Voiceless retroflex trill

Voiceless retroflex trill
IPA number 105 433 122 402A

The voiceless retroflex trill is a sound that has been reported to occur as an allophone of /ʂ/ in the Maldivian language.[1] Although the tongue starts out in a sub-apical retroflex position, trilling involves the tip of the tongue and causes it to move forward to the alveolar ridge; this means that the retroflex trill gives a preceding vowel retroflex coloration the way other retroflex consonants do, but the vibration itself is not much different from an alveolar trill. Thus, the narrower transcription ɽ͡r̥ is also appropriate.


Features of the voiceless retroflex trill:


Language Word IPA Meaning Notes
Dhivehi Some dialects[2] May be a flap instead.[2] Corresponds to /ʂ/ in other dialects.[2]
Maldivian[1] Allophone of /ʂ/, especially in fast speech.[1]



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