Ayşe Hatun (wife of Murad IV)

For other uses, see Ayşe Hatun.
Ayşe Hatun
Haseki Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
Tenure May 1630 – 8 February 1640
Predecessor Ayşe Sultan
Successor Turhan Hatice Sultan
Born c. 1614
Died c. 1680 (aged 66)
Eski Palace, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Spouse Murad IV
Full name
Turkish: Ayşe
English: Aisha
Ottoman Turkish: عایشه
House House of Osman (by marriage)
Religion Sunni Islam

Ayşe Sultan (Ottoman Turkish: عایشه سلطان) was the Haseki of the Ottoman Sultan Murad IV.[1][2][3]


Privy Purse registers record the presence of, Ayşe as Murad's only haseki, until the very end of Murad's seventeen-year reign, when a second haseki appears. It is possible that Ayşe was Murad's only haseki until the advent of the second. In 1633 Murad raised the Ayşe's stipend to 2,000 aspers, where it remained throughout his reign. The increase was most likely linked to a general increase in stipends throughout the palace during Murad's reign, described by Koçi Bey, and was accompanied by a marked growth in the size of the harem. These changes were probably an aspect of Murad's dramatic assertion of personal control of government after nine year's of his mother's regency.[3]

She started her career at a stipend of 2,000 aspers a day while Murad's second haseki received, 2,571 aspers a day. Seventh months later, however, the stipend of Murad's second haseki was reduced to 2,000, the level at which both remained until Murad's death.[3]

She was still alive in 1678/79.[3]

In popular culture

In the TV series Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem, Ayşe is portrayed by Turkish actress Leyla Feray.

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Ottoman royalty
Preceded by
Ayşe Sultan
Haseki Sultan
May 1630 – 8 February 1640
Succeeded by
Turhan Hatice Sultan
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