Genre Family drama
Created by RD Alba
Developed by ABS-CBN Regional Network
Starring Joel Torre
Disi Alba
Philip Anthony
Liza Val
Rae Sillana
Rommel Montano
Chanda Romero
Pilar Pilapil
Luke Mejares
Gino Antonio
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, English, Tagalog
No. of episodes 175
Executive producer(s) Ron Valdueza
Camera setup Digital NTSC
Running time 30 min/day, 5 days a week
Original network ABS-CBN Regional Network
Original release September 2002 – January 2004

Kapalaran is a Filipino daytime television drama that was aired by ABS-CBN Regional Network which ran from September 2002 to January 2004 for a total of two seasons. It was re-aired on Kapamilya Channel, both ABS-CBN and TFC.

The series originally aired once a week at 8:00am Sunday from May 2002 on ABS CBN Regional Network as a block timer by Alba Productions, but it got picked up to run a full season on September 2002. It started airing at 4:30pm to 5:00pm before TV Patrol from Mondays to Fridays. The first season aired from September 2002 to January 2003. The second season picked up from September 2003 to January 2004.


Kapalaran is based on a fictional story about two families who are against each other but are contradicted by the love of their children. The show opens with the husband of Stella Mendoza (Liza Val) getting shot. But who shot him? Stella then blames the husband of Christina Castillo (Disi Alba) because of their past differences. As they go into the court hearings, Stella's daughter Theresa (Chelsea de la Serna) falls in love with the son of Christina Castillo, Raul (Giovanni de Vera). The murder case takes a turn when the evidences points to Stella murdering her own husband. As her verdict is announced, she goes crazy, takes a gun out of the holster of a court police officer, and shoots the detective who found the evidence Cesar Arman (Joel Torre).

The good natured Christina Castillo (Disi Alba), who is a doctor, takes over Cesar's operation and saves his life. Thankful for all of Christina's help, Cesar develops feelings for Christina, and this begins a romance between them. An American, Brandon Smith (Philip Anthony) visits the Philippines only to find out that his girlfriend Theresa Mendoza is now in love with Raul Castillo. Brandon decides to leave Theresa and goes back to the U.S. However, he gets kidnapped for ransom on his way back to the U.S. by the leader of the rebels, played by Rommel Montano.

While Brandon is in the rebel camp, he plans on escaping with the fellow prisoners. He is successful, but gets lost in a remote island where he meets a native couple, immediately learning the way of a third world country. Back in the city, Christina's husband leaves her and dies in a plane crash. His body is not found, but Christina pursues in a search for the body. Considerably, a thunderstorm wrecks her boat in the ocean.

Meanwhile, Stella Mendoza escapes from prison and tries to get revenge. While being chased by the cops, she jumps into a cliff and loses her memory after hitting her head.

Brandon, Stella and Christina try to find their way back into their normal lives against the villains Fred (Gino Antonio), Vicky (Carol Go), Magda (Chanda Romero) and Cult Leader (Luke Mejares).


Main cast

Supporting cast

Production staff


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