Pasión de amor (Philippine telenovela)

Not to be confused with Pasión de Amor.
Pasión de Amor
Genre Romance, Drama, Telenovela
Created by
Developed by Ruel S. Bayani
Written by
  • Tanya Winona Bautista
  • Jose Ruel L. Garcia
  • Ruel Montañez
  • Christine Gara
  • Chie E. Floresca
Directed by
  • Eric Quizon
  • Don M. Cuaresma
  • Carlo Po Artillaga
  • Raymund B. Ocampo
Creative director(s) Dang Fortalez-Baldonado
Opening theme Akin Ka Na Lang
by Morissette Amon
Composer(s) Francis "Kiko" Salazar
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 194
Executive producer(s)
  • Jayson Aracap Tabigue
  • Celeste Villanueva Lumasac
  • Ana Maria A. Zamora
  • Rizza Gonzales-Ebriega
  • Annaliza A. Goma
  • Jay Mendoza
  • Froilan Francia
Running time 45 minutes
Production company(s)
Original network ABS-CBN
Picture format
Original release June 1, 2015 (2015-06-01) – February 26, 2016 (2016-02-26)
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Pasión de Amor (Spanish for Passion of Love) is a 2015 Philippine romantic drama television series based on the 2003 Colombian telenovela Pasión de Gavilanes, starring Mario Cimarro, Danna García, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Paola Rey, Michel Brown and Natasha Klauss, produced by Telemundo and R.T.I. Colombia. Directed by Eric Quizon, it is topbilled by Jake Cuenca, Arci Muñoz, Ejay Falcon, Ellen Adarna, Joseph Marco and Coleen Garcia.[1] The series premiered on ABS-CBN and worldwide on The Filipino Channel from June 1, 2015 to February 26, 2016[2] replacing Inday Bote.

The story revolves around the Samonte brothers who set out to avenge the death of their youngest sister.[3] They do this by making the Elizondo sisters fall in love with them.[4]


Follow the story of the Samonte family: Juan, Oscar, Franco, and Olivia. Juan, being the eldest, wanted was to provide a better life for his family after their parents died. Little did Juan and his brothers know that Olivia was seeing a much older and wealthy man, Bernardo Elizondo. When Bernardo's wife, Gabriela finds out about his affair, she hires men to kill Olivia. When Olivia, brutally raped and murdered, Juan and his brothers will stop at nothing to bring justice to her death.

The Samonte brothers will infiltrate the household of the Elizondo's, the family Juan suspects is responsible for what happened to Livia. There, Juan will meet Gabriela, the powerful matriarch; and Norma, the mysterious eldest daughter who has unwittingly captured his interest.

The more he spends time with the family, the more he's sure of Gabriela's guilt. But her daughters, Norma in particular, will protect their family and their mother no matter what. Juan must think of a way to get closer to the truth he's so desperately seeking, and the only way he finds is to make Norma fall in love.As time passes they have to fight for their love under the dangers caused by Gabriel Salcedo,Gabriela's bastard son,and tries to succeed but as they married along with Oscar and Sari and Franco and Jamie they suffered in the hands of Gabriel during their honey moon and succeeds in killing Jamie. Gabriel kidnaps Oscar and Sari and the rest including JD and plants a bomb in the cave at first they succeed but they got caught causing Norma to have an accident in order for her son to escape but as for Gabriela she teams up with them to destroy her son to stop this plan and kills both Gabriel and his father,Lazaro,in order to be safe. As of that Norma is sent to the hospital to recover but as the doctors stated that Norma will die causing Gabriela redeeming her soul and regretting her sins. At the lobby the Elizondos and Samontes are visited by a young image of the Elizondos father Bernardo and gives his daughter her life back. Two years later, They finally lived a peaceful life after all the struggles and hardships in the past years and Juan remembers his promise to his father for being the eldest he must be ready to protect his loved ones.


Main cast

Actor/Actress Character Summary
Jake Cuenca
Louise Abuel
Carlo Lacana
Juan Samonte The eldest of the Samonte siblings. Juan is very protective of his siblings, especially Lyvia. He can be very impulsive when provoking. He plans to avenge Livia's death by seducing Bernardo's eldest daughter, Norma, but as he didn't suspect that their love is strong, and they had a son Juan David and after two years he had a daughter Olivia, named after his sister.
Arci Muñoz
Belle Mariano
Norma Elizondo-Samonte Gabriela and Bernardo's eldest child. She was a girl with a trauma with love and was forced to marry Fernando Madrigal, the person she didn't love but she fell for Juan and was the first person she counts on. She gave birth to Juan David/JD and became her half brother's new target and after his defeat she bears Juan's new child Livia. She is always counted on her parents but suffered her past incident of rape.
Ejay Falcon
Raikko Mateo
Isaac Tangonan
Oscar Samonte The second of the Samonte siblings. Oscar is very protective of his siblings specially Livia he can be impulsive when he is provoked as well he also plans to avenge Livia's death by seducing Bernardo's second child Sarita/Sari who becomes Gabriel's target for years after two years they had a son Jude.
Ellen Adarna
Francine Diaz
Sarita "Sari" Elizondo-Samonte Gabriela and Bernardo's second daughter she is a girl with middle child syndrome. She has problems with her parents because they keep trusting on her older sister Norma she became her half brother's target for years and after his defeat she and Oscar had a son Jude.
Joseph Marco
Nhikzy Calma
Ezequiel Martinez
Franco Samonte The third of the Samonte siblings he is very kind,caring,honest,intelligent and very protective specially to his sister he can control himself but when it comes to his loved ones he is very impulsive he too plans to avenge Livia's death by seducing Bernardo's daughter Jimena/Jamie. At first he fails because he fell for Rio Montes a DJ at Jamie's bar he entered a relationship with Jamie after he broke up with Rio.The two shared passionate moments together but when Eliza 'Elle' Adriano came to his life he broke Jamie's heart but soon he and Jamie reconcilled.
Coleen Garcia
Zara Julianna Richards
Jimena "Jamie" Elizondo-Samonte Gabriela and Bernardo's third daughter she is a less achiever child of the Elizondo's she opened a bar where Franco applied as a bar tender and Rio as a DJ. She got jealous of Elle because she tore her relationship with Franco but after two years she married Franco and got killed on their honey moon by Jomar but her heart still belongs to Franco even she's dead.
Wendell Ramos
Brace Arquiza
Gabriel Salcedo-Madrigal Gabriel is Gabriela's eldest son and Fernando's half brother. he killed Fernando because of relationship of his mom. he almost killed his father Lazaro. he was killed by Franco.
Teresa Loyzaga
Veyda Inoval
Shy Carlos
Gabriela Salcedo-Elizondo Bernardo's wife and Lazaro's former lover she is a very cold and cruel woman she aborted Gabriel and his sister Danielle when they were just an infant she is Norma,Sari,and Jamie's mother she hopes that her daughters will find some one who will love them and it turned out to be Bernardo's mistress, Livia's, brothers. She killed a lot of people including her husband she was an orphan at an early age which made her cold she change her ways in the end and decided to do good.
Ahron Villena Fernando Madrigal Lazaro's son and Norma's former lover he wants to marry Norma so he can be close to his step mom and seduce her for his father, Lazaro, and will do anything that will please his father. He was killed by his half brother.
Michelle Madrigal Lucia "Cia" Espejo Cia is a manager of the samontes. Gabriel's girlfriend. She was shot by her boyfriend and survived, but was paralyzed because of that.
Dante Ponce
Johan Santos
Lazaro Madrigal Gabriela's former husband and Gabriel's father. He almost angry at Franco that he killed his son. but he was killed by Oscar.
Daria Ramirez Eva Rodriguez The Elizondo's personal maid and close friend she mostly keeps all the dirty secrets of her boss Gabriela but tells Gabriela's daughters about her "things".
Pen Medina Maryo "Mayor" Adriano Juan and Oscar's prisoner friend. He helped Juan and Oscar to get out of the prison and Gabriel will be inside in the prison.
Ronaldo Valdez
Jose Sarasola
Don Bernardo Elizondo Franco's lawyer and Norma's father. he almost killed his prudent lawyer of Franco. he was killed by Oscar. He almost curiosity at Oscar that he killed his son. but he was killed by Fernando.
Pilar Pilapil
Dimples Romana
Maria Eduvina Suarez Franco's sugar mommy. She met Franco to the resort and she was killed by Gabriela, A broken rich woman who seems to look cold and bitter outside but has warm heart she loves the Samontes as her children.
Kazel Kinouchi Eliza "Elle" Adriano Franco's new girlfriend and Mario's nephew. she was angry at Jamie and jealous with Jamie because Franco and Jamie are getting close again. She migrated to Singapore to work just for six months. But while she's working in Singapore she is also cheating on Franco with her boss, Leo. And later, she was caught in the act by Franco and later declared their relationship over.

Extended cast

Special participation


Initially meant to be part of ABS CBN's Kapamilya Gold afternoon block, based on the first teaser, declaring that Pasion De Amor will be airing on Kapamilya Gold on May 2015.[5] But on a last minute change — due to other network's shows currently airing on the said block (two other teleseryes, Koreanovela Let's Get Married and soon-to-be successor Pinoy Big Brother: 737 Gold), the network decided to put it on a pre-primetime slot and finally aired it on June 1, 2015. The schedule time is before TV Patrol.

Episode List

Season Original aired Last aired
1 June 1, 2015 September 11, 2015
2 September 14, 2015 December 4, 2015
3 December 7, 2015 February 26, 2016


(5:45PM PST)

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