Gülcemal Kadın

Gülcemal Kadın
کل جمال قادین
Empress consort of the Ottoman Empire
Tenure 1840 - 15 December 1851
Born c. 1826 (1826)
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ottoman Empire
Died 15 December 1851(1851-12-15) (aged 24–25)[1]
Ortaköy Palace, Ortaköy, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Burial Cedid Havatin Türbe, New Mosque, Istanbul
Spouse Abdülmecid I
Issue Fatma Sultan
Refia Sultan
Mehmed V[2]
Full name
Turkish: Gülcemal Kadın
English: Guljamal Qadin
Ottoman Turkish: کل جمال قادین
Posthumous name
Merhume ve Mağfurun-leha Cennetmekan Firdevs-i aşiyan Devletlü Ismetlü Dördüncü Gülcemal Kadın Efendi Hazretleri
House House of Osman (by marriage)
Religion Sunni Islam

Gülcemal Kadın (Ottoman Turkish: کل جمال قادین) (c. 1826 – 15 December 1851) was the Empress consort of Sultan Abdülmecid I. She was the mother of Sultan Mehmed V of the Ottoman Empire.


Empress Gülcemal Kadın was born in 1826 and was of Bosniak[1] descent. Her actual name is unknown.[2] At a young age Gülcemal and her sister Bimisal entered the Imperial Harem.[1] She married Abdülmecid in 1840 at Topkapı Palace. She gave birth to three children, including Mehmed V. All the three of them were adopted by, Empress Servetseza Kadın, first wife of Abdülmecid.

She died on 15 December 1851 in Ortaköy, Istanbul[3] However, she was never Valide Sultan to her son, because she died before Mehmed Reşad's accession to the Ottoman throne.[4] Her cause of death was tuberculosis. She is buried in the Mausoleum of the imperial ladies at the Yeni Mosque Istanbul.

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