Kadınefendi (also Kadın efendi, Ottoman Turkish: قادين افندی) was the title given to the imperial consort of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire after the 17th century, and is translated as kraliçe in Turkish and "Imperial Lady Consort" in English.[1][2][3] The Sultan could have up to four and some times five and eight women[4] i.e. consort with the imperial rank of Kadınefendi and unlimited number of Ikbals i.e. consort with the rank of Hanımefendi. The title was a replacement of the early titles, Hatun and Sultan (including Haseki Sultan).[5] When the Ottoman Empire was abolished on 1 November 1922 and Abdülmecid II proclaimed himself as caliph, his consorts kept the title kadınefendi.

Ranks and styles

The women were ranked and styled as:[6][7]

List of Başkadın

List of chief imperial lady consorts (başkadın) of the Ottoman sultans.

Name Maiden Name and Origin Became Başkadın Ceased to be Başkadın Death Spouse
Emetullah Banu 1703 20 September 1730
husband's abdication
1732 Ahmed III
Hace Alicenab 20 September 1730
husband's ascension
13 December 1754
husband's death
1775 Mahmud I
Leyla 13 December 1754
husband's ascension
30 October 1757
husband's death
1794 Osman III
Aynülhayat 30 October 1757
husband's ascension
21 July 1764 Mustafa III
Mihrişah Agnes. Georgian 21 July 1764
fellow consort's death
21 January 1774
husband's death
16 October 1805
Ayşe 21 January 1774
husband's ascension
1775 Abdul Hamid I
Hümaşah 1775
fellow consort's death
Haciye Hatice Ruhşah 1778
fellow consort's death
7 April 1789
husband's death
Nâfîze 7 April 1789
husband's ascension
30 May 1792 Selim III
Hüsnimah 30 May 1792
fellow consort's death
29 May 1807
husband's deposition
Şevrinur 29 May 1807
husband's ascension
28 July 1808
husband's deposition
1812 Mustafa IV
Fatma 28 July 1808
husband's ascension
February 1809 Mahmud II
Alicenab February 1809
fellow consort's death
Haciye Pertevpiyale Nevifidan 1839
fellow consort's death
1 July 1839
husband's death
25 December 1855
Servetsezâ Daughter of Mansur of Temruko 2 July 1839
husband's ascension
25 June 1861
husband's death
22 September 1879 Abdülmecid I
Dürrünev Melek Dziapş-İpa. Abkhaz-Georgian family.
Daughter of Mahmud Bey Dziapş-lpa
25 June 1861
husband's ascension
30 May 1876
husband's deposition
4 December 1895 Abdülaziz
Eleru Mevhibe Tarkanişvili. Daughter of a Georgian noble,
Ahmed Bey Tarkanişvili
30 May 1876
husband's ascension
31 August 1876
husband's deposition
21 February 1936 Murad V
نازک ادا
Abkhazian princely family Tsanba.
Daughter of Arzakan Bey Tsanba and Esma Hanım Klıç
3 August 1876
husband's ascension
11 April 1895 Abdul Hamid II
بدر فلك
Karzeg dynasty. Daughter of Mehmed Bey Karzeg
and Faruhan Hanım İnal-lpa
11 April 1895
husband's ascension
21 January 1909
husband's deposition
6 February 1930
Kamures Ubykh Bey 27 April 1909
husband's ascension
3 July 1918
husband's deposition
30 April 1921 Mehmed V
Emine Nazikeda
نازك ادا
Emine Marshan. Member of Abkhazian-Georgian princely family Marshania.
Daughter of Hassan Bey Marshania (1836-1877) and Fatma Horecan Hanım Aredba
3 July 1918
husband's ascension
1 November 1922
husband's deposition and empire abolished
4 April 1941 Mehmed VI
Şehsuvar Ubykh clan of Circassia 19 November 1922
husband's proclaimed as caliph
3 March 1924
husband's deposition and caliphate abolished
1945 Abdülmecid II

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