Saliha Sultan

Not to be confused with Saliha Dilaşub Sultan.
This is an Ottoman Turkish style name. Saliha is the given name, the title is Sultan, and there is no family name.
Saliha Sultan
Valide Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
Tenure 20 September 1730 – 21 September 1739
Predecessor Rabia Gülnuş Sultan
Successor Şehsuvar Sultan
Born Aleksandra
c. 1680
Constantinople, Ottoman Empire
Died 21 September 1739 (aged 59)
Constantinople, Ottoman Empire
Burial Inside the tomb of Turhan Hatice Sultan, in Yeni Mosque, Eminönü
Spouse Mustafa II
Issue Mahmud I
Religion Islam, previously Greek Orthodoxy

Saliha Sultan (fully Daulatlu İsmatlu Saliha Valida Sultan Aliyyetü'ş-şân Hazretleri; c. 1680 – 21 September 1739) was the consort of Ottoman sultan Mustafa II. She was of Greek descent, and was the mother of sultan Mahmud I. She held the title and position of Valide sultan during her son's reign.

The tomb of Saliha Sebkati Valide Sultan is located inside the türbe of Turhan Hatice Sultan near Yeni Cami at Eminönü in Fatih, Istanbul.


An ethnic Greek,[1] she was born as Alexandra.[2] She was the adoptive daughter of a family living in the Galata neighbourhood of Azapkapı. On 28 September 1730, Patrona Halil with a small group of fellow Janissaries aroused some of the citizens of Constantinople, who opposed the reforms of Ahmed III. Sweeping up more soldiers, the chief rebel Patrona Halil led the riot to the Topkapı Palace, demanded the death of the grand vizier Nevşehirli Damad Ibrahim Pasha, and the abdication of Ahmed III. The sultan acceded to the demands, had Nevşehirli Damat İbrahim Pasha executed, and agreed to the sultanate of his nephew, Mahmud I (1730 – 1754), who replaced him in the throne. As a result of this incident, Mahmud I's mother Saliha became the new Valide Sultan and held the position until her death. She was buried at the Yeni Mosque in Istanbul, inside the tomb of Turhan Hatice, the mother of Sultan Mehmed IV.

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Ottoman royalty
Preceded by
Emetullah Rabia Gülnuş Sultan
Valide Sultan
20 September 1730 – 21 September 1739
Succeeded by
Şehsuvar Sultan
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