Hayranidil Kadın

Hayranidil Kadın
Born 2 November 1846
Kars, Ottoman Empire
Died 26 November 1898
Ortaköy, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Burial near the mausoleum of Sultan Mahmud II, located at Divan Yolu street
Spouse Abdülaziz
Issue Nazime Sultan
Abdülmecid II, last Caliph Islam
Religion Sunni Islam

Hayranidil Kadın (2 November 1846 – 26 November 1898) was Kadinefendi of the Ottoman Empire and the fourth wife of Abdülaziz.

Portrait of her son Abdülmecid II in Topkapı Sarayı Museum.


Standard of her son Abdülmecid II.

She was born on 2 November 1846 in Kars. On 21 September 1866 she was married to Ottoman Sultan Abdülaziz. The marriage took place at Dolmabahçe Palace. She was the mother of Nazime Sultan and Abdülmecid II, the last Caliph of the Muslim world. 26 November 1898, she died in Ortaköy, Istanbul, the Ottoman Empire.

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