World Beer Cup

The World Beer Cup℠ is an international beer competition organized by the Brewers Association, a trade group representing America's small and independent craft brewers. The majority of beers in the competition are from American brewers, and only beers that pay to enter are judged. It was founded by Association of Brewers president Charlie Papazian.

The World Beer Cup is held every two years in conjunction with the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America®. The first competition, held in 1996 in Vail, Colorado, featured 600 beers from 250 breweries. The 2016 World Beer Cup featured 6,596 beers from 1,907 breweries representing 55 countries. Entries were judged by an international panel of 253 judges from 31 countries.[1]


For the 2012 World Beer Cup, the entry fee was $150 per beer, in addition to delivering a free case of that beer to the venue.[2]

Brewery awards

Champion Brewery (Very Small)

Champion Brewery (Small)

Champion Brewery (Medium)

Champion Brewery (Large)

Champion Brewpub (Small)

Champion Brewpub (Large)

Beer awards

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European-Style Low-Alcohol Lager/German-Style Leicht(bier)

German-Style Pilsener

Bohemian-Style Pilsener

Münchner (Munich)-Style Helles

Dortmunder/European-Style Export or German-Style Oktoberfest/Wiesen (Meadow)

Vienna-Style Lager

German-Style Märzen

European-Style Dark/Münchner Dunkel

German-Style Schwarzbier

Traditional German-Style Bock

German-Style Heller Bock/Maibock

German-Style Strong Bock

American-Style Light Lager

American-Style Low-Carbohydrate Light Lager

American-Style "Light" Amber Lager

American-Style Lager

American-Style Premium Lager

Dry Lager

American-Style Ice Lager

American-Style Malt Liquor

American-Style Specialty Lager

American-Style Amber Lager

American-Style Dark Lager

Australasian, Latin American or Tropical-Style Light Lager

European-Style Pilsener

International-Style Lager

Baltic Porter


Belgian-Style White (or Wit) /Belgian-Style Wheat

Belgian-and French-Style Ale

French-Belgian-Style Saison

French-Style Bière de Garde

Belgian-Style Pale Ale

Belgian-Style Sour Ale

Belgian-Style Lambic

Belgian-Style Flanders/Oud Bruin or Oud Red Ale

Belgian-Style Abbey Ale

Belgian-Style Dubbel

Belgian-Style Tripel

Belgian-Style Strong Ale

Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ale

Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale

Other Belgian-Style Ale

English-Style Summer Ale

Classic English-Style Pale Ale

English-Style India Pale Ale

Ordinary Bitter

Special Bitter or Best Bitter

(English-Style) Extra Special Bitter or Strong Bitter

Scottish-Style Ale

English-Style Mild Ale

English-Style Brown Ale

Brown Porter

Robust Porter

Sweet Stout

Oatmeal Stout

Strong Scotch Ale

British-Style Imperial Stout

Old Ale

Strong Ale

Barley Wine-Style Ale

German-Style Kölsch/Köln-Style Kölsch

German-Style Brown Ale/Düsseldorf-Style Altbier

South German-Style Hefeweizen/Hefeweissbier

German-Style Pale Wheat Ale

German-Style Dark Wheat Ale

South German-Style Dunkel Weizen/Dunkel Weissbier

South German-Style Weizenbock/Weissbock

Irish-Style Red Ale

Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout

Foreign (Export)-Style Stout

Golden or Blonde Ale

American-Style Pale Ale

American-Style Strong Pale Ale

India Pale Ale

American-Style India Pale Ale

Imperial or Double India Pale Ale

American-Style Amber/Red Ale

Imperial or Double Red Ale

American-Style Brown Ale

American-Style Sour Ale

American-Style Stout

American-Style Extra Special Bitter or Strong Bitter

American-Style Wheat Wine Ale

American-Style Imperial Stout

International Pale Ale

Other International Ale

Other beers

Non-Alcoholic (Beer) Malt Beverage

Non-Alcoholic Malt Tonic

American-Style Cream Ale or Lager

American-Style Wheat Ale or Lager

American-Style Wheat Beer

American-Style Wheat Beer With Yeast (Hefeweizen)

Rye Beer

Fruit and Vegetable Beer

Herb and Spice Beer

Coffee Flavored Beer

Specialty Beer

Specialty Honey Beer

Session Beer (Low Alcohol)

Other Strong Beer

Experimental Beer

Out of Category - Traditionally Brewed Beer

Gluten Free Beer

American-Belgo-Style Ale

Wood- and Barrel-aged Beer

Wood- and Barrel-aged Strong Beer

Wood- and Barrel-aged Sour Beer

Aged Beer

Kellerbier/Zwickelbier (Cellar or Unfiltered Beer)

Smoked Beer

Chocolate/Cocoa Beer


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