Nükhetsezâ Hanımefendi (wife of Abdul Hamid I)

This article is about the Fourteenth wife of Abdul Hamid I and the mother of Mustafa IV. For the adoptive/step-mother of Mustafa IV, see Ayşe Seniyeperver Sultan. For the Fifteenth wife of Abdulmecid I, see Nükhetsezâ Hanımefendi.
Nükhetsezâ Hanımefendi
نکهت سزا خانم افندی
Baş İkbal of the Ottoman Empire
Tenure until 7 April 1789
Born c.1760
Died 4 June 1850
Constantinople, the Ottoman Empire
Spouse Abdul Hamid I
Issue Mustafa IV[1]
Full name
Maria (birth name)
Devletlu Baş-İkbâl Nükhetsezâ Hanımefendi Hazretleri (royal name)
House House of Osman (by marriage)
Religion Orthodox Christian at birth, subsequently converted to Islam after her capture
Ottoman Sultan Mustafa IV, the son of Nükhetsezâ Hanımefendi.

Nükhet-Sedâ (Nükhetsezâ) Hanımefendi (died 4 June 1850[2]) was a consort to Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid I. She is considered to be the mother of Mustafa IV.[3]


Nükhetsezâ Hanımefendi is considered to be the biological mother of Sultan Mustafa IV.[1] But as she was acting as the Bash Iqbal (Turkish for "Head Desire" or "Head Fortunate") in the Seraglio (Ottoman Harem) for Caliph Sultan Abdul Hamid I Khan at the time of Mustafa IV's accession to the Ottoman throne. Since Ayşe Seniyeperver was the first consort of the deceased Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid I Khan, Nükhetsezâ Hanımefendi was not allowed to be a Valide Sultan, instead Ayşe became the new Valide Sultan. Nükhetsezâ Hanımefendi lived until 1850, 22 years longer than Ayşe Seniyeperver. She died when she was approximately ninety years old.

When Ottoman Sultan Selim III Khan was deposed as a result of the Janissary revolt led by Kabakçı Mustafa against his military reforms on 29 May 1807, Mustafa IV became the new Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and Ayşe Seniyeperver Sultan had acquired the title of Valide Sultan being the first surviving consort of the deceased Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid I and step mother of the new Sultan. It is also possible that she became Beşinci Kadınefendi and was never the mother of Sultan Mustafa IV.

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