Voiced bilabial implosive

Voiced bilabial implosive
IPA number 160
Entity (decimal) ɓ
Unicode (hex) U+0253
Kirshenbaum b`
Braille ⠦ (braille pattern dots-236)⠃ (braille pattern dots-12)
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A voiced bilabial implosive is a type of consonantal sound, used in some spoken languages. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is ɓ, and the equivalent X-SAMPA symbol is b_<.


Features of the voiced bilabial implosive:


Language Word IPA Meaning Notes
Ega[1] [ɓá] 'send away'
English Southern American[2] boy [ɓɔɪ̯] 'boy' Possible realization of word-initial /b/.[2] See English phonology
Fula[3] fulɓe [fulɓe] 'Fulbe person' (g.)
Goemai as [ɓas] 'to fetch'
Hausa ɓaɓewa [ɓaɓɛua] 'quarreling'
Jamaican Patois[4] beat [ɓiːt] 'beat' Allophone of /b/ in the onset of prominent syllables.
Kalabari[5] á [ɓá] 'kill'
Khmer បី [ɓəj] 'three'
Mono[6] ‘balœ [ɓálə́] 'at'
Seereer-Siin[7] [ɓood] 'to crawl' Contrasts phonemically with voiceless implosive
Sindhi ٻر [ɓaˑrʊ] 'child'
Tera[8] ɓala [ɓala] 'to talk' Contrasts phonemically with palatalized implosive, /ɓʲ/
Tukang Besi [aɓa] 'previous'
Vietnamese[9] bạn [ɓan̪˧ˀ˨ʔ] 'you' In free variation with [ʔb]. See Vietnamese phonology
Zulu ubaba [uˈɓaːɓa] 'my father'

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