Emine Mihrişah Kadınefendi

For the Genoese consort of Ottoman Sultan Mustafa III, and the mother of Selim III, see Mihrişah Valide Sultan.
Emine Mihrişah Sultan[1]
(İkinci Kadınefendi[2])

The burial place of "Amina Mehr-î-Shâh Second Kadın Efendi" is located inside the Yeni Mosque in Eminönü, Istanbul
Valide Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
Tenure 30 October 1757–1762
Predecessor Şehsuvar Sultan
Successor Mihrişah Sultan
Born c.1693
Died 1762[1](aged 69)
Spouse Ahmed III
Issue Şehzade Sulaiman
Mustafa III
Şehzade Bayazid
Zainab Sultan
Ümmügülsüm Sultan
Religion Catholicism at birth, converted to Islam after her capture

Emine Mihrişah Sultan (Devletlu İsmetlu Emine Mihr-î-Shâh Sultân İkinci Kadınefendi Hazretleri) née Jeannette (died 1762)[1] was the French second concubine of Ottoman Sultan Ahmed III, and the mother of Mustafa III,[3] Şehzade Selim, Zeynep Sultan and Ümmügülsüm Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

The husband of "Emine Mîhr-i Şâh (Amina Mehr-î-Shâh) Second Kadın Efendi," Ottoman Sultan Ahmed III receives Dutch ambassador Cornelis Calkoen at the Topkapı Palace in Istanbul in 1727. (Painting by Jean Baptiste Vanmour)


Emîne Mihr-î-Şâh[4] was born as Jeannette in France. According to a recent publication by Necdet Sakaoğlu, her departure date could be estimated as just before May 1762, which corresponds to a note issued on Hijri Shawwal 1175. Therefore, she was a Valide Sultan to her son Sultân Mustafa III for approximately more than Four and a half years.[1] Mehr-î-Shâh means "Sun" (lit. compassion, endearment, affection, and clemency) and "Sultân".

Her türbe

The resting place of Emine Mihrişah is located at the türbe of Turhan Hatice Vâlide Sultâna inside the Yeni Mosque in Eminönü, Istanbul.

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Ottoman royalty
Preceded by
Şehsuvar Sultan
Valide Sultan
30 October 1757 – May 1762
Succeeded by
Mihrişah Sultan
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