responds by telling her that she doesn't know what she's talking about. An angry Kara tells Sara that she is tired of those excuses and that if she finds out that she is the real one behind Isabella's kidnapping, she will do everything and anything to find just for her daughter, and even if it means doing it to her own twin sister. Seb meets with his attorney and give him another piece of evidence – the cell phone planted in Sara's bag. The lawyer tells Seb that they can do a fingerprint check on the phone, as well as checking the history. If it proves that Sara is the owner of the phone, this will be enough evidence to send her to prison.

Sara sees Kara in the kitchen cooking adobo. Sara tries to help her twin sister with Becca by telling her what she wants. Kara annoyingly replies to Sara that Becca will have to get used to Kara's cooking. Sara says that she's only trying to help her. Becca tells Sara just to leave her alone and she'll do her own thing. During dinner, Alex tries to create more chaos by asking Becca whose cooking is more tasty - Kara's or Sara's. Becca replies that both are different but delicious. Kara tries to get close to Becca by inviting her to a family outing, but Becca asks Sara if she is going, but Sara says that she cannot go because of a side job. Becca says that she will not go unless Sara goes. Laura and Itoy persuade her to come. During the outing, Becca is not having fun because Sara is not there and she just stays with Itoy and Laura.

The next day, reporters go to the Suarezes' house because of an anonymous source that told them that they found Isabella Acosta. Becca comes outside to call Andy who is wanted by Itoy. The reporters start asking questions about Becca's identity, unknowing that she is really Isabella. Sara goes to the Suarezes' house and explains to Becca the whole truth and Becca has a nervous breakdown. Later, Sara tries to talk to Becca in her room, only to find that Becca is missing. Kara, Seb, Sara, and Banjo all start searching for Becca outside.

Kara and Sara start to fight again because Kara blames her sister for all the happenings that are going on. Sara retaliates by telling her that his wouldn't have happened if she hadn't keep forcing herself to get near to Becca. Banjo tells them that it won't help if they start fighting. Meanwhile, back at the Suarez house, Itoy and Laura both are looking for Becc;, the two search the whole house but cannot find her. Laura later finds Becca hiding underneath the stairs crying. Itoy calls Sara, telling her that Laura found Becca.

Meanwhile, Chloe goes to talk to Edward telling her that Sara's "crime" is now known to the whole Philippines. Edward tells his mother that Sara is not a criminal and that they don't even know the whole truth yet so they shouldn't be judging her. Chloe asks Edward if he still cannot forget his feelings and emotions for Sara. They argue and Edward chooses not to answer his mother.

Someone from Kara's past is about to return because of her knowledge of who really is the plotter of the kidnapping of Isabella. That woman turns out to be Lucille's mother and Kara's adoptive grandmother Barbara. Barbara returns to the Philippines because of her selling all of her properties because she is tired of always returning to the Philippines and that she is also old now. And she also mentions that she needs to return to the United States because the she needs to keep an eye on Lucille, who is still in an unstable state. She watches the news and asks herself that if they already found Kara's daughter.

Sara and Becca have a talk and Sara explains to her that she needs to accept Kara and Seb as her biological parents. Sara tells her to love them. Unbeknownst to the two, Kara overhears their conversation. Later, Kara and Laura talk, and are unfortunately overheard by Sara. Kara explains to Laura that she feels that Becca will never treat her as a mother as long as Sara is around. She says that she feels that she has given to much to the family already and she's tired, and all Kara wants is for Becca to accept her as a her biological mother.

The next morning, Sara leaves the Suarezes' house and Becca makes a scene. Sara tells Becca that she will return for her and that's a promise, Itoy kindly holds Becca while Laura bids goodbye to her daughter. Kara, who sees this, is sad also. Kara tries to reach out to Becca by trying to espouse the mother-daughter relationship, by buying her crayons and art supplies. But Becca rejects Kara's affections which makes her depressed. Seb tells Becca that she should give Kara and him a chance, and that she should use the things Kara is buying her because that will make her happy. Hannah, upon hearing their discussion, confronts Becca and says that she wishes that she wasn't Isabella and Kara is sad because of her. Becca tells her that she's sorry and that she also didn't wish that she was Isabella. She tells Hannah that she'd rather be Sara's daughter instead.

Meanwhile, Julio discovers Patricia's affections with Paolo and takes his anger out on Alex. He tells her that she should by looking out for his sister. Julio tells her to fire Paolo. Alex explains that she can't because Paolo is her and Seb's second cousin from their deceased mother Lorena's (Maila Gumila) side of the family. Julio says he doesn't care and asks Alex if she is betraying him.

Itoy calls Sara and Becca talks to her. Kara takes the phone away from Becca, angering her, and causing her to be mad at Kara. Becca asks Kara why is she doing this and keeping her away from Sara, Kara explains that she's doing this because she is her biological mother. Itoy explains to Kara that Becca isn't doing anything wrong and she just wanted to talk to Sara. She kneels in front of Becca, begging her to accept her as her mother. Seb tells Kara to stand up, and they talk in their room. She says that even though Sara is already gone, Becca will always treat her as a daughter.

Barbara meets with her attorney and he gives her Lucille's things, and she finds Isabella's accessory in her daughter's stuff. She meets up with Laura and Sara telling them that she doesn't want to get involve in their mess, but she wants to clear one thing - Lucille's name. Barbara shows Laura the accessory and she remembers that Seb gave that to Isabella as a gift, Sara asks why that is in Lucille's things. She jumps to conclusions and blames Lucille right away. Barbara says that Lucille is not in the right mind to kidnap Isabella, and she has Lucille watched the whole day. Barbara says that the Suarezes were all blaming Lucille for Isabella's abduction, that they are not punishing the real plotter. Barbara explains that one thing's for sure – Lucille is not involved.

Kara is now starting also to suspect Sara as the plotter of Isabella's abduction. Laura tries to get Kara just to handle things in personal business, but Kara persistently wants to find justice for her daughter's kidnapping. Meanwhile, Itoy gets suspicious about Alex's doings and starts to investigate for himself, he searches Alex's room and finds a bag full of cash. Just at that moment Alex enters the room, while Itoy hides under the bed. Alex leaves and Itoy tells Laura about his findings but Laura does not believe in his accusation. They both go into Alex's room to search again, but unfortunately Alex comes inside the room during their investigation so the hide in the restroom. Laura and Itoy leave the room.

Seb is also now starting to become suspicious about Alex's movements, so he starts investigating her also now. Unbeknownst to him, Alex is actually not also present in her works in the Dela Rosa Foundation, and he finds this out from Paolo, who says that Alex never goes to work. Meanwhile, Laura and Itoy go to the mall and saw Alex giving one of her henchmen money - the latter confronts the former. Itoy interrogates Alex by asking her why she gave him money and where she got that money, since she is working only in Kara's foundation. Laura asks Alex what she is doing, but Alex responds by telling her and Itoy that she comes and goes from the Suarez house all the time, but none of them ever even care to notice her. Alex excuses herself from the two and leaves, leaving Itoy and Laura suspicious.

Itoy becomes a blabbermouth and tells Seb about the incident that occurred in the mall earlier that day. When Alex returns to the Suarez house, Seb confronts her and asks his sister where she has come from. Alex lies and tells him that she came from the Dela Rosa Foundation, Seb tells her to say the truth because he knows that Laura and Itoy saw her at the mall earlier. Things get even worst and more complicated as Alex confronts Laura and Itoy. She tells Itoy why he had to say that to Seb and that it's known of his business about what is going on in her personal life. She accuses him of trying to ruin their strong brother-sister relationship. Alex insults Laura causing her to accidentally push her to the floor. Seb arrives only to witness this mishap, Kara arrives also seeing the mess. A deranged Sara attacks Alex and asks her why she'd hurt her mother. Seb says he has had the last straw with her.

He brings her to the room and kicks her out of the Suarez house. Itoy reveals that he saw a pack of cash in her cabinet and tries to prove himself, but Alex has hid the money and made Itoy look like an idiot. Alex says they don't even have to ask her to leave the Suarezes because she herself is going to do it because she is tired of putting up with people she's not even related to. She leaves the house. Alex goes to Julio's syndicate location and tells him about her problem; she stays in the Acostas' former house that she renovated after Barbara sold it to a couple, years ago. She sleeps there for the night.

Barbara goes to Suarezes' house to talk to Laura. She says that they can finally have a testimony to help them with Sara's case, because Lucille's nurse from the mental hospital is returning to the Philippines after several years of being abroad. Hannah overhears their discussion. Later that day, Alex sees Hannah and Hannah informs her that she saw Laura talking to an old lady about Lucille's nurse from the asylum. This gives Alex a chance to plan something else against Sara to incriminate her for the abduction of Isabella. Julio orders his men to hire a woman to pose as Lucille's nurse in exchange for money.

This woman's name is Flor Bautista. Barbara calls a meeting with her and asks her about Isabella's pin and how it got into Lucille's possession. Barbara says she wants to know who ordered her to give the pin to Lucille, and why. She shows Flor a picture of Sara; Lucille's "nurse" says that Sara was the one who ordered her, and just to make sure of her statements, Barbara shows her a picture of Sara. After the meeting, Lucille's nurse gets paid and she asks the men who is Sara Suarez. The men reply to her that the less she knows, the better.

Barbara tells Laura that the nurse says that Sara is the one who ordered her to give Isabella's pin to Lucille. Kara and Laura don't seem to believe Barbara's accusations and asks her if they can talk to Lucille's nurse themselves. Barbara asks them if they cannot trust her, and they are the ones she is helping, but they can't believe her statements. Laura says that who knows that she is not just paying the nurse to frame up Sara to cover up for Lucille's crime. Their confrontation ends and Barbara gives them Flor's address.

Laura and Kara confront Flor, asking if Sara really ordered her to give the pin to Lucille. Flor's conscience starts to get the best of her and she wants to admit the truth but she is scared. Kara tries to convince to be a witness for their case against Sara; since she was the one who ordered her to give the pin to Lucille. She asks them to leave her alone and that she doesn't want to get involved in their personal affairs because she already said her piece.

Laura and Kara meet up with Barbara telling her that the nurse does not want to be a witness. Barbara tells them that they cannot blame her because who would want to get involve in a crime case; but Kara says that if the nurse has nothing to hide she should just accept their bargain to her. She starts to become suspicious. Barbara explains to them that there is no 100% that she will agree but she'll try to ask her to testify for them.

The day of the court confrontation arrives, and Alex arrives, while Flor is a witness. Flor decides to not disclose the truth about what happened to assure the safety of her children, because their lives are at stake. The Suarezes' attorney asks her if Sara is the culprit behind Isabella's abduction and also if that if she is also truly involved with the pin incident with Lucille. Flor tells the court that Sara is the real culprit and that she's behind everything that happened. The court brings in the next witness who is apparently Dina's brother, Dante Nicholas. He was also hired also like Flor. He says that he knew everything that was going on and that Sara was the plotter, and that everything never became clearer to him about Isabella's abduction until it streamed live on TV.

After the court hearing, Alex and Sara have a confrontation in the restroom as Alex tries to tamper Sara. Sara almost slaps Alex but she threatens her that if she lays one finger on her she'll sue Sara for physical injuries. Sara tells Alex that once she clears her name, she'll find out who really kidnapped Becca. She will make them pay the price.

Later, Sara went to Flor's house to question her about why she said that she ordered her to give the pin to Lucille. Flor quietly answered saying that she said everything that she already said everything she know's in the courthouse. Afraid to tell the truth because she was being stalked by Julio's men, Flor tells Sara that she'll text her where they will meet and talk. Later, Flor leaves her house with her two sons, unfortunately, they are stopped and kidnapped by one of Julio's henchmen. The henchmen found out that Flor was about to say the truth that Sara is not the real person behind Isabella's kidnapping and that she also did not order her to give the pin to Lucille. Flor and her two sons are kidnapped and brought to a warehouse; only to meet Alex.

Alex interrogates and asks Flor what she was going to tell Sara, or if she even told the truth. Flor denies her actions, causing Alex to become more intense and threatens to kill her sons if she will not fess up. Flor tells Alex that she didn't say anything to Sara and that she only asked her why she lied in court that she was ordered to give the pin to Lucille. Alex doesn't believe and Flor begs her that she has already said everything she knows, Alex lets them go and orders them to leave and move faraway. Flor follows her orders.

Sara returns to Club Felicidad and tells Mother and Banjo about the incident. She tells them that Flor backed out of their agreement and that she never showed up to the mall. Mother tells her maybe Flor had a good reason why she didn't keep her end to the bargain. Sara starts to suspect that Flor wanted to tell her something, but she was just afraid, and Sara could tell by the way Lucille's nurse was acting. Sara and Banjo later visit Flor's house but only to be told by one of her neighbors that Flor and her sons already moved out. This shocks Sara and leaves her with suspicion.

Later, Hannah starts rumors at school that Sara is a criminal. And one of Becca's classmates' pencil case was missing, but due to Hannah's rumor, the girl searched Becca's backpack and was accused of thieving. The teacher tells Seb that his daughter got into a fight, and he guesses it was Hannah, but a surprised Seb found out that Becca is the one who got into a fight. He calls Kara and they have a meeting with the girl and her mom. Unbeknownst to them, it was Hannah who actually started this rumor about Becca's adoptive mother, Sara. The girl who accused Becca fesses up and tells them that it was Hannah who started the rumor. Later that night, Seb and Kara tell Hannah to apologize to Becca as a punishment for her actions. Hannah reluctantly apologizes and they make up.

That night, Becca was outside admiring the stars from the Suarezes' balcony and saw Sara. Becca did not know that earlier that day Sara came to see her, but Kara did not keep her word of letting Becca see Sara on Fridays after her class. Becca tries to go to Sara but she suddenly leaves, which makes Becca burst into tears. It is not only Becca who burst into tears, but Sara as well.

Meanwhile, Alex starts to get involved in Julio's personal life by befriending his sister Patricia. Alex wants to expose the truth to Patricia that she and Julio are a couple, much to Julio's dismay. One day, Patricia invited Alex to their mansion to watch movies and Alex cook her dinner. Julio arrives while she is there. Now Alex and Patricia are now good friends and Patricia tells Alex about Julio's previous girlfriend. Later, Alex explains to Julio about her plan to reveal the truth to Patricia. She mentions Julio's ex-girlfriend's name, which anger Julio causing him to get physical. Patricia arrives and almost sees everything unfold causing Julio to stop.

There is also trouble brewing in the Suarezes' house, also. Becca talks to Hannah and complains that she wants to see Sara. Later, Seb, Kara, Laura, and Itoy go to Sara's hearing, unbeknownst to them that Hannah helped Becca sneak into the Suarezes' van. The four go to Sara's hearing, and Barbara and Alex are also there. While the hearing is going on Becca disrupts them and begs the judge that Sara is not guilty. Becca makes a scene and the judge sees how Becca defended Sara against Kara and Seb's accusation. She tells the court that if they are going to put Sara to jail, she'll go with her. Seb and Kara excuse Becca from the court, causing them to flee. After the mishap, the court makes up a decision and finds Sara guilty of kidnapping Becca and sentenced her to life imprisonment or reclusión perpetua.

The cops arrest Sara put her to jail, which causes Itoy and Laura to burst into tears. Sara explains to them that this isn't her first time in jail and that once she'll prove her innocence, they'll be together again. Kara and Seb return to the Suarez house with Becca and confront Andy. They warn him that next time he should be more careful, but he also explains that Hannah said that Becca is still in her room.

Later, Barbara meets up with one of her henchmen. She ordered him to follow Alex and Julio, he'll report back to her. The man tells Barbara about his suspicions that Julio and Alex are not just employee-boss relationship but they have a deeper relationship. Barbara tells him to keep on doing his job, and that when she finds out that they are the ones ruining Lucille's name, she will make them pay. Barbara them meets up with Laura and tells her about the happenings. Laura says that the person behind all this is someone who is angry at Kara and Lucille, and they suspect Alex. Barbara shows Laura the pictures of Alex and Julio and they both suspect that she is the one behind Sara and Lucille's frame up.

Sara, who now resides in prison, becomes her inmates new defender and protector from Rona (Maria Isabel Lopez), after she shows Sara her evil and abusive side. Sara used to be Rona's servant because she needed to use her cellphone to talk to Becca. One day, Sara saw the taste of a bitter and cruel Rona who was mistreating Kengkay (Kristel Fulgar). Rona and Sara become enemies and she makes her life a living hell.

Sara then develops a friendship with Nancy (Sunshine Garcia) and Lola Karing (Odette Khan). After realizing her mistakes because Sara made her come to her senses, Rona, decides to turn a new leaf and change her ways. Later on, during a correctional institutional women's event, Sara and her friends plot an escape. Rona pretends to be injured by a police woman distracting her so that Kengkay can get the key. Sara then sets the kitchen on fire causing a panic. Nancy then messes with the circuit break causing it to make a blackout. Sara and her accomplices then escape with the help of Banjo. They hid in the woods hoping to hide from the police.

The Suarezes then find out of the unfortunate events that Sara escaped from the prison, which causes commotion in the household. Laura, who is worried or Sara's sake, tries to find her daughter. Sara and Laura then meet each other and have a heart to heart coversation. Worried upon their family's safety, Kara and Seb plan to go to America hoping to escape their problems with Sara.

Sara and Banjo then follow Alex, who meets with a man with a gun and threatens her life. Sara then confronts Alex saying that she'll make sure that Alex will pay for her crimes to her and her family. Alex then laughs and says what family is she talking about because her own twin sister sent her to jail. Sara then slaps Alex in the face. Alex then tells Sara that she wonders how much of a reward will she get for finding Sara. Sara then waks her in the stomach. Alex then calls for help causing Sara to flee. Alex then calls Seb stating that Sara attacked her for no reason. Seb then goes to Alex and tries to pacify her. Julio comes and comforts her.

Seb then tells the Suarezes that Alex got attacked by Sara. Itoy then defends Sara saying that she wouldn't have attacked Alex if she didn't do anything. Seb then says he wants to understand Sara but Alex was the one who got hurt. Kara then wonders if Alex got ambushed by Sara, they might be next. Laura then tells Kara that Sara is not capable of their accusations.

Sara then tries to reach the man who was talking to Alex hoping he will help them prove Alex's crimes. Banjo follows the man to a convention, but can't enter due to him not having an invitation. Sara then calls Kara asking to meet with her because she has evidence to prove her innocence. She then tells Seb, who is against the idea, but reluctantly goes with her to hear her out. He then wonders, with Sara risking to call Kara that she might be innocent, and just wants to look for the truth, even if it cost Alex going to jail. Unknown to them, Hanna was listening and tell Alex everything, including that Alex might be sent to jail by Seb.

Scared that they will uncover the truth, she talks to Julio about this. When while discussing, Patricia walks in, which the two lie about their discussion, that it was about a difficult client. Patricia later on, thinking of what Paolo said, looks through his things and finds a gun. She then question Julio, who angrily answers, leaving Patricia upset, wondering about her brother, goes to get ready for school. Despite Julio's promise to make it up to her and says that it's stress from work, even though it Patricia doesn't believe it.

Meanwhile, with the girls, Hanna asks who Rebecca is coloring. She then answers Nanay Kara, when Hanna tells her that she has to pick between the two, even though Rebecca tells her that she loves both. Then Hanna tells her to go with Sara if she comes to get her, as a way to tell her to leave the family, so that she can have Kara and Seb to herself. Alex then calls the Detective in charge of the case, telling him to follow her twin sister Kara, who is unaware of the police, will lead her to the Sara. Three of the four, prisoners go with Sara to see if the police are there. Seb sees the police convinces them to wait and let Kara talk to Sara, even though backup is coming. The three see the police, go to Sara to tell her that the police are there. She then hits Kara in anger for this, even though neither Kara nor Seb knew the cops would be there, because Hanna tells Alex, who then tips the police to follow Kara to get to Sara.

While this is happening, Laura is at home worried about what is happening, so worried, she burnt food that was cooking. Itoy tries to tell her to think about how this is hurting Kara, but Laura tells her that this hurts too and hopes that Kara will listen to her, like what she had requested when talking to her about Sara's call to her. Laura then tells her, she hopes that Kara will listen, help find the truth to bring the family together again and that they can make it through this problem that threatens to tear apart their family.

The problems get worse, when the four prisoners get recaptured, because they wanted to distract the cops long enough to let Sara escape. They each get capture, while getting put in the car, they each tell Laura, Kara, Seb, Banjo and Edward to thank Sara for what she did. While that happen, Sara continues to hide from the police until the Detective found, rather than come peacefully, she hits him with a branch after he gives a warning shot in the air that gets everyone's attention. Then he fires again, hitting her in the side, causing her to fall down the cliffs. When the Detective returns back, Laura angrily wants to hit him, but Seb holds her back. She then yells that she was innocent. Seb and Kara are not happy with the Detective and were there just to talk, and the Detective warns them never to withhold any more information about things like or the next time, it's on them if something happens to Sara.

Everyone still sad or upset with what happen to Sara left, Sara still alive and injured, texts Edward to come get her. Edward then uses his phone to find during the night, takes to a place that no one would think to check. After helping to treat her injury that is graze on the side, watches her sleep, remembering how she love to tag along with him, was with him at an abandon house. He then realizes that he loves Sara. While they deal with that, Banjo comes back to Cynthia (mother) and tells her that Sara has been injured, and hopes that she will be okay or he'll never forgive himself. The Detective informs them that they have not found Sara and had in the past suspects that someone in the family is still helping Sara. Becca hearing this says that Sara is alive and that she can feel it. Becca then goes up to her room, when Kara goes to talk to her, she blames Kara for Sara getting hurt. This causes Kara to fear that Becca will resent them again and distance herself as she becomes anger. Seb then explain things and is able to calm Becca down again.

Alex seeing the news saying that she will not believe that Sara, who knows about her encounter with Mr. Gomez for money, is dead until she sees her dead body. Julio insists with little to no resource she has no where to go. With them doing that Sara informs Laura that she is okay and that she will not stop until she can clear her name. Laura then continues to help provide for her and Lola Caring, who was never caught by the police, because she has been at their hideout the entire time. Sara when she first returns tells Lola Caring that the others were cpatured, which causes her to cry, missing the noise they made downstairs when talking. Sara then shows her the handshake she and Becca having been doing for most of her life. Edward and Banjo help as best as they can, Banjo helps with transportation while Edward helps provide medicine for Lola Caring, who tells Edward that she knows Edward loves Sara and tells him to never leave Sara alone. Things start to calm down for Sara and Lola Caring, who tells Sara that her house is Sara's, because Sara is like a daughter for her, whom she treated her injury with herbs and she helps take care of her.

All while this happen, Barbara remember how terrified the Nurse was of Alex has someone investigate to see her connection to Alex. Then learns that the Nurse has a shop and had to have been given money to help, she then goes to the shop, mentions her daughter's name to talk the Nursers' parents, who stiffen and tell Barbara to leave, who suspects that they know something about this and are too scared to say anything. Alex probably gave them money to help the shop, but threaten their lives if any of them said anything.

Then Seb returns with the passports for Hanna and Becca, allowing them to continue with their plans to leave the Philippines. Becca is not happy with the plans, while she is still sad about it, is reluctant to go with them. Laura then tells Sara, who is heartbroken about it, then after calming down told Lola Caring. After leaving the groceries goes shopping again for Seb, Kara, Hanna and Becca's farwell party. Banjo then helps Sara to see Becca one last time, sneaks her inside. Banjo then goes and follows Laura to see Becca, who expresses that she would like to see Sara one last time. Banjo then helps Becca see Sara, who is on the side of the house. Becca then cries as Sara tells her to follow Kara and Sebs' wishes to help keep her safe. As the two have their final reunion, Hanna sees this, but thinking it will get rid of Becca doesn't say anything and helps Laura keep Kara from finding out. Their visit there, Julio sends his men to go after Becca, because Alex and Julio want to draw Sara out. His men then take out the guards, go inside and wait until Sara leaves with Banjo go after the guard at the house. Hearing the noise Becca goes and gets re-kidnapped. This puts leaving to a halt, Alex and Julio continue with their plan, with Julio knowing that the police are investigating Alex, who denies knowing Mr. Gomez, because Mr. Gomez told Alex that if they take him down, he'll take them down with him.

The Detective takes responsibility for what happen and informs them that this was plan and like Julio predicted, blames Sara for this. Alex watches as Laura talk to Sara, who had admitted she left Becca near the door to the kitchen to get her water, because she was heartbroken that she won't see Sara. Alex waits as Laura puts down her phone, gets Sara's number, leaves. Being followed by the police Alex is able to lose them by chance a driver turns in front of the police. Alex then goes to the abandon warehouse, where Becca is feed and cries for her mother. Alex then texts Sara, who is baffled on who else has her number, not realizing that it's Alex, who texted her the address. She then wants to go, Edward and Banjo suspect it's a trap, but want to go with her. Sara then tells them to let her see Lola Caring, she sees her, sneaks out to go after Becca. During the chaos, Patricia uses her nanny's phone to talk to Paolo, who sent a picture, which Julio gives his men to help find Becca. They talk with each other, Patricia comforting Paolo, because of what is happening.

As Sara goes to find Becca, Hanna then tells Kara that she saw Becca with Sara, Kara gets made that Hanna should have said something earlier. Hanna thought Becca was just talking, she didn't see Becca after that. Kara's friend, who came to visit takes Hanna to her room. Alex and Julio before they leave have Alex call a tip, then removes the sim card, which is why they have hard time finding the phone. The two leave a Sara finds Becca goes to take her. Then they have to hide, because the police are there, including the Detective, who is reluctant to let Kara and Seb go with them.

Kara then goes inside with a gas lamp finds them, fights with Sara calling her a kidnapper, Becca tries to stop the fight, which cause the gas lamp to fall causing a fire.

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"After doing so many roles that are not normal for my age, I can really say that this is the most challenging project that has been given to me. I have to dedicate not only my heart and soul, but also myself as whole for this series."

—Lead actress Julia Montes on her dual role[10]

In April 2015, it was announced that Julia Montes had been given the first title role of the show.[11] Hazel Parfan, the executive producer of the show, said they concocted the project with Montes in mind. Created as polar opposites, Montes had to change clothes, change makeup, and switch personas several times for her respective roles as Kara and Sara.[12] Afterwards, more castings were confirmed, including Mylene Dizon, Ariel Rivera, Allen Dizon, Edgar Allan Guzman, John Lapus, Gloria Sevilla, Patricia Javier, and Alora Sasam.[13] Bing Loyzaga and Enchong Dee were originally part of the main cast for the roles of Lucille Dela Rosa and Andy Delgado.[14] They were later replaced by Carmina Villarroel and Anjo Damiles.[15]

In November 2015, it was announced that Sam Milby and Maxene Magalona would also be joining the cast as one of Kara's (Montes) love interests and Sebastian's (Milby) sister, respectively.[16][17] After the third-season finale, it was announced on April 22, 2016, that child actresses Krystal Mejes and Myel De Leon were cast in the second book and fourth season of the series as Isabella Acosta/Rebecca Suarez and Hannah Acosta, respectively.


The series was initially meant to be part of ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida evening block as announced on Bandila news program, declaring that Montes will be coming back on primetime.[18] However, in a last minute change, the time slot was moved as part of Kapamilya Gold afternoon block, replacing Pinoy Big Brother: 737 GOLD, which is the schedule time after FlordeLiza and subsequently after It's Showtime.[19]


Dreamscape Televisions of Love (Volume 1)
Soundtrack album by Various artists
Released September 26, 2015 (2015-09-26)
Recorded 2015
Genre OPM
Length 39:83
Label Star Records

The theme song, "Ikaw Ay Ako", composed by songwriter Vehnee Saturno, was sung by The Voice of the Philippines runner-up Klarisse de Guzman and semifinalist Morissette Amon.[20] The song was originally composed for the television series Doble Kara. A second rendition of the song was covered by The Voice Kids grand champions Lyca Gairanod and Elha Nympha for the series' second book.[21] The songs, from different Dreamscape Productions such as Ang Probinsyano's "Wag Ka Nang Umiyak" and "Basta't Kasama Kita", On the Wings of Love and And I Love You So's own title musics, and Nathaniel's "Lupa Man Ay Langit Na Rin", were compiled into one album.

The soundtrack album was released by Star Records on September 26, 2015 during It's Showtime's Kapamilya Day, held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.[22]

Dreamscape Televisions of Love (Volume 1)
No. TitlePerformer(s) Length
1. "Lupa Man Ay Langit Na Rin"  Erik Santos 5:00
2. "On the Wings of Love"  Kyla 4:34
3. "Wag Ka Nang Umiyak"  Gary Valenciano 5:11
4. "Ikaw Ay Ako"  Morissette Amon and Klarisse de Guzman 4:06
5. "Basta't Kasama Kita"  Daryl Ong 4:30
6. "And I Love You So"  Angeline Quinto 4:40
7. "Wag Ka Nang Umiyak"  KZ Tandingan 5:00
8. "On the Wings of Love"  James Reid and Nadine Lustre 4:30
9. "Basta't Kasama Kita"  Coco Martin and Maja Salvador 3:32
Total length:


On August 1, 2015, ABS-CBN released the first teaser trailer for the series on YouTube, featuring Montes.[2] Another teaser followed on August 5, and once again featuring Montes.[3] Later that month, ABS-CBN released a series of exclusive posters and cast portraits on the show's website and Twitter.[23] On August 14, 2015, the first full-length trailer was released.[1] On April 22, 2016, it was publicly disclosed by Julia Montes and Sam Milby in their promotion and interview that the series got renewed for another book and season because of its consistently increasing ratings which have been unprecedentedly high for an afternoon cable series, beating its rival program and a rumor surfaces that the series might get extended until August which will run for totally a year.[24] The trailer for the second book shows the new life of Kara and Sara as mothers, having daughters of their own.[25] On April 29, 2016, Montes, with Alora Sasam and Markki Stroem, visited SM City San Jose del Monte and served a thanksgiving concert to everyone who watches and supports the series. A promotion about the extension for the series was also included. There is also a report that the series might run until January 2017 because of its continuous high ratings.[26]


Doble Kara airs on Mondays to Fridays at 3:00 p.m. Philippine Standard Time (PST). ABS-CBN pushed the series to an earlier time slot of 2:45 p.m. on August 31, 2015, right after FlordeLiza ended its series run.[27] After this, the series was then again rescheduled to a later time slot of 3:20 p.m. on April 13, 2016.

The series had its world premiere on The Filipino Channel on August 25, 2015. In the Philippines, it premiered on ABS-CBN on August 24, 2015. The premiere also debuted via livestream on TFC’s official online service,, and via its video on demand (Internet Protocol television) service available which is subtitled in English for its worldwide viewers from United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.[28]

In Africa, the show airs on StarTimes' Novela E1 at 7:50 p.m. Central Africa Time (CAT) every Saturdays to Sundays which premiered on May 28, 2016.[29]


Critical response

Both, Montes (left) and Dizon (right), received critical acclaim for their performance.

Doble Kara has been met with largely positive reviews from critics since its premiere, with most praising Julia Montes' performance. Walden Sadiri M. Belen of Manila Bulletin praised Mylene Dizon's dramatic prowess during the episodes of its pilot week and the veteran actress' addition to the series, saying, "Mylene’s acting, well-supported by the performances of seasoned actors Ariel Rivera and even Allen Dizon, beefed-up the first week run of Doble Kara. Although, Julia Montes would appear on the fifth episode, Mylene and her co-stars have already built the anticipation and eagerness of viewers to the next journey of the twins as adults. Anchored on Mylene’s strong performances, Doble Kara is an afternoon soap opera filled with an ensemble cast that will succeed in luring viewers for weeks to come." Furthermore, Belen said that despite the long wait before Montes' grown-up characters appear, he can already feel the young actress' different range of acting, adding, "The first starring role of Julia Montes, Dreamscape Entertainment Television went all out to make the series a success. In the short scenes of Julia, viewers can already see the different range of acting she possesses. Playing the insipidly weak, California educated Kara and the ambitious beauty queen and commercial model Sara."[30]

Luciano also commended Carmina Villarroel's performance and said that she also effectively grabs attention for her portrayal of Lucille, the ambiguous and struggling character who can either be adored because of her maternal love or sympathized for her growing need to seek justice. Elvin Luciano of finds the character of John Lapus's Itoy as "innovative", saying, "It’s refreshing to see a character like Itoy, played with subtlety and control by Lapus, the gay kumare who is oftentimes the voice of discord and not there as the token comic relief." However, "praises also goes to the fine young discovery, Avery Balasbas, who convincingly plays two different people girls with both skill and maturity," stated by Luciano.[31]

On the other hand, Rocky Chua of TV Series Craze gave a positive review, writing, "Julia can effectively portray both the bida and the kontrabida roles which makes the story of Doble Kara more interesting and exciting. It even leads in the afternoon teleserye lineup of the Kapamilya network. And yes, the story of it is unpredictable!" On an added note, he said, "Unique story, unexpected twists, and best performance of the lead cast, Julia Montes, who is playing bida and kontrabida at the same time, makes Doble Kara one of our favorite teleseryes today. Viewers were truly hook to it!"[32]

In Africa, the series was a massive success. It received much applause from audiences and critics alike for the role of Montes particularly as Sara Suarez. Carmina Villarroel and Maxene Magalona were also praised for their respective portrayals as Lucille and Alex. It aired along with The Promise (2015), with many saying that it edged the remake. It star rocketed Montes as both a lead protagonist and antagonist.


Doble Kara's premiere episode "Ang Simula" debuted on a high note on August 24, 2015 and scored a national TV rating of 16.9%, compared to its rival program in GMA's The Half Sisters which registered 15.6%, according to data from Kantar Media. Aside from winning the ratings game, Doble Kara also won the hearts of audiences as the #DobleKaraSimula quickly became a nationwide trending topic on Twitter because of the positive tweets posted by viewers about the show.[33]

On April 12, 2016, Doble Kara received the highest national TV rating of 18.5% with its episode "Kara vs. Lucille – Part 2", placing 5th in the most watched program of that same day based on Kantar Media. On April 19, 2016, the series beat its previous all-time high rating, and garnered a national TV rating of 19.1% with its episode "Sakuna ng mga Suarez", placing 4th in the most watched program of that same day.[34] On April 22, 2016, Doble Kara surpassed once again its previous all-time high rating and set a record for receiving the highest national TV rating of 19.3% with its season three finale, "Ang Kasal", placing 4th in the most watched program of that same day.[35]

On May 24 and June 8, 2016, the second book and fourth season of the series conquered once again the afternoon programming and hit its new all-time high national TV ratings of 19.8% and 19.9% with its episodes "Hanap Isabella" and "May Kambal si Momma", respectively, as it won the hearts of the urban and rural viewers and sustained its lead over its rival shows.[36][37] On June 9, 2016, the series beat its previous all-time high rating of 19.9% by setting a new record for receiving the highest national TV rating of 20.2% with its episode "Alex, Sisiraan si Sara", as it reached the 20% territory.[38] On August 9, 2016, Doble Kara hits a new all-time high national TV rating of 20.3% with its episode "Wish ni Becca".[39] On September 2, 2016, its previous record was replaced by its new all-time high national TV rating of 21.5% with its episode "Becca Tumakas", as it reached the 20% territory anew.[40] On September 9, 2016, Doble Kara received a record-breaking and highest national TV rating of 21.7% of any afternoon television series with its episode "Si Becca ay si Isabella", placing 4th in the most watched program of that same day based on Kantar Media.[41]

Kantar Media National TV ratings
(3:00PM PST / 3:20PM PST)
Pilot episode Finale episode Peak Average Source
16.9% (3:00PM PST) TBD 21.7% (3:20PM PST) 19.0% (August 2016) [41][42][43][44]

Awards and nominations

Year Association Category Recipient(s) and nominee(s) Result Ref.
2015 6th TV Series Craze Awards Best Daytime TV Series Doble Kara Won
2016 14th Gawad Tanglaw Awards Best Performance by an Actress (TV Series) Julia Montes Won
ALTA Media Icon Awards Best Daytime Drama Series Doble Kara Won
30th PMPC Star Awards Best Daytime Drama Series Doble Kara Won
Best Drama Actress Julia Montes Nominated
Best Drama Supporting Actress Carmina Villarroel Nominated

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