Tanging Yaman (TV series)

Tanging Yaman

Promotional title card of Tanging Yaman
Genre Political drama, Romance
Directed by Manny Q. Palo
Lino S. Cayetano
Trina N. Dayrit
Starring Erich Gonzales
Enchong Dee
Ejay Falcon
Melissa Ricks
Matt Evans
Theme music composer Fr. Manoling Francisco, S.J.
Philip Gan
Opening theme "Tanging Yaman" by Agot Isidro
Composer(s) Rommel Villarico
Idonnah Villarico
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino/Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 92
Executive producer(s) Brenda Lee Estocapio
Producer(s) Dreamscape Entertainment Television
Cinematography Romy Vitug
Genie Oyong
Editor(s) Adz Perez
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original network ABS-CBN
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original release January 11 (2010-01-11) – May 21, 2010 (2010-05-21)
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Tanging Yaman (Tagalog, "Only Treasure") is a 2010 Philippine political drama program that aired in ABS-CBN Primetime Bida, replacing Katorse[1][2][3] It aired from January 11, 2010 to May 21, 2010.



Erich Gonzales got her second main character role as Fina on the series. Gonzales will also be reunited with her co-stars from Katorse, Ejay Falcon and Enchong Dee.[4] The cast also includes Kambal sa Uma stars Melissa Ricks and Matt Evans.[5]

From the awarded primetime series, Tayong Dalawa, veteran actress Agot Isidro, Mylene Dizon, and Jodi Sta. Maria also joined the cast of Tanging Yaman.[6] First time acting for a primetime series, director and actor Rowell Santiago will play as Juan Policarpio, the fireman turned 'future president' of the Republic of the Philippines.[6] Same as Rowell Santiago, it is also veteran actor Leo Martinez's first primetime series.[7]


Production started in October 2009 in different places in Manila and mostly the setting of the President was taken from the Coconut Palace, where it served as the President's home.

Tapings started from the beginning of November as a rush production before the launch of the 60th Year Of Philippine Dramas at the ABS-CBN Christmas trade launch year-end celebration of 2009.



Tanging Yaman tells a story about an incident that will wreck the life and fortune of two families. One family will prosper and the other will suffer. Fina (Erich Gonzales) and her sister Marina (Jodi Sta. Maria-Lacson) will grow up in poverty whereas Isabel (Melissa Ricks) will be raised as the first daughter of the country. Fina resumes the responsibilities and privileges alongside being the daughter of the president. Things won’t be easy for Fina, as she unites with her biological parents; she has to deal with Isabel and her mother Leona (Mylene Dizon), who wants her position in the first family. Fina also has a crush on the son of the vice president, Jomari (Enchong Dee), who in turn is Isabel's best friend.As the story goes on Fina is discovered to be the real First Daughter and Leona goes out with Diego, Jomari's brother.


In the midst of a burning hospital, Marcela accidentally gives birth to a baby girl. Incidentally, Soledad also gave birth in the hospital, and dies shortly after. Commotions start and Marcela is separated from her daughter. Her baby was lying beside Soledad, just as Marina arrives. Thinking that the infant is no other than her newborn sister, she instantly grabs the infant to safety. Meanwhile, Marcela asks Emil to look for her newborn child. Unfortunately, the event leads to Emil's rather untimely death, thus leaving Leona a widow, and Isabel without a father. While Apol rescues other patients to safety, he sees bags of money on the corner. He thought that this will be great help to his family, only to be caught by the police. After the fire stopped, Solomon Buenavista immediately decides to show his gratitude to the fireman Juan after thinking that he is the one who saved the patients. Without hesitation, he awards Juan a brand new house together with a promise that he will do everything he can to save him from the hands of poverty. In contrast, Marina and Marcela's infant Fina suffer the worst luck in the world. Aside from being instant orphans, they also end up under the care of Epi's father.

Now that Juan's popularity is rampantly growing amongst the masses, Sol, who happens to be an aspiring successful politician, finally decides to take his game up a notch. In order to once and for all fulfill his dream of being one of the successful politicians in the country, he convinces Juan (who was then a senator running for presidency) to be with him as his running mate. And just as Sol expected, their tandem is immediately grasped by the voters, thus making the former fireman the President of the Philippines. Despite the enormous power laid on his hands, he manages to stay humble and kind at all times. On the other hand, Fina and Isabel's paths meet once again. Apparently, both of them got accepted at the same university. Fina and Isabel became rivals especially in Jomari's heart.[8]


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The series was launched as one of the ABS-CBN's offering for the 60th Celebration of Filipino Soap Opera (Ika-60 taon ng Pinoy Soap Opera), together with upcoming series such as Rubi, Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo, Habang May Buhay, Agua Bendita, Kokey @ Ako, Magkano Ang Iyong Dangal?, and a series of Precious Hearts Romances Presents seasonal episodes. The shows were launched during the ABS-CBN Trade Launch for the first quarter of 2010, entitled Bagong Simula (New Beginning).[9]

Theme song

The theme song of the show is where its title was based. "Tanging Yaman", music by Fr. Manoling Francisco, S.J., words by Philip Gan, was originally sung by Carol Banawa for one of the most successful Philippine films. Tanging Yaman, was revived by one of the cast on the show Agot Isidro to provide the theme song for the program.


- Other characters can be viewed in the word "YAMAN". They are (from left to right): Mylene Dizon as Leona Jacinto, Jodi Sta. Maria-Lacson as Marina Dimaguiba, Nonie Buencamino as Apolinario "Apol" Dimaguiba, Ron Morales as Diego Buenavista, Leo Martinez as Vice Pres. Solomon "Sol" Buenavista, Enchong Dee as Jose Mari "Jomari" Buenavista, Matt Evans as Francisco "Francis" Salazar-Baltazar, and Ejay Falcon as Epifanio "Epi" Inciong.

From Powerhouse Casts

- From the Characters of Tayong Dalawa are Jodi Sta. Maria, Mylene Dizon, and Agot Isidro Then From Katorse are Erich Gonzales as Elena "Nene" David, Enchong Dee as John Joseph "Jojo" Wenceslao and Ejay Falcon as Gabriel "Gabby" Arcanghel are Cast in Tanging Yaman.

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