Mehmed Abdulaziz

Mehmed Abdulaziz or Abdulaziz Mehmed (26 September 1901 – 19 January 1977) was the 40th head of the Ottoman dynasty from 1973 to 1977. If reigning, he would have been Sultan Abdulaziz II.


Prince Mehmed Abdulaziz was born at, Ortaköy Palace, Ortaköy, Constantinople (now Istanbul), the son of Prince Mehmed Seyfeddin, Rear Admiral of the Ottoman Navy and his first wife Georgian Necem Felek Hanım, and paternal grandson of Sultan Abdülaziz by his sixth wife.

He died in Nice and was buried there.

Marriage and issue

He was married in Cairo on 21 February 1929 to Berkemal Yegen Hanım, a descendant of Menliki Ahmad Pasha and Emine Zübeyde (sister of Muhammad Ali Pasha, Wāli of Egypt), and had one daughter Hürrem Abdulaziz.


Mehmed Abdulaziz
Born: September 26 1901 Died: January 19 1977
Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Osman Fuad
Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
May 19, 1973 – January 19, 1977
Reason for succession failure:
Empire abolished in 1922
Succeeded by
Ali Vâsib
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