Hayme Hatun

Hayme Hatun
خیمه خاتون

Bust of Hayme Ana and little Osman
Born Hayme
Burial Çarşamba, Domaniç
Spouse Suleyman Shah
Issue Ertuğrul
Father Turkmen Bey
Religion Tasawwufī Islam

Hayme Hatun (Ottoman Turkish: خیمه خاتون), also known as Hayme Ana (Mother Hayme), was the grandmother of Osman I, founder of the Ottoman Empire and the mother of Ertuğrul Gazi, the leader of the Kayı clan of the Oghuz Turks. According to Necdet Sakaoğlu, she was a Yörük, the mother of Osman Gazi and the wife of Ertuğrul Gazi.[1]

Closer view of the mausoleum of Hayme Ana
Tomb of Hayme Ana


Her name appears as Haymana, Hayme Hatun, Hayme Sultan, Ayva Ana and Ayvana. The name Hayme Ana seems to be an obvious transference of the topographic term haymana, or "prairie", into a personal name.

Burial place

Hayma Ana's last resting place is at Çarşamba, a village near Domaniç, in a pasture area, close to a route connecting the lowlands east of Bursa with Tavşanlı. In 1892 Abdul Hamid II saw the recovery of the tomb of Hayma Ana Hatun.[2] Abdul Hamid's interest on the renovation of his ancestor' resting places has clear political implications, and both recoveries may be equal fraudulent.


She was of Turkish descent and the belonged to a Turkmen family. She was the grandmother of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. Together with Suleyman Shah Hayme had four sons:

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